BREACH: The Archangel Job - Crime Thriller WIP (SPECIAL UPDATE! 25-December-2017)



looks at my mask then at chuckles "well I don’t feel special anymore"

“You know my father told me once that the world is gonna past you by unless you put the small things away and focus on the real thing, so my response was to grow up and past the world on my own”

“So your probably asking yourself how did I do that and let me tell you how, I drived… Raced… Killed… now lemme just say that other guys might act badass and do all of that whenever my enemies see me they stop in fear, but not me I mean I’ll act badass but I won’t try to scare the shit outta ya unlike a few people haha…yeah, anyway I Raced, killed and whatever and soon I met the Archangels and got recruited blah blah blah, but that doesn’t matter what Im trying to tell you is don’t fuck with the archangels or my story or maybe… OH FUCK IT! just look at my cool mask and what not, J-50 out”


@MichaelMaxwell, @Ylva, one of the new recruits, wants a mask. But she’s a tad shy about speaking to the Boss himself. Show 'er we’re friendly. She’s good people, trust me.


wait…someone out there who is friendly and good still think we are not a bunch of crazy people and want to join us? she have my vote…my dear fellow @MichaelMaxwell can you this for her?


I can’t wait! So excited!! :grin::grin::grin:


Except maybe Gabriel…

Thank you, he was second the longest one to make, first was @Eiwynn’s

:rofl: You can think of it like that…

You’re welcome.

Everyone’s mask is supposed to be unique, and representing of the character behind it. No one is special, but everyone sure is unique…

Also, J-50, Sariel of The Beta Crew. Hobbies Include: Bashing people’s skull in with a wrench, driving people over with cars, and yelling, a lot…

Though I’m a bit busy as of currently… Why not? I see myself making asks as a side-hobby, I pretty much do it to relieve stress.

So tell me, @Ylva , How would you like your mask?

  1. Mask Pattern And Colour
  2. Background Pattern and Colour
  3. Overall Character Personality


Maybe Gabriel. We’ve had contests to see who’s better but something always comes up. It’s like the universe doesn’t want to see a winnner…


Mate its a warning for people… most of the time anyway


Are you sure it’s not a mating call? :joy:


blush my secret has been exposed…


I knew it!!!

(20 chars)


Does that mean you were doing mating calls the whole time as the Beta Crew was robbing jewelry stores? :laughing:

Speaking of which, I’m still working on the daytime version of the Jewerly Store job. It’s a pain in the ass working with hostages… and cops, lots and lots of cops.

Also, me and Ben are discussing whether or not we should cut the last job, the Bank job. Because in Chapter 4 You will be robbing a bank by the same branch anyway… We were thinking about replacing it with an armoured car heist.

Anyone got suggestions for a heist?


blush even more

How about a casino heist?


Stealing a plane (or helicopter)?

Stealing a tank?

Robbing Fort Knox (or it’s in-game equivalent)?

  1. Too big to plan
  2. Already have that planned for second game.

Again, too big. And I already have that planned for second game.

… Why steal one when you can buy one from Greg?

And if you’re ever thinking about stealing from Greg, don’t… He’s got connections to a lot of black market dealers.

Again, too big, and Die Hard did it first… (Technically the federal reserve… but the game “Diabolical” also did it first)


Dang. But if I can buy a tank, then I’m good.

God, Diabolical was fantastic in some scenes like that.


Yes, Nick Aires did a great job at it… this reminds me, I should replay it.


Hey, an update. Let’s see how long it’ll take for me to crash this game.


Ben has challenged you to find an game-crashing error within a day! He’s so confident he’s fixed nearly everything… :laughing:


A heist huh? I don’t suppose robbing a bar filled with members of a biker gang counts does it? If not how about robbing sears tower? Or stealing a limited edition batmobile like armored tank car thing?


Give that man a medal. And gallons of coffee.