Breaking of Seals Murder in Lazarus-city (Free for taking)

I hate to say it but I have to give up to making of this story. I have too many things to do in and I haven’t gotten anywhere with this. I will leave this up so if someone wants to do something with this.

Welcome to Lazarus-city.

For rest visit Hotel Olympus.
Enjoy night in casino Inferno or club Eden.
Shop, study, work, have fun.
Just don’t get caught.

Lazarus-city. Here lives over ten million humans. Everyday they go on their business, thinking “I know this city like back of my hand. There is nothing special here.” Yeah, maybe at day time, city opens up. If you’re right person Lazarus can be either heaven or hell, depends on your taste.
It happens that Lazarus-city is worlds biggest magic spot. Here everything supernatural can live in peace.
Or they did. Gabriel is murdered. Heaven is on warpath. Order of Holy Sword is losing control and I have lost my horse
I hate my life


Death is strongest of horsemen, for only death lasts forever. As oldest of their siblings they are leader of horsemen. Many claim dominion over death but Death has no master. All will know them.
Powers: Undying, shadow-self, death touch.
Weapons: Scythe, Chain-hook, Chain-sword
Avatar animal: Raven, vulture or hawk
Color: ghostly green
Realm: Abyss
Horse: Eon. Ghost horse that glows weakly green.


As youngest of horsemen War least respected among divine and damned. Yet Wars fury is legendary. Some say originally War wore white but countless battles dyed them red.
Powers: Undying, fire control,
Weapons: Sword and shield, giant sword, spear
Color: Red
Avatar animals: Dog, tiger, hyena
Realm: Valhalla
Horse: Inferno. Red armored pegasus. Flaming mouth full of sharp teeth for eating flesh of it’s enemies.


Plague is second oldest of horsemen. They are respected for their wisdom. God himself once used them as his adviser.
Powers: Undying, Infection, ether form,
Weapon: Bow, Guns, Shotguns
Avatar animal: Spiders, beetles, flys
Color: White
Realm: Lost library
Horse: Carrier. Horse covered with white cloth that is bound with barbed wire. Creature has sinister purple eyes.


As “middle child” Famine tried escape their duty. But Aztec godlike’s captured Famine and forced them to servitude. After other horsemen freed them, Famine hunted all Aztec godlike’s and imprisoned them in Timeless Desert.
Powers: Undying, rotting touch,
Weapons: Magic staff, arcane book, magic selfphone
Avatar animal: Rats, snakes, bats
Color: Black
Realm: Timeless Land (once known as Aztec Holy Kingdom)
Horse: Thirst. Black unicorn that looks extremely underfed. Without skin it could go as skeleton horse.


Legendary Seven seals of Apocalypse. These artifacts hold all other realms outside of Mortal realm. After all seven have been broken can last war for creation begin.

  1. Mortal seal. All Fathers gave it one unknown mortal who swore oath that their family devoted themselves to hiding this seal. Prophecy says mortal seal will be first to break and only then other seals can be broken.
  2. Heaven seal. Given to God’s first born children, Archangels, to protect. Locked behind golden gates of Seven Virtues.
  3. Hell seal. When Samael fell and became Lucifer he stole this seal and fused it in his morning-star weapon. Some say seal was God last gift to Samael, his favorite son.
  4. Plague seal. Made of golden apples of immortality. Hidden under world tree Yggdrasil. Palace of Norn, children of Plague, were build to guard it.
  5. Famine seal. Seal forged from bones of Aztec godlike king. Hidden in land where nothing grows. Children’s of the Minotaur are it’s eternal guardians.
  6. War seal. Forged from souls of Nine Wolf godlike’s. Embedded in belt of Hippolyta. Hidden in underwater volcano and under sunken Atlantis. Guarded by mightiest children of Poseidon and Ahti.
  7. Death seal. Forged from dying stars and bound with soul’s of Legion of Hell. Stone titans that rivaled in power with Devil himself. They were from world without death. They were invincible. Until they faced mortal with steel-barreled sword of vengeance. Seal is hidden in fortress deep underground where soul’s freeze. Sons of War guard fort to pay their debt.

After all seals have been broken true power of Horsemen will be released. Some say they will re-make world and others believe that they will punish the wicked. What truth is? Only God knows.


Detective Rick/Rose Jones
Young detective who just started working in LCPD (Lazarus-city Police department) R has noticed many weird happenings around city.
Race: witch
Gender: choice

Mighty minotaur warrior.
Race: minotaur
Gender: Choice

She is kind manager of hotel Olympus.
Race: godlike
Gender: Female

Doubting snake cultist
Race: Human
Gender: male

Mistress of hunt. Disappeared sometime before murder.
Race: godlike
Generd: Female

Young angel sent to assist murder investigation.
Race: angel
Gender: choice

Shy demon sent to spy OHS.
Race: demon
gender: choice


Archangel: Firstborn children’s of God
Angel: Second children’s of God
Demon: Children’s of fallen angel
Fallen angel: rebel angel who lost their wings
Godlike: Immortal and powerful creature
Witch: Human who can use magic
OHS: Order of Holy Sword. Magic police
Magic spot: Places which host great amount’s essence.
All Fathers: Three mightiest godlike’s Zeus, Odin and Ra
The Fates: God created three women look over all fates of mortals. They are married to Azrael Angel of death
The Other side: Place behind God’s back. There nothing exist.
Five Hell’s: The Hell, Hades, Hel, Duat, Tuonela.
Snake cult: Worshipers of Apep world eater.


You are one of four horsemen and your adopted mother is murdered. You were found in scene of crime. You are given week to prove your innocence or you will be sent in to the Other side. Now you have five paths Heaven, Order of Holy Sword, Hell, Godlike or Rebellion.

Angel of death Azrael needs your help. His lovers the Fates has been stolen from him.

Hell is under siege and Demon Lord of Lust Cleopatra wants you to save them.

Order of Holy Sword
Chaos runs rampant on Lazarus-city and OHS needs your help to keep peace.

Apollo is willing to let you use Oracle if you save his twin Artemis from Snake Cult.

You choose to take over Lazarus-city.

Other characters: Cain, Gabriel, Minotaur, Janus and few other.

I created this so those who are interested have place to look up for news.

I will lest update or inform of progress in the end of month.

Being novice in this stuff demo isn’t ready yet. First I will finish prologue.

Update 3.29.2020
I am still working on demo and story but there is general idea where it’s going. Take look in story. Few new ros.


When you have a demo ready, let the moderators know.