BREACH: The Archangel Job - Crime Thriller WIP (SPECIAL UPDATE! 25-December-2017)



…I didn’t think you would actually include it. Holy hell. I’m going to fuck up so many people.


@MichaelMaxwell So will people comment on the unique masks?


yeah you are my favorite sociopath :wink:

hey volde that could be a great history to tell to your childrens

kid: daddy daddy how you owe that mask?

volde:oh that a funny history…remember when I say you that a men never took the women of another men?


volde:well this face/mask was of the last men that give a try a steal me your mother

And in the end the child lives traumatized for life (happy ending!)


Oh, look, my character’s ending! Thanks, mate! :joy:


I like this idea. I can imagine Ave wouldn’t really approve of me flat out replacing my hockey mask with a fucking skin one. She’s gonna have to, though.


it’t always a pleasure to give my friends the best ending, hey @MichaelMaxwell this beauty final need to be add to the history, do you think?


The birth of the next voldy


yeah " and with this the dynasty voldy continue over the time "


Probably… hopefully… we haven’t made any of them yet :sweat_smile:

Oh you two get a room…


The drivers are my favorite. I forgot an s in character, sue me. :stuck_out_tongue:


hey wow wow…wow while I could find girls in this game I will not do that and…whispering…and less if there is a redhead…hey @Crow I refer to another redhead not in what do you think :sweat_smile: :cold_sweat:


ready to pounce stance and growls


whoa whoa moving away slowly he…hey I telling you I was refering to another redhead…and besides are you of beta crew?


returns to being a human ohh ok. yes i am a beta crew :smiley:


Crow here is our resident Bondage expert…any other questions?


@JesusT16 what he said ^ if you need someone tied up call me up…

i…i need a new hobby


Shoots, I wanted to call dibs on him :sob:! Guess I’ll have to settle for growing old alone with my cats… I am slowly turning into a crazy cat lady… well, I already have the crazy part down, and I have one cat, now I just need 999 more! :sweat_smile:


Raquel is actually based on a real life friend of mine. She owns like… 8 cats in one house. She almost always spends her time just curling up with them sleeping. Whenever we’d hug she’d transfer some of the hair from her cat’s fur onto me :rofl:

Also, I don’t know if anyone’s noticed yet, but Raquel actually has a crush on Gabriel…
but Gabriel is absolutely oblivious to it


@MichaelMaxwell Honestly, I got a vibe that Raquel was close to Gabriel in the scene where she’s patching up his injuries (when I played as a rat for the FBI). Maybe not a romantic vibe, but definitely a vibe from someone that was really close to him, and yet he seemed to just brush off her concern… Still, it makes me sad that I wasn’t around when everyone was calling dibs, it seems I have missed my chance :pensive:


Aweee… I’m so sorry :sweat_smile:

Don’t worry though! There’s plenty of Gabriel in the game for everyone!