Brittleshade: Catalyst WIP [Devlog June 2nd]

@stsword Babylon 5 has some amazing plots based on the telepaths. Just saying.

In this, it’s more of an issue of focus for the TK powered human (at least starting out anyway). They can shove people/things, make things rattle and slam doors (I grew up watching the original Charmed, Pru closing the door with TK has always stuck with me) but can’t do anything really small. Force choking (or poking) might come later though. =]

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How powerful as a pyrokinetic can we become? Cause we kinda useless if there’s no fire which is 90% of the time.


@No_This_Is_Patrick Powerful enough to be a threat. I know that’s not a really good answer as I don’t want to spoil the story too much. xD

After finishing the conversation with the two Goldmans (which is right after where the demo currently ends), there will be an option to go get a source of flame (matches, lighter, or something similar) so that the power doesn’t feel as useless.


Would we get powerful to a point we don’t need a a source, like straight up just ignite that shit from the oxygen lol.


@No_This_Is_Patrick By the end of the game, not regularly but there may be a moment when it happens. If it does happen, it will be through a specific set of circumstances. Sorry for the kind of non-answer, trying to keep it low on spoilers as the powers kind of play into events throughout the game.


Can the mc also try to hide their power and avoid using it most of the time?

As the power being weak is after all why the mc’s family rejected them as they attach the worth of people solely to their power(s) and the strength of their powers.
So for my mc not using or even suppressing his power would be a way to rebel against his family and make sure that if he ever achieves anything of note the world will know neither his power nor his last name had anything at all to do with it. :persevere:

I was just asking because it felt a bit out of character for my mc to gratuitously use telekinesis to close the door in the scene after Zach leaves if the intent is to have an mc who dislikes and maybe even tries to suppress their power be a viable option.
Also would like the option to buy contact lenses for a disguise to turn my mc’s silver eyes to just gray and I find it a bit odd mc doesn’t already have something like that on the background option where they changed their last name and broke off all contact with their family, minus their little sister years ago now. :thinking:


@idonotlikeusernames Yes they can. =D It will generally be a choice for the MC to actively use their power. The only exceptions are during high stress moments (such as extreme fear causing TK to rattle things or pyrokinetics causing fires to rage uncontrollably when upset) and Empathy generally being always on (but the choice to use it “offensively” does come up and a different option can be chosen instead).


Pity, I really want to give the lovely Keith a nice friendly aneurism.

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@stsword You just need to get to know him! Then you’ll want to give him some non-friendly ones too.


The plot description sounds interesting but MC with weak and boring power discourages me a bit :v


@Cingulum_diaboli Glad you like the description and that’s unfortunate but understandable, not everything is for everyone.

The weak power is a plot point and the power level can grow depending on player choices if that changes your mind any.

I considered other powers but wanted to stick with mental-based powers and couldn’t think of other ones that would reveal too much information (like clairvoyance and telepathy). If I can think of other powers that fit with the story I have in mind, I will be adding them in.

I was just asking because it felt a bit out of character for my mc to gratuitously use telekinesis to close the door in the scene after Zach leaves if the intent is to have an mc who dislikes and maybe even tries to suppress their power be a viable option.
Also would like the option to buy contact lenses for a disguise to turn my mc’s silver eyes to just gray and I find it a bit odd mc doesn’t already have something like that on the background option where they changed their last name and broke off all contact with their family, minus their little sister years ago now.

Sorry, @idonotlikeusernames didn’t see that edit until now (I really gotta learn to scroll more). The next version of the demo will have that fixed. I had it coded originally that telekinetics closed the door while non-telekinetics just closed the door but there will be an option now for telekinetics.

I’ll add in the mention of contacts as I actually didn’t think of that.


This was really interesting to read. I really cant wait to see what happens next


@TwinDragon_1220 Thanks for the interest. =D

May 17th Devlog

  • Fleshed out some of the conversations to add more choices.
  • Completed half of Chapter 4 which sits at about 17.6k words (this includes coding). I may adjust the first fourth to be its own chapter/scene as the rest is technically in new locations.
  • Added additional checks and variable stores to ensure decisions have weight as the story goes.
  • Added trigger warnings at the first of the game in the startup file and to this post.

