BREACH: The Archangel Job - Crime Thriller WIP (SPECIAL UPDATE! 25-December-2017)



Beta crew? Let me just head to the bar for a sec.


Is that even still open, 'Keep?


Maniac, the bar is always open. Just like I always pass out the drinks. Here have a whiskey. slids over a double of whiskey


Pass me one @Ardit_Maloku … I’m about to upload the update to DashingDon… I’m gonna need one…


Feels good to give alcohol again. slids a triple of :tumbler_glass: over


Downs the glass in one go … Damn that burns… Burps loudly


DEVELOPMENT LOG#27 (23-November-2017) (Public Testing)


  • A whole lotta fixin goin on’
  • May or may not have screwed up the skipping script… (Ben’s fault)
  • Changed the name of Geoff’s pub.
  • Added a new thing or two before the prologue.
  • Added alternate prologue ending for Shotty.
  • Added a little preview of the upcoming Tier 3 guns. (only the preview…)
  • Added a scene or two in Chapter 1 and Chapter 2
  • Added MP5 as starting primary (given by Greg at the church)
  • Deactivated Grenades (Too much problems, not enough features)
  • Unlocked Tear 1-3 (for testing only)
  • Added! Carly and Charlie’s hangout scenes.
    COMPLETED: Chapter 3: The Outfit and The Corp (100%) (Only available in private testing)
    COMPLETED: Charlie Hangout - Part 1 (100%)
    COMPLETED: Carly Hangout - Part 1 (100%)
    OPERATION: Gregory’s Glorious Goods - Part 2 (46%)
    OPERATION: Velvet Cuts Heist (82%)

Have fun!


Oh wow! This is a lot of things that got updated! :smiley:


Oh… and before I forget… Masks!! … Lot’s of em!

I’ve been holding on to these for quite some time, some of I’ve finished long ago, some I’ve just recently finished. I know this is not all, there are some that I’ve promised, but is not done yet. To those who’s mask I have yet to make, please forgive me… I’m a little busy… :sweat_smile:

First up! @connor_a

Resident sharpshooter. Ramiel of The Beta Crew. hobby includes shooting beer cans out of people’s hands, and cigarettes out of people’s lips with his sniper rifle.

Next! @Crow

Do I really need to explain? He’s crow… Not much to it besides the fact that he can’t really fly.

Your friendly neighborhood hacker. Uriel of The Beta Crew. Hobby includes blackmailing police officials, hacking police database just for fun, and occasionally cawing like a crow… nobody knows why though…

Next! @Inessy

Radios, CCTVs, Thermal sensors, alarms, anything that has electronics is useless against her. She brings with her the dark age as she walks. Her hums jam radio signals, her stare shuts off CCTVs…

part-time spook. Also Uriel of The Beta Crew. Hobby includes: sitting in silence by the park, staring at TVs, and causing the local Wi-Fi to go down.

Next! @Eiwynn

Some say the car she rides can speak to her. Some say her heart is made from a V12 engine. Some say she can make a car explode just by staring at it. Some say that her sniper rifle is made out of the chassis of a police cruiser that once tried to chase her.

All we know, is that she’s called Eiwyn. Hobbies include: Fixing cars, stealing enemy cars, sniping the tires out of enemy cars, driving cars over her enemies, and occasionally writing…




Aaand Lastly, @Jesus himself…

It’s quite ironic to have a man named Jesus in The Archangels… but his driving skills is unquestionable.

  • Can outrace police cruisers
  • Will literally deliver you from evil, at 150 m/h
  • Can turn wine into a molotov cocktail
  • Can resurrect a dead person, through CPR, with a 18% success rate…
  • Can’t swim


Sounds like a great person, I must ask him to drop me off at Uni since the bus is so slow and the CPR training will keep me alive (probably) when I realized I had missed deadline,


Aw man I can’t wait for mine. These masks look awesome already.


His only weakness, huh?


Just be glad it’s not cake. I spontaneously combust upon eating any type of cake.


Knew I forgot something!

“I’ve heard from my enemies, that the last thing their comrades see, is the face of horror. The harbinger of death, the reaper, the ghost… A sight so horrifying it would make a grown man cry… Don’t worry, you won’t see me coming…” - Chuckles

Yes… that’s his name… Chuckles.

Skills include: Bartending, Social drinking, Scaring the living shit out of people…


You know I never thought about the name but I love it. Chuckles it is. A name to be feared and laughed at because that’s when you realize his one weakness is…cake.

Edit: it should say master bartender. No one out there better than me.


God damn, @MichaelMaxwell. You’ve certainly grown in your mask making skills. Chuckles’ looks especially amazing.


sorry but that it’s not my most great skill…here let me change it:

that better :grin:

I never think that…go to the camp and try to burn something

now I am the angelic version of Tommy Vercetti?

pd: but seriously that it’s a great mask thanks dude




“Masks are awesome, they hide my ugliness, but on Halloween I prefer to go without costume and do you know why? because I am the scariest think you will see around kid!”
*I have no idea/ forgot where this quote is from, forgive me!