BREACH: The Archangel Job - Crime Thriller WIP (SPECIAL UPDATE! 25-December-2017)




No way… Hopefully not…



The first quote of the game, literally tells you how the game will go…

“… Anything can happen, anything can be”


@MichaelMaxwell Ignore these heathens. Why do you all have a partner if you doubt your own abilities to protect them?


Yep when they are my teammates or Ro they become immortatal in the eye of the fates


In this game, nobody is immortatal…


They I’ll just have to make sure they are as close to that as possible armored cars best gear and high skills for everyone.
And I’ll just have to settle for immortality then
(I used a spelling error in my quote :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


I don’t get what everyone’s overreacting about.

Yes, Mouse can die. As I’m sure Hayne, Carly and the majority of the group can as well.

Why wouldn’t they be able to die? Seriously, it’d just completely ruin the tension of the story if no one could die…


So does that mean even Gabriel, Michael and Raquel could die? :cry:


Who knows? The Sequel I’m planning won’t be anywhere near Chicago… and it may or not be happening at the same time as the first game… so yes, anything can happen.

Which is why I love this game… and hate it at the same time :joy:

It so SO much work to just develop the game… the storywriting is a LOT more work and a LOT more complex because of the game’s very much so branching storylines, not including side stories, hangouts, etc.

Albeit… a great game, needs a great amount of time to be worked on. And I am willing to work as long, and as hard as I need to, to see this game through! :sunglasses:

And thankfully, if I manage to finish this one, the next one will be much easier to make, because I already have the foundation, and game mechanics… Though there will be new features, I don’t have to start from scratch anymore like this game :smile:


even MC died, like, 666 times (in my first playthrough :joy:)


Mouse? Die? In one of my playthroughs?


Only 666 times?

There’s actually going to be an achievement if you die 100 times… and there’s also an achievement if you manage to die 1000 times throughout the trilogy :rofl:

Becareful… don’t make me go Game Of Thrones on the characters :smirk:



Well yea of course they can die, doesn’t mean we can’t hope they don’t in our play through and joke about it. The possibility of death or getting caught is what makes it risky and intriguing.

Edit: this was intended to be light hearted reply I looked back and thought it might not be taken that way.


:joy: The whole game itself is supposed to be risky… it is afterall an interactive novel version of a modern D20 game…


D20 game wow been a while I’ve gotten used to gurps and palidium games. D&D right?


More or less… :sweat_smile:

The game mechanics itself is based lossely off of D&D. But the whole scripts that the game works on (Custom dice rolling and variable counting scripts that Ben has come up with) are completely new and super crazy… I have no clue how Ben comes up with half of the scripts we work on :rofl:


don’t worry we would never let mouse get hurt… and for those who will the the beta crew will take care of them.


Plot twist:

She’s a scripted death.