BREACH: The Archangel Job - Crime Thriller WIP (SPECIAL UPDATE! 25-December-2017)



Found and FIXED! Hopefully…

Well, I have an array of NPCs ready to be romanced. Some have their own sexual preferences, so please bear in mind that not everyone can be romanced by the same gender. I did this mainly to keep to their actual character and history that I’ve written out for them.

Rook: Still waiting for that update, bud..

Shh, It’s not done yet… have patience.

Rook: I mean, how hard is it to put in toilet paper grenades and gold plated baseball bats?

Quite hard… I had to re-write the actual flashbang script for this. And I had to make a new melee weapon type for the baseball bat. So yeah… it’s taking quite some time. But don’t worry. I’ll be done in a few days :sweat_smile:


Glad to be of service


Actually, imagining Gabriel like that… well, I think it might be hot… :flushed:


Hmmm… Well then, I’ll be sure to put that in the game :relaxed:


@MichaelMaxwell I’ve been meaning to ask; is it ever revealed how Mouse saved the MC from humiliation back when they were in high school?


As of the current moment, not yet. :sweat_smile:

However, it will be revealed if you continue to hang out with Mouse and increase your relationship with them. It also works with every other NPCs you can hang out with. The third hangout will reveal a secret about that NPC, and if you wish to continue further, either as friends, or as lovers, you will learn more about their other secrets. :wink:

They’re basically independent side-stories that progresses independently from the main storyline depending on the MC. These so called “Hangouts” (I haven’t really come up with a name for them) are basically side-missions that will unlock certain abilities and features that some of these NPCs have.

For example, if you hang out with Kaz enough times, he will eventually get a huge Machine Gun to run around with. And if you hang out with Hayne long enough, she will eventually get a ballistic shield she can carry around while in heists.


By the way @MichaelMaxwell, you know you don’t have to add the kilt thing, right? I mean, I personally might like it on Gabriel, but other players might not.


So we can learn about the other NPC’s secrets, but can the NPC’s learn about our character’s secrets, or at least all of them eventually? And what happens if an NPC finds out something about us that we either didn’t tell them? or lied about?

I’m fine with having them be called hangouts. I mean, we ARE hanging out with other members of our crew, right? We don’t need some fancy shmancy code word stuff for this. Also, do all the characters gain new abilities if we hung out with them enough times, or do we still have to buy stuff for them to unlock new abilities?

I know Kaz is Swedish, but now I can only imagine this if he gets a machine gun:

Pfft, now that you suggested it, @MichaelMaxwell will add it as DLC add it as an Easter egg option for those who know the “number”.


Well, it’s an option for the MC, and it’s only going to be in a scene or two for Gabriel. It’s alright. Don’t worry, Gabriel won’t mind…

This will actually be a thing if your MC is an undercover detective. You may want to keep things to yourself, and if you do want to talk about yourself, reveal little to no information about yourself, if not, lie…

But remember, there will be consequences… :smirk:

Well, Kaz is Swedish, not Scottish :laughing:

Think of him as a very young Dolph Lundgren with the face of Alexander Skarsgard

… The lack of rounds on that machine gun belt disappoints me. Dr. Dolph needs more bullets…

Hangouts it is. It’s a rather daunting task at first, making all of those side-stories and character arches that the MC can just ignore. Getting the characters right are probably the most interesting part for me…

Each character have their own playlist of different songs. When I’m writing their side-stories I would usually listen to them, which helps with the flow.

Here’s a little tip if you’re writing (Which you may or may not be doing already): When writing a scene, character side-story, etc. Having a playlist for every occasion sure helps. I personally have a playlist for every character, every genre and feel for every scene.

Even Ben has a little playlist for making codes. (It’s mostly classical…)

Some abilities can be unlocked through purchases. Whoever says “money can’t buy happiness” clearly never bought a speedboat. However, the real quote should be “money is unnecessary for happiness”, because you can continue to hang out with them, and after a few hangouts, they will eventually unlock their main ability.

Oh don’t worry, there’s already a few stuff you can unlock with “The Number”


I’m looking forward to this scene. XD

Also it’s nice to know that befriending your team would benefit them as well.


The best leader, is the one that knows their team best… :smile:


I think anybody with some brains already knows “The Number”…


Damn you @MichaelMaxwell .

How the hell am I supposed to pick between Hayne and Carly?

Why did you have to make them both so likeable?!


But I don’t think anyone knows the full number…

You can’t quite romance both… but you can sure hangout with both :grin:


There’s even a full number? I think Michael should have a contest on
guessing the full number.


The full number contains 42 digits, all of them I remember off the top of my head for some odd reason eversince I was a child.

Good luck finding it…


its 0 or 1 up to 42 (20 char)


000000000000000000000000000000000000000000? No?
000000000000000000000000000000000000000001? No?




In fact, it’s all over the game. The first few digits appears a LOT, and I somehow insert them into whatever I’m writing more than a few times without realizing it.


Do the digits appear randomly or are they in chronological order?