BREACH: The Archangel Job - Crime Thriller WIP (UPDATED! 17-August-2018!) (700k+ Word)





Ya! I forgot to mention that when I first finished playing, but I can confirm!


@J.0.X.3 @ElvesForTheWin @Jeeshadow1

… But in all seriousness, it has been fixed in the newest version. I’m just… trying to catch up with a few things. Sorry things has been so behind schedule and everything.


I love this game!! Life happens and we got to make do with the time we have and as long as you have a good game at the end the small bumps won’t matter. :grin::grin::+1:


It’s all good man we all have things to do. I’ll keep giving you reports on your game like bugs or grammar mistakes. You can count on me, Boss!


Finally! AN UPDATE!


Very sorry for the extremely late update. I’ve been busy playing a few games, and… playing with someone. Sorry for being completely distracted, and sorry for not writing as much as I could have. But the update is here! Finally! And guess what?! I’m making all chapters available for a whole month!~

I may get distracted from time to time, but I will try my best to put as much work on writing as possible! Since I’ve just recently taken a break from college, I am now able to focus on my work, and my writing!.. hopefully.

Thank you all for your patience! And enjoy the newest update!

Link: Breach: The Archangel Job

DEVELOPMENT LOG#31 (13-May-2018)


  • Error clean up.
  • Set an alternate fake name for when the character’s last name is “Jones” (Thank you Fonex)
  • Completely revamped a whole lot of scripts.
  • Added sweatpants as an option for the pants.
  • Added new favours and services for Gregory’s Glorious Goods store.
  • Fixed the time breaking (Damn it Barry)
  • Fixed ammo disappearing after each day
  • Renewed old scripts (A LOT of 'em)
  • Deactivated old scripts (armourfailcheck, gunshotcheck)
  • Lessened dead ends for Shotty prologue
  • Added Hair Colours and Hair Styles! (Finally!)
  • Added Hayne’s upgrade weapon! The Diemaco C7a2
  • Added Skill gain reduction (Ben’s version of fairmath)
  • Added Copyright-friendly pictures
  • Added Skill & Relationship display reduction
  • Changed the Undercover Cop Origin!
    — Added bonuses to some skills as a cop.
  • Added achievements!
    — +10 hidden achievements!
    — +20 visible achievements!
  • Added The Toilet Armour!
  • Finished The Velvet Cuts Heist!
    COMPLETED: Justin Hangout - Second Hangout (100%)
    OPERATION: Rook Hangout - First Hangout (37%) (Only available in private testing)
    OPERATION: The Purge - Ellipsis (…) Massacre! (35%)
    OPERATION: Kaz Hangout - First Romance (34%)
    OPERATION: Chapter 4: The Big Bank (29%) (Only available in private testing)
    OPERATION: Gregory’s Glorious Goods - Part 2 (81%)
    COMPLETED: Velvet Cuts Heist (100%)


I love you dad <3

And whats this :thinking:


Don’t you be hurting precious Ben now Marx.


Also where’s this private test update Maxxy?

I have a need to purge!


Sorry daddy-o for this but i already found a bug

Thats suppose to be a revolvo becuase the shotgun is too long.


Please don’t call me that… ever… again… unless I’m single.

If you’re in the private thread, post all the bugs you’ve found over there. If not, post them here.


Ho Ho Ho Merry fucking christmas.

