BREACH: The Archangel Job - Crime Thriller WIP (SPECIAL UPDATE! 25-December-2017)



sir don’t say that be kind to the game maker you don’t now what he is doing at home or were he is


@Takashi_Shin chill he was joking. He’s not actually serious.


ok sorry sir :sweat:


Its ok buddy just a misunderstanding time to move on. Maybe to something helpful like reading the WIP and posting feedback?


how are you doing boss man


This is looking really good so far. I really like the tone, the writing is solid, and so far the characters are pretty likeable. I played through the whole WIP once with a nonbinary character, coincidentally named Rook, with no (visible) technical problems, but I did often see things like “they is” instead of “they are”.

I did hit a bigger problem halfway through a second playthrough, though. I can’t progress through the planning phase of the ATM job when I have Anna on the team. On the page where Anna explains the options for cutting or blowing up the ATMs, there is an error message: HeistModule line 254: Invalid expression, expected CLOSE_PARENTHESIS. If I click through the error, the page has no options for proceeding. Trying to load from that page also gives error: HeistModule line 255: invalid line; this line should have a scene name followed by an error message: *set HeistChoice1 4

I tried searching around this thread and couldn’t find anyone else reporting this, so sorry if it has been but I didn’t see it. I couldn’t find any way around it with different team selections, dialogue options, or a different character. The WIP is otherwise really enjoyable, though, so thanks!


Have you tried cleaning out the cache and reloading the page?


I think the @InsanityRun was joking :sweat_smile:, though Ben said that he wouldn’t mind having someone coming for his arse.

Thing’s been a little bit… better. Somewhat. Comparably.

Nobody’s dead yet, so that’s good.

Thank you!

That’s one of the problems me and Ben discussed. What if the MC coincidentally chose the name Gabriel, or any other name that is similar to the NPCs.

Ah yes, mostly coding typos. FIXED! I have already set up a variable for the term “They are, She is, He is”, and I sometimes forget to use them.

Author problems: Creating so many variables, you sometimes forget you’ve already made some of them.

Hmm, this is strange. I’m going through the files, and I don’t necessarily see anything wrong. I’ll rewrite a few things. so, hopefully, FIXED!

Thank you very much! :grin:

That is what I would recommend. :sweat_smile:


you could put this after *input_text for the name:

*if name="julius" 
 Sorry, the name is taken. Please input another name.      
 *input_text name


Hmm, great idea! Thanks @blob!


hey you update the game and anybody is dead…that is already something for celebrate


My god…your name…Jesus I wish I’d thought of that! @Jesus…wait is it actually your name?


yeah that my real name


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Takashi ; but but bank!!:sob::sob:
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Near the beginning, when the FBI guys interrogate you, even if you stonewall them through the whole interview by staying quiet or denying everything, right at the end one of them asks you a question about whether Kaidan used a voice scrambler and you answer it. Is that intentional? Because it seems weird that my character would be a “stand-up guy” all the way through and then break at the last second.


In Spain it’s a normal name so… :joy:


I think it’s probably intentional because i’ve been here since the very beginning of this game and it’s always been there with no revision or changes. But, i could be wrong i don’t know it does seem a little off, but perhaps the MC was thrown a little off guard by the question maybe that’s why he/she answered. (Just my theory)


There was supposed to be an alternate scene, where the MC doesn’t answer at all, mainly because they were taken back by the odd question, which the FBI folks picks it up as a “No” answer.

I wonder why it’s not triggering that…

This is somewhat correct, but there should be a scene where the MC doesn’t answer at all. I’ll look into it.


Quick status update, me and Ben have agreed to meet starting next week, so that work can continue. Benefits of working with someone is that the work gets a little easier for you, but when one person is unavailable, the whole gear stops working…

Hopefully we’ll have the gear back up and running by the start of next week!

Have a great week everyone!


Hope you are doing well and glad to hear that you and Ben would start working on this again soon. C: