BREACH: The Archangel Job - Crime Thriller WIP (SPECIAL UPDATE! 25-December-2017)




FINALLY! So sorry for the delay, I had quite a night last night, and I currently have a huge pounding hangover. I’m blaming Ben, since he was supposed to be watching me, making sure I don’t drink too much, instead he got drunk himself…


(1-August-2017) (Public Testing)

  • Lotsa fixes, lotsa simplifications.
  • Moved! All Heist modules to it’s own separate file.
  • Added! Tactical Duty Kilts, Battle Skirts, and Cargo Pants!! (Can be chosen in the church scene)
  • Added! Difficulty description in Show Stats page!
  • Added! Easier difficulties lets your character regenerate blood when not bleeding! (Because some have complained that this game can be too hard)
  • Added! The harder the difficulty, the more you bleed
  • Added! Gregory’s Glorious Goods!!! (Every Robber’s One-Stop Store)
  • Added! Grenade script!
  • Added! Multiple cuffs script!
  • Added! Multiple armour script!
  • Added! GGG script!
  • Added! Money counting script! (Pain in the ass to make)
  • Added! Meeting or Killing Rook! (Only for private testers)
  • Added! GGG Tier 1-2! Includes:
    — Gold-Plated AK-47
    — Gold-plated 9508848 baseball bat
    — Squeaky Toy Hammer
    — Paul’s Toilet Paper Grenade
    — VAM Vulture 7.62 Minigun
    — Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch
    — Prototype Handheld Mini-chainsaw
    — Titanium Reinforced Hockey Mask
    — Carbon Nanotube Lined Two Piece Suit
    — Juggernaut Suit
    — Pink Furred Handcuffs
    — Medieval Manacles
    — Chicago PD Police Cruiser
    — Chicago PD Armoured SWAT Van
  • Re-written! Script templates!
  • Enabled auto-reload
    OPERATION: Chapter 3: The Outfit and The Corp (79%)
    OPERATION: Gregory’s Glorious Goods - Part 2 (24%)
    OPERATION: Charlie’s Hangout - Part 1 (12%)

Link’s as usual.


Watch someone drinking & having fun, or drink And shirk responsibilities…:thinking: :smirk: :tumbler_glass:


…Me as a friend.


Yeah sure let’s all blame Ben you damn drunk.


Ok works for me I blame this Ben person


Poor Ben. The man does all this work and has to deal with this bullshit. #JusticeForBen


I told Ben @InsanityRun thinks that he’s being mistreated.

His reply was… “Do not speak for my interest”


Last time I try to help. Keep whipping him for all I care


It all works for me
There can be only one Ben
I am the highlander!


Lol,what a pity fest here!


This made me laugh

The 9508848 thing, i suppose that in the first should be the GGG suit and in the second the zip ties(?)



Hmmm… that’s wierd. Is that your first heist?

Nevermind. Found and FIXED!

It basically means it doesn’t have a variable. Which is disconcerning, because I have no idea what went wrong. And Ben is off in his campus… Hopefully, I can fix this myself :sweat_smile:


P.S. I should probably change the title


Hi, I was playing and this came up Chapter1A line 2552: Non-existent variable ‘mcher’ It happened right after Father Murdock says “Who the hell is it?!” after choosing to step in front of Mouse.


Happened to me as well, though I just assumed it was the end of the game for public testers since the same thing happens if you choose to “Do nothing.”

Also did anyone else imagine Butch from Fallout 3 when the character ‘Butch’ was introduced?

He totally has the same haircut as well *chuckles heartily *


Tunnel Snakes Rule!!


I always intended Butch to be Butch from Fallout 3. The way he talks, the way he styles his hair. Even the way I imagined his voice.

Tunnel Snakes Rules!!


Just after the first heist, splitting the take:


It’s not letting me copy-paste (on my phone)


What kind of bugs are you squashing?:joy::joy:


I may or may not have fixed that already… :sweat_smile:

Mostly the ones that just keeps coming back :joy: … ChoiceScript is a wonderful tool, and can be made to achieve wonders. But beware, those wonders may sometimes turn on you… :wink: