Cameo Contest Freak: Amidst the Neon Lights(VOTE OPEN TO ALL)


A newyears contest set to allow you folks to create a character that will be featured in my game!
Entry time is between now and the 28th voting will start then and carried on until Newyears Day. The winner will be written into my story.


Name: legal name of character.
Moniker: what the newspapers and the world at large would refer to you as.
Age: oldest Freak would be in their 30’s because any before that have died due to severe side effects of Darwins Syndrome which have grown less and less over the years.
Eyecolor: (Freaks always have bright eyes that shine with refracted light)
Hair color/style:
Build: thick, thin, fat, feminine, bulky ect…
Orientation: if you want to be an RO suggest open options.
Power Class: Mind Body or Energy
Power/Core ability: Will explain limits below
-subpower2 yada yada
Power-level: (for the cameo use ‘mid-level or low level makes writing easier *wink)*
Weakness: all Freaks and Swigs have a natural flaw in their abilities an imperfection in their evolution.
Quote: “Favourite saying, captures a bit of personality,”
Appearance: Basics only
Personality: keep it short.
Freak or Swig:
Occupation: Freaks and Swigs need jobs too, sports, tv, military, law enforcement, mercenary work, street performance, bodyguards, and even common day jobs high and low. From fashion model to exotic dancer.
History or Goals: short paragraph



All powers are categorized into 3 basic ‘sources’ Mind, Body and Energy. All abilities fall under these three labels, but abilities rarely cross the divisions and those that do are often weaker than others. “Jack of all trades master of none”
These powers can be anything aside from magical. Try to stay loosely within the bounds of science, Some powers have more effects than they first seem and some low-level abilities have high impact if used properly. Essentially psycho-kinesis can be employed in a way to reinforce the body giving them strength and durability but each freak learns only a few ways to ‘focus their ‘core’ abilities, their bodies can’t handle the strain of ‘stretching’ their abilities in the opposite direction.
ALL of the below powers are either turned Inward(enhancing themselves) or Outward (effects others) BUT NOT BOTH.

EDIT: Some freaks under the Body class do not resemble humans.

Mind- All powers involving perception of self and that of others. Brain power!! Ranging from psycho-kinesis to mild-precognition or enhanced reaction time (ala the spider).

Body- all powers that manifest physically, strength, camouflage, shape shifting, and many many more. If they use their body as a catalyst and source of power or implementing it they alos fall into this category. These powers are all focussed inward and there are rarely Freaks or Swigs of the body type that attack at range, but they ‘do’ exist.

Energy- self explanatory, these are the energy flingers, plasma, gamma, thermal, electrical, weather manipulators, sonic and so on. If it deals with energy these are the guy that do it.

Classes: (merely judges the intensity of core power)
Low- usually non-lethal powers with an assortment of tricks and multiple uses, they are more flexible than those above them and can adapt the use of their abilities in different ways and experiment with new functions. Low impact but handy.

Mid- less flexibility, focussing their abilities a little better, wit h greater destructive force and range. They can still use other functions of their abilities but it causes strain and the results can be random.

High- level: so few exist that it is unclear the limits they possess.

Core abilities:
Long story short a character that can ‘fly’ their power isn’t ‘flying’ but something else that they ‘use to fly with’ be it levitation, magnetism, wind, becoming lighter than air ect…

Core ability: what powers their abilities.
Sub-powers: things they can do with that ability.
Low-levels: highly flexible many sub-powers no need to explain them all
Mid-levels: 3 sub abilities MAXIMUM
High-level: N/A

The Newyears Character will be a ‘mid-level’ freak or Swig.
Enjoy. Entrants will no longer be accepted after 27th when the list will be posted and the votes begin, the winner will be decided after Newyears!
Copy the Chara sheet fill it out and PM me and Post it in the thread. If you’re unclear on anything contact me.
Also I reserve the right to nip and tuch various details to ‘fit’ the character into the narrative but I promise I will NOT alter the core character.
Almost anything else goes.

Have fun
Much luv
A list of current entries Follows.

Freak: Amidst the Neon Lights WIP and playtest.... last update Febuary 18th 2018


  • Lyra Foxe aka. Desire- manipulator
  • Mike S aka. Sentinel- shapeshifter/animals
  • Dale Parker aka. Phatom Driver- intangibility/ghosting
  • Mark Cheng aka Taipan- venom production
  • Sebastian B Galilee aka Gamma- cyborg/prodigy
  • Jayde…-thermal manipulation
  • Alexi McCormick…-obscuring
  • Theon Hall aka. Hot-Shot- Walking lavabomb
  • Auss Wells aka Insomnia- Fearweaver
  • Courtney Macao aka. Buzzkill378- technopathic
  • Udninna Lyndell aka. Happie- Healer/fleshweaver
  • Josh Lim aka. Shockheart- Self Supercharger/electrical
  • Heather Quinn aka Mercy- toxic
  • Harry Puller aka. Bayonette-Fleshcrafter/selective shapeshifting
  • Andrea Whitaker aka. Bloodhound- Finder/detective

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Pardon the liberal mods I’ve take with the ‘title’ of core abilities BUT it was the quickest way to get the who and what onto a poll. AND I thought some of them were pretty snappy :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway let the voting begin!!


