Bromeliad: Love and War (Interest Check)

This might not be everybody’s cup of tea, but I still wanted to do an interest check.

Many years ago, the earth was going through its golden period. There was no hunger, wars, sickness, and people stop ageing. The people were alright, living day to day, without a worry or care in the world. That was until the calamity happened. A disease that stopped man from evolving. The disease affected them in unusual ways, but something they all had in common was that they could no longer get woman pregnant. With no cure insight, the human population was effected and man started dying out fast. The government to make sure that man would not go extinct before a cure was found, decided to implement a role reversal law.

Man were now forbidden to have jobs that did not have to do with the arts. They were expected to stay home, clean, and cook. The women were now at the head of things. They were now the designated bread winners.

During a thousand-year period because of this disease, nation’s fell into anarchy, great civilizations crumbled and new ones flourished.

In one of this new civilization is where your story takes place. The mirror archipelago is home to a very powerful empire that since its founding has been ruled by only empresses.

The empire of Bromeliad.

As a Female:

Since you were little, your mom has always moved with you from place to place never staying in one for very long. On the day of her death while mourning her, you discover a box with papers that declared her an exiled and deserter of the Bromeliad empire, along with a very weird medallion.

Suddenly it turns out that moving from place to place was not moving, but running away from something.

why was your mom declared an exiled and deserter?

That’s what you are about to find out when you return to the empire of Bromeliad‘s corrupted court.

As male:

Your story starts with an unwise decision on your part, and bad luck at the wrong time. You were on vacation with your friend and family minding your own business, when suddenly you got approached by your tourist guide. He proposed the trip of a life time. It was to visit the hermit empire of Bromeliad on the day of the fertility festival. It’s a day were the empire opens its borders to the world for 24 hours. The trip was going fine. You ate and watched the fireworks, but on your way back while going through the border patrol, you got stopped for a random search. Everything was going ok until they took a blood sample. Once the blood hit the scanner, it triggered a global alarm, within seconds there were hundreds of imperial guards on you, and you were taken into custody. It is there that they informed you that you are a life bearer, a normal healthy man, one in two million. You became a relic that must be protected, a god among mortals. Effective immediately, you are to marry the empress of Bromeliad, and be enter into the male harem for your protection.

How will you get back home? How will you survive inside a harem full of vicious man that want to climb the ranks for power and don’t care what they do as long as they can get it?


An interesting premise. I look forward to learning more about your world and story.

This is interesting. Will definitely keep an eye for this.

Woo woo wo.

Slow down, let my head do its job and process your story premise.

Alright. Harem.

Anyway, back on to the topic.
I’m curious about this.

So, the one who are affected by the disease is the man :man:t4:, and not the woman :woman:t4:. Am I correct?

And then… sniff sniff :nose:t4:
Do I smell something… sniff

If this question is not spoilery, mind if I ask it?

Does the path between male MC and female MC will cross?

Interesting way of having split story lines. I also second the question of the two MCs stories’ crossing over with one another.

@Szaal You are correct, the man are the ones affected.

As for the answer to both your and @Mxm124 question, it is a Yes, plus they may or may not have a very illegal romance below everybody’s noses


What is the tech in ur world? Is it like old world or modern world one?

I assume tech as in technology, it is like the technology close to our period but a bit more advance, and the world or rather the empire of Bromeliad is base on imperial china.

Am so why not engineer new babies so that is immune to the disease?

Can we choose not to be heterosexual? :smiley:

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Yes, you can choose not to be heterosexual. :slight_smile:


I’m really excited to see someone tackle the idea of a matriarchal setting (especially considering how often I’ve seen patriarchal settings used as to justify gender-locking). It sounds like you’ve got some pretty interesting plans, and the male storyline sounds especially intriguing to me.

Okay, I was wondering about this too. Should be interesting seeing a non-Western society as the basis too :grin:
So, also, is this a fantasy setting, with magic and stuff, or is it more just the technology? :thinking: Is this more of a future setting, or a completely unconnected alternate world?

Good. I do worry for my gay male character, though… this harem would not be a good place for him to be :scream: (unless he’s able to find another gay or bisexual guy who’s also trapped there :smirk:)

Have you also thought about how a transgender character might fit into the setting? :thinking:


Awesome idea! Just want to say that I can’t wait for an official demo!

Quick question: Because men cannot impregnate women, does that mean there will be no potential for kids? Or will WOMEN be able to somehow be the ones to impregnate men? Or perhaps, by not being able to make kids you are the last generation?

The male path seems way more interesting than the female path :expressionless: . It’s very ambitious to try to write two games in one.

How does man MC not notice that no one can have children? Is everyone in the story still immortal, or did the disease cause them to die? Wouldn’t having one woman give birth to everyone be extremely inefficient with their long gestation and short fertility age span compared to a man? It seems more practical to open up a sperm bank and give the specimen to whoever wants it if the whole not having kids thing is a major issue.

The concept does sound like it could make a good choice game.

@TSSL Its more of a future setting on earth and there is no magic or stuff like that. There is just a bit of advance technology, but its not allowed everywhere and only soldiers have access to it.

I have though about a transgender character, but they are really hard to write and i’m not a professional or experience writer.

@Pandini Life bearers can impregnate women, so there is a chance for kids, the problem is that that privilege is only reserve for the powerful (presidents, dictators, queens, empresses etc) and there is only a small amount of them. (like 1000)

@Sovereign2Lilith There is more to the female path, I just don’t know how to put in away that wont give everything up.

The male m.c knows that no one can have children, its common knowledge in society. Women are immortal in the sense that they don’t age, but still can be killed. Man are alive, but they are not immortal and they age really really slow and that’s if the disease doesn’t give them other deadly side effect. The only women who give birth are the really powerful ones and they don’t do it to keep the human race going.


Sounds awesome I would definitely try both

Okay, this sounds interesting :slight_smile: does the archipelago correspond to any specific location, or is the geography fictional?

Well, this is your prerogative, but I would like to suggest that you might find it more doable than you’d think :slight_smile: particularly on this forum, where there are a lot of helpful and informative trans people.
But in particular, I’d wonder about just allowing the player to play as a trans person. Perhaps including a choice to say that they don’t identify with their societally-designated sex… I’m sure there’s more than one way you could go about it :thinking:

Interesting :thinking: In case this would be helpful for you, I remember reading an estimate that if it weren’t for old age and disease, based on the rate of death from other causes, the average lifespan would be something like two thousand years (from accidents and murder and suchlike).

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Does our MC, or some NPCs at least, speak Chinese? (or a conlang resembling to it?)

It’s kinda amusing when we can get a scene where everybody talk and no one understands what does the other’s talking about. :laughing:

BTW[quote=“Rose_Angel, post:15, topic:28792”]
The only women who give birth are the really powerful ones and they don’t do it to keep the human race going.
The plot thickenssss…

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This is a really interesting I’m gonna keep my eye on this wip

The entire premise sounds really interesting and I can’t wait to see the different perspectives of the genders!!!