BREACH: The Archangel Job - Crime Thriller WIP (UPDATED! 17-August-2018!) (700k+ Word)



The first one was amazing, not a single second was worth missing (except maybe the not so climactic ending). The second movie, they definitely upped the action, and I loved it, but there were some parts where I just wanted to skip to the action scenes.

Speaking of John Wick, so many have asked me “Is Gabriel John Wick?”

No… no he is not. They may or may not have been trained by the same person… but no, they’re not the same person.


The ending part was saved by the dog - the whole scene there at the end was.


Yes, yes it was…

… I should give Gabriel a pet. :thinking:


There is only one pet which would fit his character - a falcon


I think if Gabriel were to have a pet, he would have it be free roaming without a leash. and a falcon would be perfect, as both an alarm system, and a menacing presence… Imagine him walking to a meeting with the Don, with a falcon on his shoulder…


Will players be given the option to pet the falcon, though?


If they’re willing to take the chances of getting pecked, yes… Though generally, Gabriel would’ve trained the falcon to be docile… why are these in spoilers again?


Ohhh… That would be awesome prospect! XD


I love John Wick, My favourite Badass


Kaidan walks up to the two of you and hands you a piece of paper with “010-023-2077” written on it

Any of you magnificent members of society plays fallout?


Oh oh! Me me me! Altho I don’t remember where that came from. I finished the game long ago, I only use it to test and have fun with Mods now.

Edit: Being able to call a mortar bombardment from halfway across the map is pretty amazing to see. Only thing that sucks tho is unless I got god mode on, I die too :joy:



Good god, I’ve been waiting for someone to get that… :joy:


So you know the great war? it started 10/23/77 or, as MM put it, 010-023-2077


Yeah, I remember that now… I never did enjoy the back story of Fallout


The Great War of Fallout was not my favorite.


I don’t, I was not even born when that happen.




(20 characters)


There’s a whole lot of easter eggs… from the most obvious to the most incognito. So far, none has found the most stealthiest easter egg of all…

Though it is a bit leaning towards a speciffic fandom… :sweat_smile:



Searches frantically for it Mutters “must be first!”


Do we get a cookie if we find it?