I also created a tumblr account/blog/whatever for Brittleshade. Mostly it’ll be for the FaQ so that I don’t have to update here each time I get a question that’s not on here. It’ll also be for any questions people want to ask anonymously.

If anyone would prefer for the FaQ to be doubled here, I can do that as well.

Thanks everyone for the interest and feedback. =]


Are Rebecca and Zachariah the two human LIs?


@Alley_Cat Yes, they’re the two human LIs. There is a third that can end up human but that’s the LI depending on the choices made.

WIP Demo has been updated to include Conversing with the Goldmans and the Garden option of the diverging paths.

As always, feel free to point out typos or jarring jumps or any other feedback.

Bit of a dump of a devlog

Writing/Rewrite Changes
Childhood Dream Sequences

  • Catherine will now share the same hair color as the MC.
  • Changed Nan’s name from Nan to Bel.
  • A choice will set initial opinion of Sister (either 50% or 75%). This opinion percentage can be seen in personal stats.

Speaking with the Goldmans in the Apartment.

  • This scene is now complete and on its own as opposed to a really big chapter with the other following scenes. Because of this, I’ve moved the three diverging paths to their own scenes as well.
  • Pyrokinetics will now get a choice to buy matches prior to choosing one of the three diverging paths.

The Garden and Consequences

  • Garden scene is mostly finished. I still need to finish proofreading to make sure everything plays right (as some label jumps feel a bit jarring when I reread).
  • Only have a very small portion of the follow-up Consequences and that’s just focused on Zachariah right now so that hasn’t been uploaded.

Embassy and Theatre

  • Neither of these are written yet as I wanted to finish the Garden Consequences section first. These options will currently lead to game end

Death Scene 1

  • Rewrote this to have a little more description than just “You died.” This also now includes a check for the comfort switch with a slightly longer description of dying if the switch is completely off. If it’s on, it gives an incredibly simple and generic way of dying.

Quality of Life Changes
Save system

  • Wrote most of the code for an ‘autosave’ in the game to store stats (really just a whole butt ton of “creates” and “sets”). The events leading to death scene 1 have no stats to store so it wasn’t needed for that one but having this ready to go in for other scenes later. This will only reset to the start of the chapter.

Random fun things I felt like adding
Adjusted the Show Stats screen.

  • It now shows a message instead of a blank page if you have not read through the first dream sequence. This message explains how to unlock other sections of the Stats screens.
  • It will now show game completion percentage (the number is not accurate just yet).
  • It will now state various events you’ve witnessed (such as who you met in the apartment, where you chose to go, etc) or decisions you’ve made.
  • It will now show some fun stats on things you’ve done (this won’t affect gameplay and is more for amusement’s sake). For example, it will show how many times you’ve chosen to lie and how many times you’ve used your power (for Empaths, this is only when you’ve chosen, not for the moments someone is feeling too hard at you).

As some of this requires additional variables and switches that were added in Startup, some facets of the demo may not be accurate (such as the number of lies stat) and may glitch out some saves or keep things permanently hidden (such as the visual representation of the opinion about the sister).


Three day update (which I’ll probably continue on this kind of schedule until things get busy off line). Mostly just fixing some coding stuff and adding in a few lines here and there.

Also still trying to figure out how to get the save mod to work but that’s a frustration for another time.

Devlog Dump

Upon rereading, I realized that while it was possible to play a sarcastic MC, it wasn’t really an option for a non-serious MC. I’ve added in options for choices (where it fits) for those who want to play an MC who thinks everything is ridiculous/hilarious/stupid. This will now be reflected in the character stats page as Witty vs Serious (with Seriousness being changed to Stoic).

Keep in mind that my humor is pretty out there and witty kind of reflects that (I do take suggestions on clever lines that would fit better).

