BREACH: The Archangel Job - Crime Thriller WIP (UPDATED! 17-August-2018!) (700k+ Word)



I was playing the demo and I going one grammar mistake:

It should be on his shoulder not in.
I’ve also encountered these two errors when I try to accept the necklace from Gabriel:


For both accept necklace options but I can refuse it just fine.


Hi! Hejsan Svejsan! Hola! Hallo! …
So, I read the demo today, I’m not sure whether I reached the end or not, but it suffices to say that it was a… fabulous, exciting, thrilling creation. Are you sure that you are not a part of the Archangels, @MichaelMaxwell? Because your writing might give somebody that idea. Either that, or you gobbled up spy thrillers pretty well. The whole story has great intensity, and the pace never slacked a little bit. I was feeling like Leo DiCaprio from ‘The Departed’, almost…
It’s great to see that each and every character has its own background story. There’s a good sense of humor as well.
Just a few things, I think, need clarification. The relationship stat is pretty slow to grow, especially the FBI, Criminal, Hero ones. Then there’s the option of asking Megan House out, I couldn’t figure out what it was there for. It probably doesn’t have any influence or mention further in the story, does it? The gameplay seems a bit easier than the last time, is it just me, or has there been a bit of tweaking with the parts?

Anyway, it’s a great story in the making, and whatever time it takes to end the story perfectly is worth it. I’m so looking forward to the completion of the story.


Thank you! The process of which we create the outcomes are tedious and time consuming. Glad to know it’s been enjoyed!

She is absolutely adowrable!~

Also @Luciferthefallen FIXED!

Thank you! I’m glad to know my sleepless nights are not for naught!

I cannot confirm nor deny anything…

Well you’ve made me blush! :blush: Thank you very much! I try my best and only write when I have something worth writing… which is why this game is taking so long… :sweat_smile:

Thank you! Wow, that’s quite the compliment :sweat_smile: … Though leo died at the end of The Departed… as did the MC … for now…

Also I very rarely skip because I believe that every dialogue and every action could be told in detail to represent characters and scenes and moods and backgrounds very well. From pauses, to quirks, to the changing of mood from serious to fun in mere seconds.

I try my best to make sure each character is a human being with feelings and history and experiences. Also I always thought my game had a horrible sense of humour because of the fact that it very rarely took itself seriously.

That is because those variables serve no purpose and I plan to only keep them as aesthetics later in the final game, Or possibly scrap them all together.

Also, you will actually be able to hang out with her, but as of now, there’s still a lot of the game that I have yet to write.

Yes, I’ve been busy smoothing out the kinks, but, what exactly do you mean by easier?

Thank you! I’m looking forward to it too! It’ll be quite some time, but I will do my best to keep on writing!


Really? I find it harder the last version i could be a super soldier.


Alright i finished the demo… Well what Can i say rng prob rigged, good amount of refrences/mee mee’s even some that should stay dead interesting cast of characters
All in all i enjoyed reading it


unless you’re playing on a cheater’s difficulty, no the RNG is not rigged :laughing:Except for the part where if you tried to kill Kaidan…

Also, yes, I know… this game had been in development for so many months and years, I know I should really revisit some of those memes. Let me know which ones you think should just be erased from existance!

Thank you! I enjoyed reading your feedback!


I’ve actually toned down the difficulty considerably, but I’ve also eliminated any kind of super stat alterations that would make the game too easy.

However, it is incredibly hard to balance a game like this where nearly everything is completely randomized, so I would refer you to use the difficulty settings. However if there’s anything you’d like me to change, then let me know!


Not giving ultra relationships in cheat mode was one of this changes too?
'Cause I remember that in cheat mode you could have 80% or more with everyone


The cheat mode was primarily for testing only, but yes I’ve eliminated that because it wasn’t quite helpful. I would be implementing a separate cheat for relationships later on.


Talking about cheat mode, will be posible to buy those GGG weapons that cost more than what you can have with the cheat mode, without the cheat mode?


The main reason I don’t do much of the money cheats is because I really want to know whether or not the price of each Glorious Goods items are too expensive, or too cheap.

But if you all wish to have a money cheat, then you shall all have some money cheats…


No its all good i think its more realistic this way you cant be like gabriel in one night also i always try to kill my mc anyway… i wanna be as cool as gabriel.


Nah, if there’s a real chance to buy those items without cheats it’s ok, c’mon a bat that can destroy everything and convert it in dust must be damn expensive the same with other overpowered stuff.


Very well then! But to be honest, as Gabirel has said (Or probably will say later in the next update) “Given the determination, and right amount of training, anyone can be a Gabriel”

Which is saying something, because at the start of the game, you can see how Gabriel is incredibly powerful and is portrayed as almost invincible, but as time goes on you can see that portrayal deteriorating. The more chapters you go past, the more you realize that Gabriel is a mere human being. His wounds don’t magically disappear and he can be crippled. But the fact that he can still stand and continue to fight on isn’t something special.

He’s still a human being, albeit a very determined and well trained human being, but he’s human nonetheless. He can very easily die by making the wrong move at the wrong time, and he has made some wrong moves which cost him a lot of bullet holes and broken bones.

But he is determined, and his job is yet to be done. Until he is finished, he will stand, and he will fight.

True, it is incredibly expensive, but maybe too expensive since the maximum you can get out of the two heists are 2 million dollars by picking the jewelry store heist and then the bank heist (which is still a work in progress). Not counting the last heist which (if done correctly) can net you up to a maximum of 12 million dollars within a single heist.

So if there’s any item that seems to expensive, or too cheap, please let me know! :blush:


For the hair colors and styles could an option to be bald added. If so then my Agent 47 ripoff character can finally be completed! :japanese_goblin:


…Where’s the buzz cut option?


I know this is a bit late to ask but is Raquel an RO as well? I have always chose Mouse… but now taken an interest in Raquel.


Yes it is, although I think that it’s not implemented in the game yet


And the original plan is it’s more of an end-game thing for Gabriel, I am not sure of Raquel though.


Coming in the next update!



… I love how most of the people in this forum has been here for so long they’re answering the questions for me.

Thank you @resuri08!