BREACH: The Archangel Job - Crime Thriller WIP (SPECIAL UPDATE! 25-December-2017)



Am I on the list? You can’t spell Breach without The Crazy Guy Of The Team.


can we switch teammates in new misson


That’s exactly what I need :+1::wink:

What kind of question is that? Of course you are!

Unfortunately now, you cannot.


The game states that it is illegal to fall out of a choice statement. This occurs if you attempt to change the difficulty to the cheat difficulty


Found and fixed!

That was actually there so I would know whenever someone tries to cheat :rofl:





Ah, you mistake it. I went through to see if every difficulty change was
still working from your last update. If any others didn’t, I would have
reported each.


Sure you are… :smirk:

Also, quick little heads up, me and Ben has come to an agreement, we will cutting a few things from the game. But nothing that will ruin the fun of the game, just a few things that would otherwise make the game be of a nuance, both for the readers, and the authors… squints at a specific script within the game

Trust me you won’t even know it’s gone. Even if you did, you’d probably be thankful that it is…

Also, let me know if you think that this game is too complex, or perhaps to difficult to playthrough…


Not complex enough. (mostly because I cheat and set the dice to fall on 20 :wink: ) however, I did notice a coding problem; when trying to change the flash bangs to toilet paper bombs, and the zip ties to the sexy cuffs, same with the theater scenes.


All of them found AND FIXED!

All of the fixes will be uploaded in about a week from now.


I’m mainly just idling around waiting for the next private thread testing…
Any year now…:laughing:


Quick little notification, update will be posted at around friday. (May be a little late)

It will include a few error fixes, numerous of grammar, and typo fixes, alongside the newest heist (Well, half of it), The jewerly store.

The Private Thread will go up by the end of the week! I’ll be inviting those in the list I’ve made with Ben!

Hope everyone has a great day!


I demand sacrifices! Or more gameplay. Both are acceptable forms of currency.


I flat out just want more game. I think we all do.


I want to hear the beta crew in the game


It’s coming… please… have patience. :sweat_smile:

Great things come to those who wait… unless you buy a gun and decide to just take it by force.

Don’t worry, you’ll see them as we go through Chapter 4 in the next Private Testing thread


That’s more my style.


Like interact with them? It will be like inception!


Guess we’re taking it by force.


well did not see this coming and what got you starting breach if don,t my me ask