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I think she refuse to speak because she don’t want to be rekogniced by her voice. In My opinion Gabriel takes the biggest risk of those 3
Because Michael has an electronic device to change his voice l and Raquel does not speak at all. And all 3 never take of there mask in front of other Archangels

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All three of the trio have masks with inbuilt devices to modify their voices. Only Michael uses it all the time, Gabriel doesn’t really use it at all.
Raquel can speak, but obviously doesn’t most of the time because she’s got damaged vocal cords and speaking a lot can do further harm to them.
That’s not mentioned in the game but has been mentioned by the author.


Replaying the game makes me think of something: People see (and say) Michael as the boss, yet Gabriel mostly takes the reigns. Following that, they usually banter against each other yet Gabriel wins the most (understandable, since Michael’s options are usually… not good.). Are they both equals, Gabriel is the second-in-command, or something else?


Gotta say I absolutely love this game and have replayed it a fair amount of times XD
But I can’t find how do you romance Justin?

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Here you go:


So, finished the game. Really good story, can’t wait for EP5.

(Spoilers, obviously) Finished as a undercover cop. Well, Archangels will pay for harming my dear Mouse (even though it’s not their fault). I hope we will get an option to kill main trio. Also I truly hate VAMCorp, hope they’ll burn in hell.

And I wonder if one of endings involve Outfit winning and taking over Chicago with our help

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I am terribly sorry for the complete silence, don’t worry, I’m still alive, and active mostly on Discord.

Well, better late than never. Again, very sorry for the delays :disappointed_relieved: :pray:

I always felt that the difficulty settings were just a way for unlucky people to enjoy the game, and that if you really have terrible luck, you could just turn off the randomization. I’m planning on giving the difficulties in the next game a bit more kick, both in the easy, and hard department.

Gabriel is Gabriel. Do people really need to know more than that? :thinking:

Yeeeaaahhh… I have no idea how that could happen, and the only person who is fluent at the codes for this game is sick and I’ve pretty much lost contact with him, so, debugging the game has been quite the challenge for a coding newbie… But so far, I’m learning quite well on my own. :sweat_smile:

In the current game, it has been removed because I was a bit iffy about having those kind of scenes in my games, but I’ve since grown more confident looking at other WIP, in the next game, there will definitely a much more detailed scene, and you will get to choose the level of, um, spiciness.

… Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like the entire game is one big ball of chaotic energy.

Lots of things are going to be mentioned in the next game… so all you Raquel romancers willing to get clawed digging a little deeper, rejoice…

Gabriel plans, he’s a planner and improviser. But he can at times get too attached and become indecisive, he needs Michael to affirm these plans, and make choices he knows he doesn’t want to make. Michael does what needs to be done, because he knows he and The Archangels can take the repercussions.

That’s all I can say.

Also, more Michael in the future is planned.

It is planned in the next game that you can retaliate against your own crew, but it’s not until the 3rd and last game that you can, quite possibly, fight against The Trio themselves.

Also, VAMcorp is getting it’s own game later on, but plans for the hazy future are, well, hazy.

Most likely not, sorry :sweat_smile: But you can sure win with the FBI!

I’ll be posting an update shortly after this post. Thank you all for your patience.

Much thanks, much love, and remember to stay much healthy! :mask::heart:


Thanks for answering, can’t wait for all books! I am also planning to make a long book for Hosted Games, I was afraid to sharing my story with everyone due to anxiety (what it it’ll suck, what if people hate that etc). You were one of the HG writers to help me convincing myself to write a book. Please keep up the awesome work and I hope you will create whole new stories for your entire life.

And Main trio is dead if you give us the option in last book . Would you consider to add a save emulation system for sequels? It’s simply people picking important choices from previous books so new book continues from these choices.


Uhm im playing through this for the 20th time and still trying new things then…this

i tried to copt and paste all the codes but my phone just cant copy a list of that size.

