BREACH: The Archangel Job - Crime Thriller WIP (SPECIAL UPDATE! 25-December-2017)



That… doesn’t really count as a heist… it’s more like going in, beating people up and taking some money… :sweat_smile:

The equivalent of the Sears Tower would be the VAMcorp tower… in which the MC along with the Trio barely made out alive

Maybe not the Batmobile, maybe stealing the Don’s car… hmmm… I think I can do something with that!

Thank you! He’ll need it… The coffee, not the medal. :coffee:


Also, I just did a word count of the whole game in it’s current state…

480,928 Words in total… including codes

… And I haven’t written anything for the 4th chapter, let alone the 5th, and the 6th…


1. The mask is ivory-white, with patterned ink swirls on it. The patterns resemble vines, and flow from the outer rims of the mask to the center of its forehead, where they start twisting clockwise to coalesce into a sort of swirl. In the middle of the swirl, the vines form a vertical eye, with a dark red iris and a slit pupil. From a distance, one can’t properly see the vines, but if you get closer you’ll see that small thorns grow from them. There are also small red roses blossoming from some of the vines at irregular intervals, and their presence grows scarcer closer to the eye.

2. A black stone background, cracked and dusty, as if it’s survived years of constant punishment. White, thorny vines grow out of the cracks, extending towards the mask as if to grab it, envelop it, swallow it up, to symbolize the corruption that lurks beneath her skin, constantly trying to get out or seduce her to act on its dark urges.

3. Some say that the Archangels’ Rose Noire is not a woman, but a ghost, capable of remaining unseen in any situation. Macabre tales flow from the mouths of criminals, told in hushed voices in dimly lit booths, whispered behind raised hands and between nervous glances; Rumours about the grisly, mutilated remains of her victims. They say she can break the bravest of men with her methods, leaving them as mere broken shells of their former selves, shells without purpose, incapable of functioning any longer.

Hobbies include: Cooking, BDSM, reading, video games, drinking, fancy dinners.

How about stealing a yacht loaded with drugs/money? Potential entry points could be A) By air, maybe dropping down from a chopper SWAT style or something of the sort. B) By boat. “Sneaking” up to it and taking it silently, or just straight up boating over to it and shooting everybody 'til they’re dead. C) Scuba diving to it and being all about the stealth, or maybe coming out of the water with guns blazing.


At least when I play from a mobile perspective the game has a game breaking bug when I check stats between the first page and finishing the character customizing scene.


Hmm… did I mention that I’m not that good of a digital designer? :sweat_smile:

Well, this will be quite the undertaking. I must say, it’s quite complex, in a good way. It’ll take some time. But nevertheless! I shall try my best! … I’m gonna need some coffee for this.

Sounds like more of a serial killer rather than a robber. But then again, they’re both criminals. I would say she would be perfect as one of the few assassins that The Archangels have… and someone Raquel would somewhat respect.

Hmmm, this is giving me GTA V PTSD flashbacks…

Totally gonna have this kind of entry for the second game.

Definitely going to have this for the second game.

Yup, this is definitely a mission for the second game.

This would be perfect for the second game, but what I’m looking for is a bit smaller job. The jobs in the game are all about small teams and small jobs, before ending it with a big one. The second game would be on a much bigger scale than this.

Found and fixed!


reading… sees BDSM hmm… grips rope tightly while coughing uncontrollably


What about hitting the Don’s race track?

This would be on the scale of the other heists you have for book one, just slightly bigger in chaos and mayhem possibilities.

I do not think anyone brought this up yet.


Found another weird bug to where the game always get stuck on easy difficulty no matter which difficulty I select.


Hmmmm :thinking:

What about a museum heist? Maybe the Don is sponsoring an exhibition, or has allowed the museum to exhibit a painting / [insert valuable art piece here] from his private collection. I could see that working out with a small team.


… please don’t start another RP here, we know what happened last time. :smirk:

That… actually sounds good! I can make something from this!

Ah… I think I know why… Found and fixed!

Hmmm… I wouldn’t say a museum… but I do have a mansion in mind. Oh this would be the perfect final mission!

EDIT: I’ve ran out of love to give… :worried:


right boss :smirk:
(20 charac)


now my name is tommy “angelic” Vercetti

obviously Gabriel is better :grinning:

stealing a armored van?

stealing a betting house?

smile nervous… that never happened, I do not remember anything like that…hide the mask and the ropes


Boss just a quick error you have doubled the SG 552 Carbine

Also i broke time…

“Hmm” She hums for a moment. “Sure!” She says with enthusiasm. “Meet me at the mill!”

No explanation needed for this one


“[B]EEP![/B]” She jumps back, releasing what appears to be a seemingly heavy car battery onto the floor. You hear a loud [B]DING![/B] as the engine drops onto her feet “AGH! MERDE!” She jumps back and holds onto the side of the engine bay, as her butt hits the side of the hood, causing it to fall down on her hands with a loud [B]THUMP![/B] “OW! PUTAIN!” She pulls her hand out form beneath the hood as it shuts completely. “Bordel de merde…” she mutters as she quietly rubs her swollen hand, limping on her possibly also swollen toe

Another error it keeps saying at the 2nd day that i dont have ammo even tho i know i just rellied them.


Why not a simple warehouse? Small but well protected. It could be a shipment of military goods that we hold hostage from VAMcorp. We get in, get the crates, load 'em up, get out, then make a demand. If they don’t comply, we sell the goods to a local crime family or another corporation who’s smart enough to play along. Another idea is a convoy of VAMcorp semis carrying more stuff like this. It could be sort of in the vein of Fast And Furious.

I could do some field tests with Jack on a truck…


At cooking? Yes he’s better but at handling drinks? Well…


I have one maybe one where you crash a birthday party and steal the cake and presents!

Or a serious one

Infiltrating a military base because the archangels are badass

Or another one which is a smaller one actually it ain’t

Infiltrating a prison to break a person of importance out of the prison and it would go like this

2 people will be a guard and one of the guards will escort another person of your squad who will be a prisoner but under a fake name to find the person of importance and get him out, and the other guard will be on watch if you know what I mean so basically visiting the Insert name cell and telling them the date of which they will get him/her out and the other person would also be a guard but will be the getaway driver so you know how that goes.


I played it with a gunner with the max fat on cheat difficulty but the luck didn’t help, I still lost on all the rolls I didn’t win

for some reason my weight dropped from 120 to 99

Also is there any way to increase the armor besides choosing the fat body type, I’m going for a hand to hand specialist so I need the armor just in case if I choose something stupid

On the other hand being bob from tekken might not be that horrible


Well, that’s one of the plans me and Ben are going to implement.

Maybe… don’t know much about it though.

We don’t talk about that… we never… talk about that.

The more the merrier, right? XD


What chapter and when exactly was this?

I may or may not have fixed it. I’m not really sure…

Fixed, both.

I have no idea how this could happen. Which chapter is this?

  1. You don’t wanna f*ck with VAMcorp
  2. VAMcorp will put an international bounty on your head for at least $100 Million.
  3. Gabriel will probably not be okay with this, since he and the Corigan are occasional allies


That’s… a bit too big.

That… actually sounds good. I could make something from that!

The cheat difficulty still gives you a chance to loose. If you don’t want to be interrupted by rolls, turn off the randomization at the start.

Congrats! Shouldn’t you be celebrating? :joy:

Yes, buy some ballistic vests from Greg.


To answer both question after i joined and the day where we arw about to do the 1st mission.