BREACH: The Archangel Job - Crime Thriller WIP (SPECIAL UPDATE! 25-December-2017)



Did I miss something? Why are we talking about numbers?


They appear randomly… but they’re always going to be in the same groupings, and always in the same order.

For some odd reason, I’ve just realized that I’ve been subconciouslly inputting numbers that I first thought was “random”. However, there’s this line of numbers, that I’ve remembered as a child, it’s 42 digits long, and for some reason I tend to insert those digits into the game.


…Very few of us are going to get this ya know?


Welp, I’m never going to figure out the number combination because I’m terrible with numbers! :yum:


Lmao you, me and everyone else


Will this benefit on our MC survival?


I guess 950488121415. 11 characters. Crap.


Maybe not post that in the open, should it be correct and of consequence? :wink:


It can never be correct. Come on. It’s a 42 digit number.


Silly @MichaelMaxwell and their weird obsession with very specific numbers. At least we can guess what his password is now.

The only numbers I strongly care about are the ones on my stat screen once I get Mouse to be a super-waifu to my MC. That’s what happens when you go over 100% in this game.


Well, don’t you worry. The game will do nearly all of the math for you…

Thank god for Ben… he is an amazing coder, and he’s disturbingly determined to work on this game, just as I am…

It may, That 42 digit number will be devided into a few series of numbers (in order) and they will be used, basically as cheat codes.

However, using cheat codes will deactivate the achievements and will change your last name to “Pumpkin-eater”… How Ben’s going to code that in, I am not sure. But he says he can do it.

Even I don’t know how I could remember such a random set of numbers… It just, appears in my head one day. I remember it clearly. I had a vanilla ice cream on my right hand, I was walking through an amusement park, and then I… don’t really remember what happened, but my sister described that “I was staring off into the distance, not responding to any of her calls for a good 5 minutes”… And all of the sudden, I now have that number stuck in my head.

Good luck with that :laughing: You technically can, but I’m not gonna say whether or not you find it.

Funny enough, me and Ben were just recently talking about making an ending where you can marry your RO… That is, if you survive the game

P.S: I’m very sorry for being late on the update. Me and Ben are wrapping up a few things. He’s having problems with a script, I don’t know what. But rest assured, it will go out soon :sweat_smile:



Make this a thing.


I thought Ben was still having computer issues and you were still figuring out whether any of Ben’s fan fiction was any good, but I’m not complaining about the time off, to be honest. The month is gonna be hectic for me later on, so I better get all of my dank memes and Helpful Commentary® out now before things heat up.


That would be great XD But I got the feeling this is not applicable with Gabriel?


You got it!

And he’s still is. He’s currently using my laptop to work.

Oh… we decided that quite some time ago. It would be a good spin-off, and I have agreed to help him make it, but this game will take priority first. We already have a sequel (sort of…) planned for if this game actually ends up doing well.

Well, I appreciate whatever you can give :grin: And I hope things go well for you. I think I need a dose of 9gag right about now…

Ben is starting up college, so he’ll be quite busy. I’m about to finish a semester, which is always exciting… and so far, the only people supporting our work is everyone here in this thread. Ben’s mother doesn’t like him working on a game that “allows, let alone indulges homosexuality”, my ex/old editor left because she thought this game wouldn’t go anywhere… (that plus a few more things). And most of my friends think that this game is “A waste of my time”

Determination is key, but there’s a point where determination becomes stubbornness. Reminds me of my sister’s nursery rhyme…

“Bear through hell, keep on going”
“The sea is a storm, but keep rowing”
“You’re still breathing, good”
“Keep walking, as you should”

Sorry for the inspirational crap, I just finished watching the new episodes of Season 7 of Game Of Thrones… Goddamn, Arya’s a badass. After what she went through? She deserves to be a badass

I’m afraid not… :sweat: However, I will make sure the ending for that, is a special one :wink:

And now, for some Ramen…


Awww… It’s fine. XD I still appreciate it that you made Gabriel a RO.

My favorite episode so far is the first one and it was an awesome season opener!

There’s nothing wrong with doing something different. I guess some people just don’t understand. Don’t forget we will support you and don’t let them get you down.


Don’t listen to them, this is anything but a waste of time


Despite having to rule this out as impossible when I first started making the game… as I’m continuing to write, I feel like this would turn out much better than I previously thought :relaxed:

Oh yeah… It was a bloody damn good way to kick off the season! So hyped for episode 4!

Well thank you. All of you :relaxed: Rest assured! I will have an update before Friday! (if no more problem surfaces…)


I have to be able to marry either adorable Mouse, dominant Hayne, kinky Carly or naughty Ann. I have to.


How… did you come up with those? :joy: They sound like stripper names.

But yes, I’m going to be re-writing some parts of the outline, which means I’ll be writing in our new ending. Safe to say, it possible.


Those are just descriptions of they act. in bed.