Broken laptop! Can I code on IOS?

Long story short, my laptop seems to be inoperable, with no backups either. Meaning that not only do I no longer have the hardware to continue coding interactive fiction, but all progress is gone. With any luck, the warranty will not be breached and the hardware will be salvagable, with higher luck, the hard drive will be salvageable. So now there’s a question I need to bring up. Is there any way to make progress through IOS? I know I can pull off some coding on it through an app I have, but I highly doubt I’ll be able to somehow test a compiled product.

Just in case it’s not assumed, this also means that all development on ALL of my projects will cease until further notice.

Plot Summary: Techdragon610 tried to break the bat while playing Arkham City. His laptop is now inoperable.

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Looks painful

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I’m sorry that this has happened, TechDragon.

The question here would be better addressed by more knowledgeable members of the community; I’m honestly not sure how IOS would do in relation to testing a compiled product.

But, again, you have my sympathies.

Here’s to the highest luck; hopefully, that hard drive is salvageable.
(Even still, maybe your laptop can be repaired? Fingers crossed.)

I gotta be honest @Doctor and @faewkless, that may have just made my day. Thanks for the pick me up.

@Packet to be honest I think it may be a problem with the battery pack. If so, I’m sure I can get my hands on one that’ll do the trick. Past that though, my expertise needs improving when it comes to self repair.

@Techdragon610, I believe the phrase you’re looking for is “Just what the Doctor ordered”… just kidding, I’m glad it made your day

That’s awful.

My desktop broke earlier in the year and I know how gutting it was to lose the files I had on it. (And my Minecraft, Starbound and Terraria worlds! So much work done! So much lost!) I hope that your hard disk is salvageable. (Mine wasn’'t unfortunately since it was the hard drive that failed.)

You can write games using IOS. I’d say, don’t worry about testing the game though. Just work on it, forget the testing. You can do all the testing once you get something that makes it easier.

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Last year I dropped my laptop onto the concrete in a rush, and I completely destroyed it. I had to get a new one and everything. It is a major pain. I wish the best of luck to you.

32ml of Punicilin STAT!

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@FairyGodfeather it happened right as I was finally making progress in Terreria. Although thanks to the beauty that is Steam, I think most of my stuff is saved in a cloud. (although Terreria is not included) thanks for the advice, I suppose I could use google docs to have easy access to my files when I can test them elsewhere, while working on them at home.

@Storm I remember this one time when I was at the doctor’s office, and I dropped my IPod 4th gen. It fell from the table, whacked against the metal side, then shattered on the ground. I clenched up so bad while it was in the air I ended up straining a muscle in my leg. Thankfully the data was replaceable there. I used it for online work anyway.

It was one of those really cheap laptops. :laughing:
Thankfully I don’t think I lost anything important.

“A falling object will always land where it can do the most damage.”-Murphy’s Law of Selective Gravity


Gumperson’s Law
The likelihood of something happening is in inverse proportion to the desirability of it happening.


I took the liberty of changing the thread title to something more easily searchable, in case someone else has this problem. Sorry to hear about the laptop, and glad you’re still working in CS.

I know the pain of losing computers. I lost a bunch of work on my WIP a few months ago when I tripped on a cat and dropped my laptop down the stairs (unsalvageable hard drive.) The most I’ve ever lost was a file of irreplaceable stories (except the ones I had already printed) when a laptop was stolen.

I keep backups these days but there’s always something that didn’t get copied when it should.

First off, congrats on the new status, second I’m sure the new title will help out at some point. To be honest the laptop’s purchase came with an online backup service, I now regret not setting that up…

@Techdragon610, So that’s why those are there… huh.

Yeah, retrospect sees in 20/20.

I’m gonna go backup my computer now…

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My personal favorite is “don’t learn from your mistakes, learn from the mistakes others make. It’s funnier and there’s no failure.”

To be honest, I have to get a way to back it up into some other hardware, I’m sure there are storage banks somewhere that’ll do the job.

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If only they made more relate-able backup videos.
Someone just spilling coffee or dropping their laptop and losing all thier.
gamesaves/work/funny cat pictures.
I could relate to that.
and people would be 1% more likely to actually back up their save.