Variable codes

SPlabel SaveChapter4start
SPchapter Chapter4
secwepcall Maria
meleewepcall your nightstick
meleecol 9508848
primwepcalltype Bullshit Detector
secwepcalltype Maria
meleewepcalltype your baton
meleewepfull your nightstick
secwepcall2 9508848
GymTraining 0
HasKitty true
catname Neon Katt
KaidanWound 0
zip_ties Zip-tie
handgrenade 9508848
AgilPenprimwep -3
IncogPenprimwep 5
AgilPensecwep 0
IncogPensecwep 3
AgilPenarmour 10
IncogPenarmour 15
AgilPenmelwep 0
IncogPenmelwep 1
origprimmuzzle 0
tempwepassigntoken 5
statscreencount 0
difficulty_token 7
grenadetoken 0
masktoken 0
cufftoken 0
Heist2 1
HeistNum 2
startstate 1
OGplan 4
C3EndingState 1
GGGCountdownDelay 60
C3MeganState 1
KeptWepMelee 2
KeptCountMelee 11
RelRook 33
H2BackRoom 0
GGG_buygoods 1
MaskOn false
C1SawEveryonesFace true
C3HealedGabe true
RookDead false
BishopDead false
MCwearsskirt 3
MC_Unused false
AimProtocol 0
C1UniquePrologue false
meleecustomname false
FirstTimeofferedname false
MCbadcop true
RollCounter 50
errormessage 9508848
secbang 9508848
primwepcall Bullshit Detector
C3AndrewState 0
C2callbeforehangup 0
damage 80
primwepfull Bullshit Detector the FN P90 submachine gun
secwepfull Maria the FN Five-seven pistol
hitarea stomach
primwepstorage 0
INV_JustinMasterKey 0
MCsexcount 2
bang THUMP
HeistLoot money
HeistVehicleSpecial 1
HeistLootCount 2
HeistPCtake 25
HeistRTake 25
HeistUTake 25
HeistSTake 25
RelMegan 52
hairtype crew cut
KeptWepPrim 70
KeptWepSec 61
KeptCountPrim 10
KeptCountSec 10
ACC1primtype 0
ACC2primtype 3
ACC3primtype 3
ACC3primtype 3
ACC5primtype 3
ACC6primtype 5
ACC2sectype 6
ACC3sectype 7
ACC5sectype 4
ACC6sectype 6
FBIcallratcount 1
FBIcalltold 1
C3MouseState 3
C3AndyCondition 5
HeistVehicleArmour false
hasvest true
C2hangup false
HeistVehicleOffroad false
HeistNoCasualties false
HeistNoCivilCasualties true
unlockedMegan true
UnlockedGreg false
UnlockedRook false
MCinformant false
MCdirtycop false
Ratoption4 false
DualWield false
primwepmagtype magazine
secwepmagtype magazine
HeistVehicleSpeed 6
BagCount 2
meleeattack bash
meleeweptype baton
armourname Juggernaut Suit
wepreloadbypass false
HeistCountdownStart true
primwepreloadact 1
secwepreloadact 1
primwepchargemax 7
primwepmag 8
HeistVehicle police cruiser
ConversCount 5
Story_Milestone 4
HeistDeadline 8
INV_C4blocks 3
HeistGetaway 6
HeistCountdown -87
primwepcharge 3
HeistTemp1 2
INV_Zipties 14
HeistTemp2 0
secwepcharge 10
primwepmagmax 8
secwepchargemax 10
secwepmag 10
secwepmagmax 10
wepreloadact 0
INV_Medkitcharge 2
INV_Medkitmax 4
HeistCondition 4
meleestrength 2
HeistGuardStat2 4
HeistGuardStat3 5
INV_grenade 0
vehiclemod 0
HumanShieldGender 0
HeistGuardStat1 2
HeistGuardStat4 0
INV_PlasmaCutter false
HeistGuardStat5 0
HeistTake 45669
pointtoken 0
wepreload false
noammo false
HeistNumber 2
HasHumanShield false
HeistVehicleType cruiser
seclastround true
primlastround true
HeistVehicleName Fort Crown Victor 2010
Rhe she
Rhim her
Rhis her
Uhe he
Uhim him
Uhis his
She she
Shim her
Shis her
Mhers hers
legprot true
Nighttime true
timetoken 0
seccol gold
seccustomname true
primcol black
primcustomname true
CurrentHeist 1
HeistEntry1 2
HeistCrowdControl1 2
