Business1 (Title Work In Progress) Private Alpha Testing


This game is a small game about you starting your own biz. I would say it’ simlar to Choice Of Robots. So basically if you want to test it just send me a PM. It’s still pretty small now but i shall be working on it everyday meaning that there will usually be a small-large update everyday depending on how much free time I have that day. I’ll only take a small amount of about people and i will list the names here. So first come first served. Eventually when it’s big enough i’ll post a link here. Thank you for taking your time to read this.

2 spots left


how do i sign up? new to this whole thing of like emailing people and stuff


Go on his profile.There will be a big blue button called ‘Message’.Click that, and you’re good to go.


Would like to test this game please?


That doesn’t show up for very new users yet.