I have an question about the weapon damage stat woukd we take an scar it has most damage stat with 11 is it posible that when you shot on somebody with that weapon on torso and this guy had an light vest or something like that would the shoot go through? Or would it just knock him out and when the second is the answer what meaning have this damage stat?

As far as I Know you have enough mun to kill them with every weapon but the more expensive weapons do more damage here if you use a shotgun they fly back sometimes

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Is this rly the end of the game when micheal gabriel and raquel get their guns back?

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Yes, that’s the end of this game. But there’ll be two sequels to Breach: The Archangel Job.

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I can’t believe I’m really late to play this but;

through my first playthrough, I was an informant and I romanced mouse. at the Mill scene when they find it out, michael shoots you and mouse jumps in front of you. then you get shot as well, and both of you lay down while bleeding.
there’s an option of kissing him/her before blacking out
and oh my god-
it was so oddly romantic and sad and beautiful,I literally started crying?

the entire game is just so good, I have repeated it like ten times already— the writing, it’s so damn inspiring and gorgeous. the slight comedy, the sarcasm and just everything– I really loved it. the characters are all so different and unique, youre an absolute genius sir.

gabe is my favorite though, and I don’t know what to do with that. he is extremely attractive pfft. mysterious, broody, sarcastic, and can cook! that’s the man of my dreams. I still am dying with curiosity to find out how he looks, I’m respecting his privacy but I just know he looks fine as hell. when I decide to romance him and play the vigilant route, I didn’t get any sleep. I realized at 8 am that I’m really awake and I’ve dissociated so badly I didn’t know I pulled an all nighter- this book was THAT good.

thank you so much for dedicating your time to write that, it’s absolutely amazing! I really hope you’re staying safe during this times, take care of yourself please (and of gabe too haha.)


I’d like to give few feedbacks about story.


  1. When we pick undercover cop option, Archangels knowing everything about us ruins entire undercover thing. First thing I thought when I arrived that point was “they do know I am an undercover cop and wilil either offer us joining them or use us as a bait or something against FBI.” which first option being true unless we shoot Michael. In fact, Anthony saying our NYPD data is not touched is only make this idea stronger and ruining the surprise.

  2. Criminal background option makes no difference due to we ending either joining Archangels (becoming a vigilante) or becoming FBI informant (which will probably not giving chance of continue criminal life after busting Archangels) so in my opinion we must have a third option which becoming an Outfit member instead so “criminal” option would be covered. My concept would like this: We join Archangels like normal, but instead of getting second “FBI persuasion” phone we would get called by Don Lavadechi instead for same offer (but getting a great sum of money instead of “witness protection program” thingy.)

Otherwise, it’s really great job.


The game is just GREAT. I’ve been laughing and bitting my nails like there is no tomorrow. And the chapter 4 car persecution is the best one I’ve ever, not only read, but seen in any film. It was magnificent (Charlie driving, and everyone, even Hayne, screaming because of a cat… oh, my). I could see all the scene playing in my head like it was been projected on a cinema screen. And yes, Gabriel is great and everyone knows, and Rook and Bishop are just walking fun, but all the crews too are just wonderful. Charlie, Anna, Hayne, Katz, Kaidan… They are all my partners in crime and I will kill for them.

I just need more of Breach. Please. I know there were some kind of poll about when to write a sequel or something, but I don’t know the results. Does anyone know how much time we will have to wait? And for the second part: will it be implemented and option to save our Archangel job playtrough and reload, or will be choosing manually at the start of the sequel our previous choices and outcomes?

Really, this is a 10/10

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In regard to your second feedback the author has stated there will be more of a difference between vigilante and criminal in the sequel.

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Wait, i tried this but raquel shot the fbi in the head. Is there something im missing

This was just amazing, easily one of my favorite adventures. Probably boosted even more so because I was listening to the payday 2 soundtracks when playing this game, it fits to well. I can’t wait for book 2.

Don’t worry. You’ll be saved later