Can anyone answer my tech question re: iPad/iPhone and .mov file


Okay, I am NOT technologically advanced (and evidence by the question) so if anyone could help, I’d really appreciate it.

The issue I have access to a .mov file (the CCH trailer) through a google drive link. I need to figure out the best way to load the .mov file onto my iPad and my laptop for this weekend’s convention. I will NOT have access to internet so I can’t just stream the video from Steam or something.

So what’s the best way to move the file onto my devices, and what programs or apps would I use to access the file once it is loaded? In the best of all worlds, I would be able to put the video on a continuous loop or perhaps have it replay automatically every 5 minutes or something.

Can anyone assist?


Since your file is .mov it should be the same format of the iPad. Download a program called iFunBox in which you can freely move the file to your iPad, it should go straight to the Videos.


Thanks so much - I checked it out but I was concerned because there are no reviews. I ended up downloading Documents 5 and I’m trying to use that to save the file to my device. (I’m on lunch now so I’m trying to get this problem solved within the hour).

Apparently, It is a pain in the ass to actually save files a device. I feel like tech went backwards here. There should be an easy drag and drop with a file management system for IOS. You can’t always count on wifi connections.

EDITED TO ADD: Okay! I used Docs 5 to download it from Dropbox and it looks to be working fine. I even turned my iPhone on airplane mode and it still runs the video (my primitive way of double checking).

So my other question Is there anyway to play a .mov on my iPad using a more sophisticated video player that have options like “loop continuiously,” “replay every 5 minutes” etc?


This app: :relaxed: