ok one of the thing i hate the most is bullying, i have felt it before but for me it came to a stop. But one of my friend gets bullyed alot i am gonna take a stand to it now. I know that the bullies are stronger (fatter :stuck_out_tongue: ) than be but i have to help my friend


Youre only 13, it gets worse, trust me i have been bullied my whole life, why is he bullied maybe i can help, but just standing up to them wont help they dont care and neither do adults.


So what is he being bullied for?


nothing just having fun


that mfer


but iam not that weak :stuck_out_tongue: i can probably beat one of them but there r 3 of em


? That doesnt answer the question


PPlus you will get in trouble if you get into a fight


k oh well its not like major bullying my friend stands up for himself but i feel sad standing there doing nothing


Yes but better you dont try to fight and get hurt then punished. What you need to do is tell your friend to do whwt i do make jokes about it, take antidepressants, eat fish, and bottle it up till he gets home noone will help with bullying at the moment plus its not major


yeah true thnx for the help well he also calls the bullies names behind their back


so iam not that worried bout it


Fish has omega 3 fatty acids which help with stress and depression plus it speeds up your metabolism ( which helps since im 5’10, 16 years old, large framed and 201 lbs


Luckilly ive lost 20 lbs in november from just stop drinking soda now im eating metabolism boosters and negative calorie foods, i get bullied for my weight, my hair, which is to my shoulders, and my personality


So losing weight is helping with bullying and it releives the stress of being over weight


lol nice facts well the main way to not get bullied is by being popular, and iam okaly popular so i do get bullied but not much like rarely


iam not overwieghted iam tottaly skinny but i got some karate skills


Ya well it gets harder in high school especially for americans who have disorders




I did karate, i had a adv green belt, which is about 3/4 of the way to being a black belt and there were about 20 belts in my karate lol