BREACH: The Archangel Job - Crime Thriller WIP (SPECIAL UPDATE! 25-December-2017)



Now now, no fighting.

We are all ladies and gentlement here. And we all respect the international rule of Dibs…


Well in that case I internationally dibs Carly


And I already called dibs times infinity on Hayne.


Nope, actually @AAO called dibs on Hayne first…

But don’t worry… there’s enough for everyone.


Can I call dibs on Gabriel then since he’s an RO?

I’m off work so time for dinner and better start on beta testing.


Yes, yes you may… He’s technically an RO, but you won’t be romancing him till the end of the game


I have an 106% with Gabriel. Beat It.:joy:


so the conclusion is : “someone notice Mouse can die, and everyone already lost their mind” :rofl:

can’t agree more

so… does that means i still can have Edwyn for myself :heart_eyes:


i just wanna put it out there i have first dibs with Anna


@Anubhab_Khanra I still call first dibs on him. XD

Yeah pretty much. Lucky you! =)


I don’t want him anyways. Also, i don’t care even if mouse dies. xD


So heartless as usual. :grin:


Thanks for the compliment.:joy:


Wow, that comparison is actually true.

[quote=“DUNGEON_MASTER, post:1302, topic:19446”]
kills Archangel voldemort
Avelyne is mine
Archangel Voldemort rises
Voldemort stabs dungeon
No one can steal my Avelyne from me.

At least I tried. :sweat:
[/quote]What an accurate sequence of events.

[quote=“MichaelMaxwell, post:1305, topic:19446”]
Already has pistol readily in hand … Please, don’t.
[/quote]Don’t worry, Boss. Everyone here seems to be respecting International Dibs.

[quote=“AAO, post:1308, topic:19446”]
I’m taking them both, cuz fuck decency.
[/quote]This is why I love you.

[quote=“Centralrouge, post:1309, topic:19446, full:true”]
Hahahaha fair enough
[/quote]…you are a true man. Congrats, mate. Rare to find these days.

[quote=“Anubhab_Khanra, post:1317, topic:19446”]
I have an 106% with Gabriel. Beat It.:joy:
[/quote]Ha. Nothing compared to my 200% with Ave. Suck it.


Mon amie, It is really hard to create a good relationship with Gabriel, while it is relatively easy to do that with Ave.


Listen, Gabriel is cool…until you find out who he actually is.


xD yeah i know that. I have an idea about who he really is, though.


His identity is a secret, for a reason…


hahahahahahahaha but the question is who is he really?


Wouldn’t you like to know? :smirk: