BREACH: The Archangel Job - Crime Thriller WIP (SPECIAL UPDATE! 25-December-2017)



Yeah all good also just because I am generally Curious who did everyone pick for their team
I picked haine Justin and Carly


I have chosen Kaz, Justin and Carly.


Personally, I would’ve picked Hayne, Charlie, and Anna…

Also, I think I’ve made a poll about this before :sweat_smile:

Pick one of each Ramiels, Uriels, and Sariels

  • Kazton (Ramiel)
  • Hayne (Ramiel)
  • Justin (Uriel)
  • Anna (Uriel)
  • Carly (Sariel)
  • Charlie (Sariel)

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Oh sorry I didn’t know I was just curious


If this not too much, could you add option to buy and use skirts with Archangel’s suit? I want to shoot people in style


My previous editor actually told me that I might want to add skirts as an option for the Archangel Uniform. However, there’s only 1 problems with that…

It wouldn’t really be hard to code in since it only mentions “suit and blue tie” and doesn’t always describe the pants. However, it would be hard to keep the consistency when writing, since your character would be the only person, in all of Archangel history, to wear a skirt.

BUT! If everyone else thinks it would be a good idea, me and Ben could try and figure out how to intergrate skirts into the Archangel uniform.

Also, keep in mind that you can actually change your regular clothes to use skirts, or whatever kind of outfit you choose. :smile:

Oh and, I can’t help but imagine the movie Sucker Punch whenever I see someone in a gunfight with a skirt… :sweat_smile:


Can u add a pet dragon?


Unfortunately, due to the aggressiveness and the endangered status of Wyverns and Dragons in-game, they are not allowed to be personally owned as pets.

However, should you find one, you are free to pet it, and feed it… if they haven’t eaten you yet. :blush:


hoo not even raquel ever wears one? or gabriel ? :laughing:
on a more serious note you could just add the skirt option and not mention it anymore (or rarely mention it)
wardrobe malfunction and ineffectiveness aside i liked that sailor uniform so much :sob:


It seems like everything is going very well here. I love where this is going.


Raquel wouldn’t be caught dead with a skirt :laughing:

For Gabriel… maybe not a skirt, but a Kilt. Since he’s Canadian, and was once part of The Toronto Scottish Regiment, I can totally see him in a TDK.

Because what’s scarier than to watch your enemy march towards you with a sniper rifle, full body armour, a blood red smiley mask, and a kilt?

Very well then, me and Ben will work on it!


Lmao I’m Canadian and I find men in kilts very humorous. Kilts for the win!


that kilt…I want it

thank you so much! I hope it won’t be trouble for both of you!


Local skirt enthusiast persuades author of questionable material involving nuns with guns and possibly perverted tailor into writing skirts which quite possibly might involve the said possibly perverted tailor


I have never worn a kilt, but I would love to try one out.

It’s totally fine. :relaxed: Ben would disagree, but I’m paying him (sometimes) so it’s fine…

Looking back at this game… I think I’ve gone very… very… far, from the original plan.

This game was supposed to be a simple small game about a bank robbery gone wrong with limited choices…

And it turned into the biggest project I’ve ever undertaken in my life. With nuns, priests, and choirs with guns, mini-chainsaws, toilet paper grenade, over 80 weaponry, not including the many melee weapons, armours, vehicles, and side stories, and many more to come, including skirts and Tactical Duty Kilts…

… I must, I will, finish this game


And we all will always support you! :smile:
Edit: although really, don’t force yourself (and Ben) too much


…Yeah, the kilt would make me laugh my ass off.

Even in the face of Death.


I think if you put it a mikye mouse hat I will be more scare


I was playing the game this morning and I noticed a typo so when you go into the grocery store and you pull your gun on the robber your MC says you can stay here and let all shot you I think it is meant to be Al


I think you should make a potential romance of the top 3. That way, everyone sort of gets what they want…you know? Cause I think it would be nice if there was a potential romance with another guy, instead of all/only girls…cause I’m just that kind of girl…:sweat_smile: