Can anybody with a Kindle help me?


My kindle is already registered, but when I try to buy “Heroes Rise” or anything for my kindle it redirects me to a page telling me that I have not registered my Kindle yet. It’s bugging me since my kindle IS registered. Is the system down, because I know it’s not the apps fault. By the way, I’m purchasing from

Edit: This is the first time it has happend to me.


What type of kindle do you have?


I have a Kindle Fire.


Are you using the kindle store app or going on

#5, Heroes Rise is only showing on


I don’t know how to help you then. Sorry.


It’s ok. Thank you, though!


Wierd, it only happens when I try to buy “Heroes Rise”.


Hmmmmmm…it doesn’t like you.


Haha, maybe. I will just try some other time then.


Maybe…just wait about an hour and try again.


Alright. Again, thank you!


Thank me for what???


For trying to help.


KF titles release separately from regular Kindle titles. Unfortunately, it may take a few more days for the KF version to go live.


Oh ok, I’ll look then.