BREACH: The Archangel Job - Crime Thriller WIP (SPECIAL UPDATE! 25-December-2017)



(i own like, 10 and counting…mostly strays though, coming to my house just to eat)


Pft, that’s nothing, a friend of mine had over 18 kittens and cats, and counting! None of them were strays, she owned them all. Eventually she gave over half of them away to new homes because it was getting harder and harder for her to take care of them, plus her own family.


None of these compare to Raquel in the game. Her safehouse is basically a cat sanctuary where you can accidentally step on a cat almost every step you take inside her safehouse. Some strays come and go, but her safehouse always has no less than 20 cats per day.

Imagine her sitting on the couch, calmly and silently drinking tea, while cats climb all over her and the couch, leaving trails of hair all around her suit. Her shoulders are their favourite place to climb and sit on.

Gabriel even called her safehouse “The House Of Fluff”


I KNEW IT!!! I always got the feeling that Raquel liked Gabriel.

@VioletHikari : Don’t worry. We could share Gabriel. XD

I love cats too but I could only take care of one cat.


I got a hunch that gabriel and racquel have a thing with all the couple like petty fights.


Just my MC’s luck. Her love rival turns out be one of the strongest people in the group. :joy:


maybe I should become a criminal too so I can support my cat hordes


Or you could start out as a detective… and then betray the FBI and stay loyal to The Archangels! :smile:

OH! That gives me some idea… :smiling_imp:

Well, you apparently caught the hint better than Gabriel, because is completely oblivious that Raquel has a crush on him.

Sharing is caring :blush:


do you think we could help her out ill be the wingman. Imagine us setting them up a date… with mask?


nah, boring

by the way, did Gabriel keeps his mask at the airport? If not, then Kaidan knows his face???


No, it went somewhat like this…

Kaidan goes to the airport while Gabriel changes out of his uniform before following him. They boarded the same plane, with Kaidan, completely oblivious, that Gabriel was sitting merely 2 seats to the right of him.

Again… Gabriel, is a master of disguise.


Being able to betray the FBI sounds good because at first i wanted to be loyal to them but i got to like the archangels


Yay, I don’t mind sharing :grin:! At least you are willing to share, a friend of mine won’t even consider sharing Sesshomaru, even though I called dibs on him first! I’m willing to share, but she isn’t :expressionless:


Your loyalties will be tested, be it to The Archangels, or to The FBI. Though I will say… betraying the Archangles, is a really… really… bad idea… if they catch you.

How rude! Sharing is caring :blush:


uh sorry if this has been asked but what’s the difference between very hard and hard/none-shall-survive difficulty? since there’s no description (same with easy ones)

@resuri08 @VioletHikari

let’s share gabriel


Hard = Decreased luck - You most likely go through the game… with a few cuts and bruises.
Very Hard = Further decreased luck - You will most likely go halfway through the game before dying…
Non-Shall-Survive = You will not survive… (Without a perfect 20 roll)


This is a bit of a change of subject, but I just noticed that @blob’s avatar is that of Hermione Granger!


She looks a bit like Rosie Weasley at first. XD

Seriously!? Sesshomaru is everyone’s property! =P

Oh no… Good luck to my MC then… But I do hope Raquel and my MC could still be friends… T-T


@MichaelMaxwell Will we learn who exactly trained Gabriel in, well, everything?


Don’t worry… Raquel’s not THAT bad… she’s probably just gonna break your bones or something :sweat_smile:

@ArchangelVoldemort In this game? No. In the sequel? Maybe…