So do we post here or on the other thread?


Post Chara sheets here! Less clutter on the WIP thread and easier to find!

Figured it was neater this way and I wouldn’t have to hunt through 1,000 posts.


Name: Auster “Auss” Wells (Ahh-ster)
Moniker: Insomnia
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Eyecolor: One Purple one Blue
Hair color/style: Medium length spiky black hair
Height: 6’ 1"
Build: Lean muscular
Orientation: Straight
Power Class: Mind
Power/Core ability: Make people experience live nightmares causing physical effects/injuries while still having a connection to the real world.
-Can create the illusions of weapons and stuff that actually have real affects.
-Can Sometimes pick up wisps/sense peoples fears Ex: If someone were afraid of spiders Auster could sense that they are afraid of spiders
Power-level: Mid Level
Weakness: Has to experience the same severity of nightmare that he has cast on other people next time he sleeps
Quote: "It’s like a living Nightmare."
Appearance: Handsome-esk, A dark colored and Obscure clothing such as hoodies and jackets
Personality: Quiet, Stoic
Freak or Swig: Freak(im not sure about the difference)
Occupation: Freelance Photographer
History or Goals: At the age of 10 Auster suddenly started suffering from sleep insomnia caused by nightmarish dreams, often spending several nights at sleep labs to find some solution. All the while both of your parents suddenly start to go insane. Several months after you find both of your parents dead in their bedrooms with their throats slashed from thus committing suicide(atleast they died together). After being adopted by a family friend who works as a female TV host, you discover the source of your insomnia leading you to discover your powers. Deep down you know you caused your parents deaths but yet you still live in denial keeping it locked away inside you.

Well then that’s my Character I hope you enjoy him I have spent bout an hour getting everything just the way I like it.


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Name: Courtney Macao
Monikor: Buzzkill378 (believed to be a super computer by the majority of society.)
Age: 19
Sex: Female
Eye color: Purple
Hair: Black hair with two purple streaks in the fringe, Pixie cut.
Height: 5’ 6"
Build: Thin
Orientation: Heterosexual (RO? Unsure)
Power class: Mind
Power/Core Ability: Technological Manipulation. (her tattoos and the veins on her temples glow a dim purple when she uses her powers.)
Sub-power: Hack into anything with low to highly defended software.
Rig, control and communicate through anything with software, such as machinery, cars, cybernetic implants, smartphones etc. Can cause self-destruction of tech if desired. (all LED lights on controlled machines change to purple.)
Can create an unstoppable super virus manifested from her hatred which destroys all functionality of the infected network and sends machines and tech into a frenzy, after one hour of infection the network collapses, causing all connected appliances to explode.
Power level: Mid-level.
Weakness: When using her ability, she enters a trance-like state, making her extremely vulnerable, as well as feeling weaker when in a deadzone with zero tech.
Quote: "People depend on technology so much they’re forgetting their most basic skills, soon their will be a day where they can’t do simple things like eat, sleep or wipe their arse without any tech to help them, and that will be the day they regret making me suffer."
Appearance: Young facial features, large eyes, tattooed arms and hands and ear plugs. Wears camouflage cargo trousers, a hoodie and always seems to wear a slouch beanie. Never seen without her smartphone or laptop so she can full access her powers.
Personality: Very high intelligence and hides her emotions with a stoic outer shell, hates society for how she was treated but deep down still has her conscience, willing to help other freaks. Deep down, she’s terrified of being treated as an outcast forever.
Freak or swig: Freak.
Occupation: Freelance programmer.
History and goals: Was forced out of her home and beaten half to death then lived on the streets for years at the age of 10 because of being a Freak, lived in a hostel community at 16 only to be tormented again by the other occupants, she used her powers in retaliation by locking her bullies behind a digitally locked freezer door and left them for dead, afterwards she vowed never to allow anyone to punish her for her origins again, by any means necessary. She has a new base of operations in an abandoned old world research bunker surrounded by tech to use until her heart’s content. Since then nobody has ever seen Courtney in person… Yet.
Goal: Using her abilities to communicate and help other freaks whilst crippling her enemies (modern society and Swigs.) by infecting numerous databases, networks and software with her super virus. She also works on her own personal project in her free time of creating 4 foot quadrapedalled combat drone which she hopes she can create a mental link with so she can command without diving into her powers too deeply. In her estimation, the drone is 70% complete.


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No relation to halo Cortana. The name and the public believing she’s a super computer (or virus, not decided yet.) is completely coincidental, I want a tech monikor (zero instead of an O) which also related to her real name, I should of mentioned the name was self-given when making public displays.

If required I can change it :smile:


been through this more than a million times… (with novels, games, movies, etc.)

only three ways this could happen… either rights reserved in a parodic manner… or the name is changed to something far from that… or copyright lawsuit will follow…

if this game goes to public market, then hope that no one from Microsoft sees the name, or hope that if they do, they’d see it as a mere non-related copy, or hope that @snoe is smart enough to claim that it was written in a parodic manner… or make the game non-commercial (free)

I’ve handled a LOT of these in my past… kinda frustrating…

so a follow up note to anyone who’s posting their sheet here…

be careful not to put in things that are branded or have their copyrights reserved by a company… it’s a pain in the ass to handle…


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