HeistChoice1 3
HeistChoice4 2
HeistChoice5 0
HeistChoice6 4
HeistChoice7 0
HeistChoice8 0
HeistTime 1
Visits_Greg 3
R_relstat 0
U_relstat 0
S_relstat 1
M_relstat 1
Daytime false
gymcount 0
NonRandDC 0
GGG_ShopTier 3
PHONE_info1 true
FirstTimePub true
FirstTimeGGG true
Chapter_Bypass false
R_Unused true
U_Unused true
S_Unused true
M_Unused true
RatOption1 false
RatOption2 false
RatOption3 false
DeactivateRand false
GGG_Side1QuestUnlock false
GGG_Side2QuestUnlock false
meleetoken 2
meleeact 2
armourtoken 9
hasarmour true
deathcount 2
activatedice false
activaterand2 true
activaterand3 true
activaterand4 true
activaterand6 true
activaterand8 true
activaterand10 true
activaterand20 true
nocritfail false
locker true
MCcop true
MCvigilante false
MCbad false
HeistCrowdControl2 0
MCmale true
MChe he
MChis his
MChim him
MCfemale false
mask gold mask with the chrome vintage pattern
percentiledice 0
MCrole 9508848
MCcallsign 9508848
money 789764
OHmoney 0
name Michael
midname 9508848
lastname Thorton
sir Sir
genderopp women
genderplur men
mr Mr.
nolastname false
yeslastname true
parodyname 0
bleeding false
share $4,500
M_share $450
skipmodule 999994
gender man
gendernoun male
genderyoung boy
eyecolour green
hair jet black crew cut hair
haircolour jet black
impression ruthless
bodytype 1
facetype 1
build thin
body lean
incognito 75
weight 61
showrand true
d2 2
d3 0
d4 4
d6 0
d8 8
d10 2
d20 8
counta false
counta2 false
counta3 false
counta4 false
UNItempSkip_module false
counta6 false
countb 9508848
countb2 9508848
countb3 9508848
difficulty_lev Cheatsy-doodle
countc 0
countc2 0
countc3 0
countd 100
countd2 100
countslot1 2
countslot2 0
relMouse 170
crimerep 100
citizrep 110
RelFBI 97
mhe she
mhim her
mhis her
mname Avelyne
Mwound 0
M_knows false
M_Work the Golden Rose Garden
INV_ATMscrambler true
hasmelee true
hasprimary true
hassecondary true
nosecondary false
primwep FN P90
primweptype submachine gun
secweptype pistol
secwep FN Five-seven
terwep X26 taser
terweptype taser
meleewep nightstick
meleetype baton
aldead false
blood 200
wounds 0
armour 167
strength 12
perception 37.5
intelligence 10
intimidation 17
persuade 17
accuracy 34.5
agility 45
incognito 75
agilitypenalty 0
strengthpenalty 2
perceptionpenalty 0
accuracypenalty 0
strengthmod -1
perceptionmod 4
intelligencemod 1
intimidationmod 2
persuademod 2
accuracymod 3
agilitymod -2
incognitomod -21
engineering 25
weaponry 17
driving 40
Katwound 0
tactics 20
explosives 2
machinery 30
engineeringmod 3
weaponrymod 2
drivingmod 4
deathscene 0
tacticsmod 2
explosivesmod 0
machinerymod 3
primtoken 70
moral 60
lawful 55
HayneCharliePair false
proleader Smiley
proshotguncut true
proshotgunner Shotty
prochainsaw Chains
procrowder Smiley
MCrolepro Leadfoot
CrewMask off
prologueteam good
prologuekill false
prologuekillcivil false
C1triedtostealgun false
C1stolecar true
C1didntstolecar false
C1triedtostolecar 1
C1theman Reville
C1thewoman House
C1counta false
C1counta2 true
C1counta3 false
C1tempbullet 9508848
C1countc 0
C1quietcount 2
luckmod 102
cheaterMC true
C1FBIwin false
C1FBIloose true
C1showncctv false
C1activation false
withKaz true
ultrafail false
