BREACH: The Archangel Job - Crime Thriller WIP (SPECIAL UPDATE! 25-December-2017)



Why not just have the NPCs react to the MCs name? Example, if the MCs name is Gabriel (or similar) you could have a longer interrogation scene with the FBI, and have Gabriel and Michael make a couple of comments about the similar names too. Something along those lines.

So, My Lord, is there a reason why you don’t like being called Senpai? And if you and Ben need help coming up with gruesome death scenes, I could probably help :grin:


Doing great! Despite Ben going to college, we’re starting to develop a system of working together using Skype. (He just bought a new laptop)

I’ve thought about it, me and ben said it would be too much work for every single NPCs, but I think we can work that for Gabriel, Michael, and other generic names…

I’ll let you know when I need some torturing :joy:


You still didn’t tell me why you don’t like being called Senpai :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Maybe its because of this?


@Umbreonpanda Um, I don’t know whether I should laugh or be freaked out. Maybe I’ll do a little of both :sweat_smile:


now for my death s e n p a i good to see you


Just, please don’t… :sweat_smile:

Sort of…


maxwell this for you
fan made breach
phone ring Takashi pick it up@
Mouse:what did you do
takashi ; alright but you can,t be mad at me my love
The room is cover with dead SWAT team
mouse what did you do
Takashi okey first i was minding my own business
Mouse ; BULLSHIT!!
takashi ; i waass
Mouse ;and exactly what happened whilst you your minding your own business
Takashi i think the fbi but what his name … now got Dandy dick call me to help him get are team but think said i had sex with last night and they took exception to that
fbi man ; kill him now
swat breach the door
Takashi but you that song and dance goes
room with team dead swat by stab and gun shots
Takashi ; aand but i kill all but one of them but he shot his on head of with his shot gun i think he pussed out like fool he is


I am… honored :smile:

Wow, I never thought I could get a hangover without drinking… but this proved me wrong :joy::+1:


but can we nameless fbi man keep call me Dandy dick if he call me 3 time


I most certainly agree. Mah dude, @Takashi_Shin, if you were sober typing that, at the very least, please fix the grammar.:unamused: I’m sort of a grammar queen, and this made my head hurt as I read it. Not trying to be rude or anything, just saying the cold, hard, truth. But I think I need new eyes…:joy:


Its suck to be you right now, because @Takashi_Shin can’t do grammar. ((I’m pretty sure they are not from an English country or at least, doesn’t know an amount of English to actually fix their grammar.)


Honestly I’m just glad my game has attracted some… interesting… readers. This is certainly not the first time… :sweat_smile:

In any case, Progress Update on the game. I’m planning releasing an update in a couple of weeks (maybe a little later), which will include the newest heist (Well… the night-time version of it) alongside a few more weapons, and possibly a new hangout scene for Charlie and Carly.

… Aaand a few masks that I’ve rendered long ago and completely forgot about. @connor_a @Crow @Eiwynn @Inessy @Jason_Andrade … keep your eyes peeled


Eyyy thank you my friend didn’t want to bother you by aking with all of the stuff happening but still thank you sen- cough i meant boss


yes yes weapons you made me happy


and yes not from USA from France this is true i have be here for 7 year and i am 19 year old in the USA that iit


This is a random question, of all questions, but could I be one of your beta testers? It would

  1. Make me feel very special
  2. I have been DYING to see the next chapter, and really want to romance Micheal? Is that his name? I haven’t read this since it was last updated…:sweat_smile:
  3. PLEEEEEEEASE? Pwetty pwetty pwease with a cherry on top?:persevere: (I never say to please to anyone but my family so the feeling is quite genuine.)
  4. If I can’t, I’ll feel really sad and left out.:worried::pensive:



I think the extra beta testers have been added i dont know if there would be more chancea to join tho.


Well, phase two testing is already out… and, I already have a list of testers, so…

I’m… terribly sorry… but…

It’s Michael… and… I don’t think you can really romance Michael… yet. You can… somewhat… romance Gabriel at the end though.

Well… I’m gonna have to speak to Ben about this…

Dammit… Ookay. I’ll let you know when Phase 3 goes out. Which should in a couple of weeks or so.

It’s been a month or so since the last beta, and Phase 3 is about to start, so… Sooooo… there may or may be a new batch of testers coming up.


Thank you SOOOOOOOOO much!:grin::innocent:I’ll try to help in ANY way! If you want, I can be picky.:joy: