Bunnies Of The Sea!


Just wondering and I am a bit curious why the bunny slugs are famous? The slugs are called Sea bunnies. Will anyone even really take that as a pet? :expressionless:Sea Bunnies


Ask any diver, it’s because nudibranchs are cool >.< Actually these really are pretty cute


Oh well, I still think a slug is a slug. Cute? Maybe, who knows really. :confused:


Aww come on, nudibranchs are so pretty (in a toxic, sea slug kind of way lol )


it actually looks kind cute… :heart:


Holy crap! I demand to have one as a pet!


Is Bunine Slug’s a thing. I don’t know…what that is.


@Jacic hehehe it must depend on who is looking? Still if you think it’s cute then the squishy slug is cute.

@faewkless erm, sure I guess the slugs are kinda cute in a creepy way.

@OdicHastings Japan, they have some of these slugs as pets which they post on twitter.

@Joshua_Devon In Japan, it is a super-duper thing for them.


Japan only, huh?

Well my fellow countrymen, its been a great ride, but I’m afraid I have no choice but to acquire a Japanese citizenship, and leave this country forever.

It’s been a great ride… but those bunny-slugs are goddamn adorable, and nobody is getting in my way of incessantly touching one.

…On an unrelated side note, if you like adorable animals, check out these fellas: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capybara
They’re giant gerbils that supposedly will let you pet them.


These are slugs…that look like bunnies…cute but so weird. I can’t see their eyes in the picture. That kinda freaks me out. They do sorta look adorable like they been sprinkled with something.


A big guinea pig! :hamster:


@OdicHastings may I come


Oh Japan, you so weird :blush:


Friends show this to me today xD … Now I know where ragnarok bunny reference come from…