BREACH: The Archangel Job - Crime Thriller WIP (UPDATED! 17-August-2018!) (700k+ Word)



We are! Thank you for the consideration We’re a little behind schedule, but we’re doing as best we can with what’s going on :sweat_smile:

Unfortunately… no. The testers have been specifically hand picked from the first two phases. Very sorry.


Oh my goodness!!! :astonished: wheezes I…An update…:heart_eyes:


Update, yay! so many I need to catch up on though, this fact makes me die a little at how dead I have been here…


think mob don,t like me put hit on my home tried kill me // it on breach not real life // :hushed:


Um… You may want to move to a different neighborhood then :sweat_smile:


Hmm hey Max was just replaying the demo again and was wondering the if you ever had the idea of forming a sort of gang of associates to back up your crew particularly when the Archangel’s go to war with the mob it might be nice to have some extra muscle to back you up even if they aren’t at the level of the archangels


Oh don’t worry, The Archangels have many, many friends…

Also, a little update, there’s going to be a few update feature wise, not much story wise. I’m very sorry for the silence and very very late delay, but trust me, it’s coming.


I’m just glad that the two of you are doing better!


Awesome thanks for reaching out and letting me know and please keep up the amazing work since this is shaping up to be the most branched single COG game yet. Would you be able to bring them on jobs and pay them a percentage of the take or would you just pay them before hand?


Thank you!

That… actually means a lot, and probably not true, but thank you very much :flushed:

Well, these “Friends” that the Archangels have… they aren’t exactly hired, as much as they are conscripted. They owe The Archangels a favour, and in return, The Archangels may call upon them to call in a favour. The bigger the favour, the bigger the mission.

If you’ve played the private beta testing, and went through the start of Chapter 4, you would know what I mean…


Hey mate I call em like I see em and you’ve got a gift on par with guys like JimD and Eric_ Moser in terms of branching arcs so believe me when I say it that it is true. And sadly while I am a long time supporter of COG and viewer of the form I’ve only just began to become involved in the community and the conversation in general so I missed out on the beta test. I do wish that I had partaken in the test as I’ve found the best answers to questions come from testing the game.


… wow, I honestly think I couldn’t ever be on par with any of those amazing people. They’re practically the reason why I’m even writing this game. I mean @JimD’s amazing series of games is the main reason I decided to go ahead and write this game here in the first place.

My game is a bit of a weird creation, in which it is created upon the fact that there’s a whole community of supporters willing to not only support the game, but to build the game alongside me. This game is huge, but it’s gotten this far mainly because of the community and support it has received over time. Nearly every last one of the beta testers had hand in shaping this game to the form it has today.

So I owe a lot to them, and I feel as if I’ve been letting them down by not posting anything and not being active much in the forums. I honestly would love to write more, and I am currently writing more… As I’ve said. This game is my baby, and I would most likely die, than to give up on this game… eventhough I’ve gotten close to giving up more than a few times…

But thank you for everyone who have been so patient. And thank you to those who have helped me shape the game to what it is today. Even when you no longer follow this game, I thank you, and am grateful to have you as a tester… You know who you are :wink:


Having just played the demo, I have to say I greatly enjoyed it! There were some things that could use some work (I played the undercover cop route) such as your character’s inner monologue talking as if they were a criminal. This is also personal preference thing, so not sure if you want to consider it, but I tend to prefer shorter, but more, pages (not sure if this is more difficult to implement from a technical perspective). I sometimes get lost on the longer pages. Anyways, I had a lot of fun and will be following. I felt all of your characters were rather unique and interesting! I am also excited to see where the story will go! I was certainly sympathetic to the Archangels while also still remaining fairly loyal to the FBI.


Dont be mate you are not letting anyone down plus people in this forum are very patient to begin with.
we came for mouse stayed for rook


Thank you! I’m glad to know you’ve at least enjoyed the game :smile:

Could you please specify? There are a lot of these… :sweat_smile:. I realized long ago, that the bigger the game, the harder it is to find bugs.

I try my best to use the *Page_break commands more often, since I too prefer shorter pages. But in some cases, it is actually quite hard to do so when your paragraphs are broken up into many many pieces and spread across different codes and files…

But I’ll try my best! :smile:

Thank you! I had a lot of fun writing these characters, and sometimes I role-play dialogues as them with myself when I’m home alone… which I usually am.

God, my neighbours must think I’m crazy…

I’m glad to hear! There’s not a lot of people who chose to actually stay loyal to the FBI, this is quite the unusual case, in a good way! :smile:

And thus, I am grateful for this community :blush:

Rook: *Holds my teddy bear as I wipe away my tears* Those words, mean a lot to me...


The interrogation section comes off a bit weird due to this, although that is not really a big issue considering. When it really stood out to me was when travelling to Chicago, or after arriving, when the MC would comment on how they were being hunted by the FBI. This occurred multiple times, but this was really the only bit I can remember where it really seemed out of place.
Regarding the issue with the FBI v. Archangels, I would prefer an ending where the Archangels do not all end up going to jail :stuck_out_tongue:. Still, I will not feel totally horrible as they are perfectly willing to torture and do not seem concerned with collateral damage (namely civilian causalities). I might have skipped over some dialogue with that though! I do know the FBI do tell you to do what you can to limit causalities.


this is what i think about the FBI guy in breach keeps on harassing I think of him as Dandy dick try to prove himself to his alcoholic father that me oh yeah bring me another drink:smirk::sunglasses:


Well, at least Gabriel tries to limit Civilian Casualties… he just doesn’t see cops as “Collateral damage”.

Aand I’ve went through and re-written a few things! Thank you for your suggestion!


both you and ben’s health and wellbeing comes first. we don’t give you anything here, instead you both have given us so much enjoyment with this story, so thank you :heart:

for me it’s came for mouse stayed for gabriel :wink:


Sup, I’m new and I’ve been checking out Breach for awhile and I really like it so I hope you go far with this, and there is a bug (first heist when you join the archangels)where you’re able to train for an unlimited amount of time. Time just becomes… nonexistent