BREACH: The Archangel Job - Crime Thriller WIP (UPDATED! 17-August-2018!) (700k+ Word)



I am siding with @guardsman000071 in this one. We will always get worried. XD


Love how the senpai thing started as a joke and actually make it in the game xD


And did you see Gabriel’s reaction when you call him senpai ? It was so cute


Judging by how we’re at the start of 4th chapter, and we have 2 more chapters to go with a shit ton of endings and epilogue which has 5 different versions… I’d say it’s possible…


Like I said… this game is as much written by the community as it is written by me…

Oh shush, Gabriel’s the deadliest person in The Archangel as of the Archangel Job timeline…


The mc doesn’t know who are their parents, so for me Gabe feels like the dad that I never met


Really enjoyed the game!!! Planning to play the demo continuously until I can somehow admit to being an informant and still survive/protect Edwyn with the help of allies and/or skills (highly doubtful on the latter lol)

Errors (warning: spoilers)

This was the scene where Gabriel offers the sapphire necklace; my MC tried to accept (tried both options of saying thanks and saying nothing), but this popped up instead. I’m not sure if it was an error or if I simply needed enough persuasion points? Thought I should bring it up, just in case…

As much as I’d enjoy 3x the sweetness, not sure what happened there XD

I made sure to keep the siblings together (albeit on Kaidan’s team) but it seems like they’re separating in this scene?.. Charlie doesn’t show up in the fight afterwards, though.

I believe this is the last one. I was confused here because I told Edwyn that I was an undercover cop since the beginning… Unless he was bluffing for my MC, but it didn’t seem like it?

I really enjoyed this game :joy: Some of my favorite parts had to be when Gabriel was sneezing throughout an entire mission, literally every Raquel and Gabriel interaction (can I say I love their dynamic? Even with Michael? I love it!!!), every Rook and Bishop interaction :joy:, and this reference:

A+ content right there :clap::clap::clap::joy: among others!

Looking forward to when you complete it!! :grin:


Alright I’ve been busy for bit but it’s time for to delve into the belly of this beast. If I don’t come back, my will is in my sock drawer.


When choosing any of the ‘Accept the necklace’ options from Gabe:


I don’t know how you do it but you keep making me come back to this. Not once did I ever lose interest in this game and the day that this game is complete will be freakin awesome. BTW, I forgot to take a screenshot sorry :sweat_smile:at the jewelry store heist, I kept getting a bug saying something about persuasion when I click on the option to accept the necklace Gabriel gives MC. You are awesome :wink:


@MichaelMaxwell I just replayed the game an now I was able to romance mouse, I stumbled on an bug though while replaying it I’m not sure if anyone has already mentioned it but here’s the bug anyways!


Hi, i’ve finished the demo and i just wanted to say it was great :grinning:


I must have done something wrong… I got killed along with Mouse… :sob: Is is possible at this time to do your work as an undercover agent and not end up dead, without turning on FBI? I won’t shot a LEO, nope.

Also, although by now I have no idea where it was - somewhere with Kaz at a bar, him asking about me and me telling him a little? - I found the wrong pronoun here:


So… Gabriel is now unintentionally a dad. Got it.

Thank you! Good to know people are having fun with the demo! :blush:

Also don’t worry about the playtest ending of the Undercover cop. That’s just a placeholder ending for now. Don’t worry, you’ll get more content for it soon!

Wrong variable. FIXED!

I… Don’t know what’s going on :sweat_smile: Hopefully FIXED!

also I’ve fixed the rest! … hopefully :sweat_smile: Ben’s not here so I’m trying my best to do the fixes.

That is intentional, yes.

I’m so glad people are finding all the references and easter eggs! :blush:

It makes writing the game so much easier knowing people are actually enjoying it so far.

Thank you! And I too am looking forward to see what this game will become… because honestly, not even I or Ben know how it’s going to end up being. We never intended to have a toilet armour, or any mini-chainsaws whatsoever. The very idea of a group of associates and Angels and other Archangels was born from the fact that people in the private thread (and some in the public ones) wanted to contribute to the game, and so I let them in the best way possible, by being part of the game’s actual storyline.

Thank you so much for everyone who’ve contributed!

Looking forward to it!

Not looking forward to it!


Same thing for @C_B


In order to prevent people from losing their save I’ll refrain from updating anything until something big or gamebreaking comes up.




Phew! Thanks, and got it. I do enjoy the game, sweating over decisions - must be purgatory for actual undercover agents, for sure. How far do you go before you lose yourself and your goal, not to mention potentially befriending some of those you are to betray in the end… :cold_sweat:

But that is why I like that option, so thanks for including it. :blush:


I wonder if Gabriel is ever romance able? Or Kaidan?


Already fixed, but only will be implemented later on.

There’s 4 possible outcomes at the end of the FBI branching where the playtest ends. I’m still writing them all.

And yes, the choices do matter, you can do everything from keeping your mouth shut, yell uncle that you’re working for the FBI, or even have Michael be suspicious of Gabriel to a point where they will actually fight each other… Anything can happen, anything can be.

You’re welcome! And thank you for enjoying it!

As it has been said, Kaidan will not be romancable, however, Gabriel and Raquel are romancable.


This game is amazing can’t stop playing all the the different outcomes


Okay, Im in love with Mouse, She is so adorable lil brit bisquit