shotsuccess true
woundsuccess false
killsucess false
killcount 0
C3SavedAaron false
Rweapon Colt M4a1
Rook_relstat 0
wepdam 9
RaquelWound 0
armourpiercing false
nameinitial M
wepacc 10
RookWound 0
primwepdam 9
secwepdam 7
terwepdam 0
primwepAP false
secwepAP false
terwepAP false
primwepacc 10
secwepacc 4
terwepacc 4
primwepatt false
secwepatt false
terwepatt false
hitarmour true
sideprot true
sideprothit 175
shouldprot true
shouldprothit 150
FBprot true
FBprothit 175
neckprot true
neckprothit 160
thighprot true
thighprothit 150
groinprot true
groinprothit 130
headprot false
headprothit 0
C4WhoBeDrivin 0
weppicktype submachine gun
weppickcall Bullshit Detector
armourmod 0
RookRelStages 1
DCrange 13
critfail false
nat20 false
rollresult 123
primwepsight red dot sight
incognitopenalty 0
timecount 0
C1freedomcount 11
relKaz 51
INV_lockpick 5
statscreenskip true
primwepact 2
secwepact 1
terwepact 1
sectoken 61
tertoken 2
placeholder1 0
placeholder98 0
terwepcharge 2
KazWound 0
relAnna 19
relCharlie 33
relRaquel 65
relGabe 104
relpoint 1
relstat 31
MCtop leather jacket
acc1primtoken 0
acc2primtoken 2
acc3primtoken 3
acc4primtoken 8
faceprothit 0
legprothit 110
armprothit 110
MChes he’s
MChers his
acc5primtoken 6
armprot true
hassecondary true
MCbottom jeans
M_cut 450
C1escaperesult 2
secwepsight red dot sight
acc2sectoken 2
acc3sectoken 0
acc5sectoken 2
fakelastname Jones
MCnonbin false
weppickcalltype Bullshit Detector
HeistBNecklaceWithMC false
faceprot false
armoursave false
shotmiss false
rollfail false
rollsuccess true
mascol gold
maspat vintage pattern
maspatcol chrome
relHayne 48
acc1prim 9508848
acc2prim reflex sight
acc3prim folding bipod
acc4prim lightweight barrel
acc5prim muzzle brake
acc2sec reflex sight
acc3sec 9508848
acc5sec low-profile supressor
acc6sectoken 3
acc6sec extended magazine
withMouse true
customprim true
customsec true
acc6primtoken 8
acc6prim Shortened magazine
primwepsuppressed false
secwepsuppressed true
relJustin 42
relCarly 69
JustinWound 0
CarlyWound 0
weppick 1
HayneWound 2
AnnaWound 0
CharlieWound 0
MCheis he is
JustinCarlyPair true
R_Token 1
S_Token 2
U_Token 2
Rname Hayne
Sname Carline
Uname Justin
GabeWound 0
MikeWound 0
relGreg 64
Heist1 2
relMichael 56
undershirt true
TeamBPair false
KazCarlypair false
PHONE_InfLocker 7
tempweptoken 0
AnnaCharliePair false
AllGirlPair false
AllMenPair false
TeamAPair false


I had one beer and crashed… :confounded:

Er, the game crashed, that is. Meeting Kaz, after the first heist was done, ordered a pint of beer.


@Taylor_Enean Drinking is bad for you my friend😆


No kidding! I knew I should have gone for water… I am, after all, a driver… :fearful:


So the bug contains a fancy moral…


YES!!! This made my day to see in finals week and I definitely needed this stress break. Great to see this @MichaelMaxwell and never feel bad about putting your own life first since we have all been there at one point or another. Keep up the great work


Holy fucking assballs shitfucking cakefuck. My favorite WiP in existence is…back…



It’s nice seeing everyone so excited for your game @MichaelMaxwell



Oh boy it’s back!! Looking forward to trying it out!