BREACH: The Archangel Job - Crime Thriller WIP (SPECIAL UPDATE! 25-December-2017)



The juggernaut suit by the gods that’s just beautiful I almost cried


I really don’t know is this small typo going to matter or not but I report it anyway:


My mc is female


How does one apply to help w private beta testing?


They will post on the first page of the forum.

“XYZ game is open for beta testing” open it, read it, follow the instructions.


Ty sry! Thanks for answering


When i bought the upgrade for the mask i appared in the armors shop

The flashbang should be in that number

I have 85 minutes? That can’t be right

Okay, so i started taking and taking from everyone (first image) and i couldn’t hit the “Alright, I’m done managing the take”.
Then (second image), i gave all my share to Hayne and take all from Carline and i did the same with Justin and Carline.

Finally i get those stats, weird


After 11 days with no internet (doing everything on my phone…) I finally replayed the demo. Yay! Love having finished the ATM job!


yay update! and skirts!!



As you close the door, Picard looks to you and screams “YEAH! THAT’S HOW WE DO IT!” Before starting the car. > should be lowercase
You and Picard Climb out first > should be lowercase
So, Not much muscle > should be lowercase
"We got lots of em… what kind of protection do you need?" He shurgs > shrugs
And it’ll be expensive… very… expensive"
you recognize the voice… it’s the other Uriel
"Justin, meet Greg and Murphy. Where’s Carly ? " Gabriel introduces you and Greg to the man in the blue mask
"The Mill!" Gabriel says as you and Greg jump in through the side door
"Tell him about rule number one" I’m playing female pc
She tosses you her mask and smiles .
Justin leaning against the wall ,carrying a bottle of Brandy and raises it as you enter
Seems like everyone here carries with them a beverage… except Raquel and Gabriel
Me, Carly, and Kaidan had to take out one of them in Pennsylvania" he says
However you don’t see anyone you recognize.
She finishes re-assembling her rifle and puts it down in front of her before tapping it lightly on the side of the receiver

I think you should put disable_reuse or hide_reuse here

	#Sit with Hayne
		*goto Hayneteamspeakstart
	#Talk to Kaz
		*goto Kazteamspeakstart
	#Chat with Charlie and Anna
		*goto AnnaandCteamspeakstart
	#Find out what Justin's doing
		*goto Justinteamspeakstart
	#Check up on Carly
		*goto Carlyteamspeakstart

I used a flashbang on heist but I still have it afterwards, not reduced.

I’m waiting for more hangout scenes, keep up the good work!


this is office Takashi we go a breach!!


A quick update for everyone.

I’m very sorry to say, that me and Ben are taking a small break. Ben is starting his first year of college, and is trying his best to navigate the educational maze. So far he’s doing good.

As for me… I have received news that my father has returned. Me and my sister have finally met him for the very first time. It was hectic, insults were thrown, anger was released. I’ve never in my life seen my sister that hateful towards someone… Like, holy hell, I almost felt sorry for the guy.

In short, I have not given up on this game. It’s still my baby, and I’m still working on it from time to time. But as of the current moment, Ben is trying his best to stay alive in college, and I’m trying to make sure my sister doesn’t try and kill my father. Even if he is as bad as the devil himself, he had a reason. I hate him for it, but I won’t let hate get in the way of how I view and judge someone.

Thank you all very much for playing this game, supporting it, and working together with me to develop it. The story is not done yet, I’ve said that I will see this game through, and I mean it. I’ll be back when everything has settled down to a normal state. Though considering everything, “normal” is relative…

I hope you all have a wonderful week!


i hope you are ok we all care for you in are hearts


Well, take all the time you guys need. We can wait until you guys are done with everything you need to do. :slight_smile:


I hope you both have a wonderful week too :slight_smile: hopefully soon everything will be alright for you guys!


@MichaelMaxwell I have been in a similar position with my father. The only thing that I can tell you is be there for your sister. Let her vent and be angry, it is her right (not knowing the history and not wanting to pry). My father left pretty much in the middle of the night when I was 8 and only showed up 15 years later on his deathbed (literally, his brother called us to tell us he was in a hospital with less than 7 days left). I was angry at him for so long until I realized that holding onto that anger was hurting me and not doing anything to him. To me, he died years before he actually died. My sister sh@t piss and vinegar for years, but eventually she moved on. That said…

You and Ben take care of yourselves!

I also wanted to say, Life’s a bitch, fu-- it hard!


Ok, so I haven’t played this WiP in a while, so I decided to play it yesterday and today. It was working fine yesterday, and it loaded perfectly fine this morning. But now… well, this appeared:


We’re both okay (for now). And thank you, this community means a lot to me and Ben :blush: … Maybe not Ben, but it means a lot to me.

Well, me and Ben can’t wait to meet once more and continue our work. It’s the only thing that actually keeps me distracted from most of my problems… which was why I needed to stop for awhile in the first place. Don’t worry though, we’ll get back to work as soon as possible!

Thank you! We hope so too… :sweat_smile:

Well damn, mate. Sorry to hear. I always try to look on the bright side, like that Monty Python song. It’s bright and cheery, but always has that dark British humour that I grew up loving.

Hmm, worked fine for me. Have you tried clearing your cache?

Well, I’ll try my best to keep everyone alive. I’m very sorry for the inactivity and sudden disappearance. It’s one thing to remember that I have a game to write, but it’s another to remember that I have a wonderful community who actually plays them.

Again, thank you all so much! :heart::heart:


I did, but it still didn’t work. I ended up having to delete it and starting over again, it’s a good thing I wasn’t all that far from the beginning :sweat_smile:.

Anyways, there’s a couple of things that I noticed that I wanted to point out. First:


You have one too many streets on this sentence. This appears after I chose to walk out the precinct.


This one, well, is more of a question. Who’s talking here? I mean, I assume it’s Gabriel, but for all I know it’s Kaidan. I genuinely don’t know who’s talking here. Maybe you can edit the scene a bit to make it more clear who’s talking?


No worries. I wrote him off and dealt with him not being around 16+ years ago.

For those of us who haven’t experienced the awesomeness that is 80s/90s British humor… Monty Python is friggin awesome. Faulty Towers, Are You Being Served, etc. etc.


Found and FIXED!

It’s Gabriel, and FIXED!

I grew up watching Monty Python, Blackadder, Fawlty Towers, Only Fools and Horses, etc. Southwest Wales wasn’t necessarily filled with stuff to do as a kid…

My style of comedy is somewhat developed naturally from a combination of those shows. In any case, I always try to see things from the comedic point of view, be it dark or light. This game is basically a challange for me, to create a story that is based off of action, with a sprinkle of comedy, but doing so in the most natural way possible.


Better keep your word there Maxie boy or else i’ll be comin after that ass.