Stat Menu and Variable Changes

  • Added in sister having a nickname for the MC. This can be referenced later if in use.
  • Added placeholder B:C logo type thing (otherwise known as I was too tired to write but too awake to sleep) but still working that out.
  • Removed Conformity/Rebelliousness as a stat.
  • Changed Serious to Stoic as that makes more sense against Emotional. Also changed Straightforward to Respectful as the opposed stat to Sarcastic.
  • Added Witty with Serious as the opposing stat.

Writing Edits / Additions

  • Additional sarcastic or witty responses.
  • Answers that affected Rebelliousness/Conformity have now been changed to Aggressive/Calm.
  • Added in stat changes for choices that did not have them but should have had them (such as rude choices affecting aggression).
  • Removed some dialogue that felt like it was inserting my opinion a little too much.
  • Added in option to lie to Z/R Goldman about your name. This checks if you lied to Xion about your name and will use the same randomly generated name if you did, otherwise, it will provide a new fake name. This will now happen whenever you lie about your name which means you may be known as Liz Taylor (or one of the other randomly generated names) throughout your gameplay with the eventual option to correct the other characters.
  • Adjusted dialogue to further differentiate between Zachariah and Rebecca in the apartment when you meet them for the first time.
  • More options to lie about what your power is when asked.

Added in a dream sequence before the MC goes about their business for the day. This still needs some work but have the gist of what I want there.

And also a poll.

Should a personality test be an option at the first of the game to allow players to set the traits of the MC?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Indifferent

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Devlog May 26th
Not as much writing this week for B:C, mostly some behind the scenes kind of stuff.


As the votes were mostly indifferent with a leaning towards yes, I programmed in a very simple personality trait selection. You will only be asked at the end of customization (not for random or premades) if you wish to customize personality traits.

Changed the options for who to go with in Chapter 4. Rebecca is now a night only option, Zachariah is a morning only. It is still possible to go on your own and to call one of them to come to whatever location you chose. This was done to feel more in line with the characters.

Revamped some of the dialogue in Garden Consequences so that it is said by both Zachariah and Rebecca depending on who you’re with. They will have different responses but now it’s not radically different questions as it just didn’t make sense to have two versions of the same questions. Zion’s dialogue remains different as they don’t really care about the same things R/Z do.

Started writing the Embassy path. Went with Rebecca at Night first and will finish off her branching paths before moving on to the others.

Still debating on whether I want three of the ROs/FOs to be hidden and non-entities unless you trigger their initial scenes but that’s a decision I’m going to leave until I finish writing out the GET diverging paths.

No updated demo/wip for this devlog.

Thanks for looking and have a great weekend all!


Just finished playing this. The plot is quite intriguing so far, looking forward to see where the story goes and to find more out about this world you’ve made (I’ve a bit of a weakness for power bloodine dynamics so yeah, this is right up my alley). I really enjoy the amount of choices we’re given and how varied our reactions can be, it’s certainly a nice touch. I was wondering if our relationship with our sister and our family would be further explored, perhaps maybe in some flashbacks or something of the sort. I think the story works well as is, but it would be nice to have that extra connection with the sister to make both the player and the MC want to save her, if that makes sense. Plus I always find it nice when we get the chance to engage further in what drives the MC and their background as a person, as it tends to help solidify them in my head. Anyways, just a suggestion based on my tastes, nothing I find really imperative as, like I’ve mentioned before, the story works and the plot moves along well as it is.

OH, and forgot to add: I really enjoyed the small details of someone who picked telekinesis, like getting to close the door with it and things like that.

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Thank you for playing and the feedback!

I’m trying to keep it more player-choice than just straight story. People get choices instead of a straight page break.

I do intend to have flashbacks/dreams to reveal more of the MC’s childhood with the Silversteins, including interacting with the sister and the previous generation as well as the moment their powers first manifested. There will be differences based on the background chosen (whether they stayed in the family, kept the name, etc) and affected by some choices up until that point in the main story.

On an add on about the reasoning, there will be situations later where the MC’s opinion of the sister can actually decrease (these choices will be kind of obvious though). Which will also change the narrative.

Can’t take full credit for the door, I blame watching Charmed when I was growing up and seeing one of the main characters close the door in every opening credits. lol