BREACH: The Archangel Job - Crime Thriller WIP (SPECIAL UPDATE! 25-December-2017)



hope you ok sir or ma’am


Sir, please… Or Commander, or My Lord, or Your highness, or Your dopeness…


Your dopeness it is! :smiley:


Better than calling me senpai :joy:


Senpai…don’t think anyone’s call you that it’s totally not you


senpai i hope you great day


Hahaha…no seriously he doesn’t like being called that


The next person who calls me “Senpai” gets a free cameo within the game as an Outfit member who will die the most gruesome death me and Ben could ever come up with… Temporarily. We’re not sure if we wanna make this cannon.

Keep in mind that this game was toned down for a reason. :smiling_imp:


Whatever you wish, senpai. :wink: :angel:


That was quick…

Congrats @FutbolDude21586 , you’ve earned yourself a death sentance within the game… now me and Ben must find the most horrific thing any human being could experience before death.

This will be fun :grin:



:laughing: Enjoy killing me off! :wink:




It’s like I never left the chat…


what is this bloodmair:sweat_smile:


stuck in a sealed room(with no new air) with cannabis smoke everywhere watching classic horror movies like The Shining, and The Exorcist with a laugh track attached to them until you die.


i have seen err on cheat and god hard mods there not work and yes i cheat like a butt


can you send a screenshot?


I don,t now how sorry


Use the snipping tool if your computer have one.


well how breach doing