BREACH: The Archangel Job - Crime Thriller WIP (SPECIAL UPDATE! 25-December-2017)




:joy: Naaah, you can prevent it…

Or can you? (Insert conspiracy theme here)



I must have not heard you correctly. Give me a sec to get my bearings. pulls out shotgun and points it at @MichaelMaxwell face What was that about Mouse dying?


Whoa! O-Okay, it’s a… possiblity :sweat_smile:


Well at least it was pointed at the bullet resisistant part of the body the mask



DEVELOPMENT LOG#26 (4-July-2017) (Public Testing)

(2.O23.17.07.04) – CHECK TO SEE IF IT’S THE SAME

  • Fixes, mostly coding errors
  • Dev note: BATCH 16 IS OUT (prefix “AH”)
  • Added share spreading scene at the end of first heist.
  • Added! Andrew’s interogation scene! And more! (Private testing only)
  • Added! Primary weapon accessories!! Yaay!
  • Added! Secondary weapon accessories!! Yaay!
  • Added! Difficulty option in Show Stats page!
  • Fixed manual reload not reloading
  • Disabled auto-reload
  • Disabled unequipprimwep at hangouts
    OPERATION: Chapter 3: The Outfit and The Corp (51%) (Private testing only)
    OPERATION: Input a phone feature into Choicescript_Stats to review info (72%)
    OPERATION: Gregory’s Glorious Goods (Every Robber’s One-Stop Store) (94%)


I really love this idea for a game and I am still waiting for a complete release. So do you know when you’re going to release it? Thanks.


I love it how half of this forum is stressing over mouse dying but I don’t even see how mouse could die they are safe back at base unless they go into the field


Thank you! And… I don’t exactly know when I’m going to release it :rofl:

The game itself is REALLY big, and even though progress has been made, this game still needs a lot more to be worked on :sweat_smile: My guess? Next year…

Perhaps they’re not that safe back at base? :smirk:


Maybe??? :scream::thinking::thinking: who knows


You are crazy!? … you do not know the consequences that would have in this forum if avelyne dies? She is responsible for keeping these sociopaths (myself included) with the slightest control…calming sigh… for example combines avelyne dead and @ArchangelVoldemort …that Would be like combining doom 4 and heavy metal … that would be disastrous


kills Archangel voldemort
Avelyne is mine
Archangel Voldemort rises
Voldemort stabs dungeon
No one can steal my Avelyne from me.

At least I tried. :sweat:


Chaos will soon fall into this thread again.


Already has pistol readily in hand … Please, don’t.


Seeing as everyone in this thread is just gushing all over Avelyne, I’m just going to casually stroll by and pick up Hayne/Carly.


U can have hayne carly is mine bro



I’m taking them both, cuz fuck decency.


Hahahaha fair enough


Oh hell no! Hayne is my bae!! We agreed to this, an agreement between gentlemen, a gentleman’s agreement!! Huzzah!!!