BREACH: The Archangel Job - Crime Thriller WIP (SPECIAL UPDATE! 25-December-2017)



Wow, it’s even you the one who said it…


If anything happens to Mouse, I riot


what its the internacional dibs?


I know, not for nothing my second nickname is “the master of comparison” (the first you know what it is)

And since it is not seen that nobody has claimed it… then anna is mine :grinning:


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People, please. There’s plenty of everyone for everyone in the game :sweat_smile:

I’m currently working on a few side stories for Carly and Charlie


Carly/Charlie: YAY!! My second favorite character!!


Hey ummm… Carly and Charlie are 2 people


yeah Yes but now this battle has taken on a beautiful face… look of this! revealing my face and pointing to the small scar


Right so, a few things that I’m going to be working on a few stuff for the next update.

It will include the new side stories for Carly and Charlie.

It will include the first tier of Greg’s Glorious Goods items. Which includes: A bullet proof version of your Hockey mask, a bullet proof version of the Archangel uniform(Two piece suit and blue tie), a handheld mini-chainsaw, a toilet paper grenade, a few unique masks, and a few more stuff :wink:

It will also include a few favours that Greg can provide you for your heists


Sounds cool also what type of favours can u ask grep


I… actually don’t have a list of things that you can do yet :rofl:

One of the things you can do would be to delay police response time


Oh OK all good just curious :+1:


I really like this game!. Also is there gonna be romance in the full game??. I Am just curious because a lot of other games like this have them… Other wise this game is really good. Good work so far!.


Thank you! And yes, there are going to be romance. Lots of them… :wink:


yeah in the game will be romance but if I were you I keep my head low…this guys are all crazys looking at @ArchangelVoldemort…and for one shot with any romance you need a pass of internacional dibs


You didn’t include the skin mask, did you?

Thank you, thank you. I sure do try.


That’s one of the unique masks that you can have… :wink: