Broken Fable [WIP, 32k Words, Prologue and Chapter One: Pt 1] Updated 3/19/23

Arthur was just a normal, albeit talented, swordsman before Excalibur rewrote his DNA.

Sumairah isn’t going to have a weakness per se, but there will be efficient ways to combat her augment. You’ll learn more about all 8 Praetors and the organizations that are fighting next part of chapter 1.


Some random feedback that came to mind after I decided to replay the demo again: The first choice about smashing through the french countryside or targeting strategic factories isn’t super clear about what it actually mean.

Like we’re only slaughtering specifically Nazi troupes or we’re just wholesale just slaughtering the entier German army? Because those have pretty different moral implication IMO.

Same for the factory option, we’re talking ‘strategic’ as in where they make their weapons? Or strategic as in the power grid and foodstuff?

Or it’s a ‘Comics’ situation where the entier German army is just the nazis? Or the MC just doesn’t know nor care about the details and he just heard the brits say ‘blablabla War blablabla against Nazis, do this for us please, here’s something you actually care about’?


Well seeing as the slaughter option decreases your humanity and sabotage increased it I would guess that slaughter means every German soldier and sabotage means military but that’s my guess


I’ve revamped the begining for clarity because I thought it was pretty weak, and will upload it with the next update on 3/19.

For the - Humanity option, it is the completly destruction of Nazi outposts and barracks. Every staffer, soldier, support unit, and anyone even slighly involved

For the + Humanity option it will be the destruction of Nazi railraods and factories with minimal unnecessary casualties

The main point of introducing
your MC this way it to show that up until ww2 everything happened pretty much as it did in the real world, then from there on out its divergent.


It’s good, pretty promising. There’s another Hosted work, Demon: Recollect, with a pretty similar overall premise. It was pretty interesting, though I’m liking this WIP a little better. Hope all goes well I’d like to see a completed work some day.


Patch .02

  • The Sun Wukong branch is now flushed out and in the demo
  • Some grammer fixes and small text changes

Chapter 1 Pt 2 is in the works and it should be up by 4/14/23
Its looking to be around 35-45k words at the current rate

There might be some grammer issues with this update because my boss slammed me with extra work I need to have done by tonight and I didn’t get to do my customary last grammer check, but i’ll go over it tommorow and fix any mistakes that have been found



Sun Wukong, I’m coming!

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This is gonna be fun!

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I tried the new path and I was confused I get knowledge is usually for science but that situation. I thought it would be a technique

To be fair, there’s quite alot of content which shows a main character being a master at the techniques but they’re an absolute dumbass. So it makes sense to keep it separated

And most backgrounds I’ve played through involves the MC completely cut off from the mortal world for some time, especially Sun Wukong who was in a mountain for 500 years. Arthur and Zeus seemed to have wandered and avoided people as well so there’d be a lack of knowledge on how far technology and the world has went on in their absence

In the stat screen for Sun Wukong, they’re 5000 years old. Arthur is 1600 at the least so not even that close.

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Just finished the Sun Wukong branch, it was a lot of fun. There were a few typos but nothing major.

I have to say I am very interested in that depiction of Buddha, I had assumed his power was spatial manipulation but the star eyes, knowledge of the future and star chains seem to indicate it’s more than that.

I was a bit confused by the Emperor thing because our trainer mentioned multiple times how powerful and special / similar to us he was but in the end, it was his guards who were notable, not him.

Outside of that, I really liked how the Ryu Bang was described, it really sounded devastating, even if we mostly used our shapeshifting. Same for how most of the other origins searched their relic for weeks before giving up while Sun Wukong gave up after a few hours, sound pretty in character for him.

It’s pretty interesting how Sun Wukong is one of the least ‘ancient’ origins, not very far in age from Arthur.

Also I’d say he has both the most vague (as in ‘the condition to trigger it’) and most crippling weakness so far (since it seems to naturally trigger during a fight).

The stat screen say 1800 and he say as much in dialogue during the interrogation scene.


Must had been updated just now because when I first started on that, it said 5000

The reason why you were confused about the emperor is becasue where he is mentioned by Subodhi it was supposed to say Buddha, just forgot to update it in the demo version, sorry bout that :sweat_smile:

I accidently uploaded a less updated version of the path, I have since fixed it.

The only notable differences were Wukongs age (for the 5000 I originally had no idea what his age should be so I just chose randomly, but the jounrey to the west is set in either 6-7th century china and wukong was trapped under the mountain for 500 years, so I changed his age to something more beliveable.) and the aformentioned emperor text changes.


The saving system isnt working

should be fixed

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The save slots are overlapping with a few other games, I think that happens when you still have ‘mygame’ in the save code instead of the game’s title.

actually according to research i did on a info about him his true age is 1097, here’s the info:
Sun Wukong only has a lifespan of 342 years.

When he was 342 years old at the Earth Palace, Sun Wukong worked for half a month on Bon Ma On (in charge of looking after horses) in heaven.

If one day in heaven is equal to one year on earth, that is 15 years. Sun Wukong continued to do half a year of the title of Qi Thien Dai Thanh, ie 177 years.

Stayed in the alchemy furnace of Thai Thuong Lao Quan for seven seven forty-nine days, which means another 49 years, another 500 years of being sealed under the Marble Mountains, 14 years of collecting scriptures, the total age of Sun Wukong at that time was more than 1097 years old.

{and heres the site i found about this infomation about him How old is Sun Wukong's real age? - Archyde


So is Alexander really dead? Can’t believe this dude just picked a fight and died like a level 5 bandit, I didn’t even want to kill him since he seemed like a cool guy, but I guess it was a duel to the death, not a friendly duel


actually that confuses me since in most games you have a chooce i mean heck the website is called choice of games which is about games in which you get choose what the character douse in the games,so in the fight scene at the end of it they could of chose to spare him,grated if your playing as zeus that option is out of the window since Alexsander pretty much hates zeus and the same the other way around,but that’s different for the other characters since there pretty much strangers to each other so in the other characters scenes they could decade after there sparring session they grab his hand and help him get up and and reply saying nice match then they leave him and set off to there next destination. .

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Alexander is Ares.

If anything, he’d probably won’t let it go if you choose to spare him and would repeatedly attack you until he’s dead.