BREACH: The Archangel Job - Crime Thriller WIP (SPECIAL UPDATE! 25-December-2017)



Spoiler alert; with my MC, she got the crap beaten out of her after pointing the gun at the female FBI agent. I don’t know what would have happened if she kept pointing it at the male FBI…


Hmmm… the urge to investigate this is strong. :thinking:


Lola? Oh! You mean Luna? The double barreled 1911?

As you can tell, she has a recurring nightmare which does cause some of her anxiety problems. And yes, she does suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Actually. A lot of people in the game suffer from some sort of psychological disorder!

Yeah, it’s not that bad really. But she really does have some anxiety problems… Which gets worse the more you progress…

Found and fixed! Also, noticed a few inconsistent tenses, so fixed those too!

Oooh, good find! Found and fixed! … I hope.

Well, that’s what testing the game is about! :smile: Keep on trying new things until you find at least some error. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find an easter egg :wink:

[quote=“Drakeye, post:1247, topic:19446, full:true”] (Granted I never have the heart to be mean to tali or garrus in mass effect either)
How could you ever be mean to Tali? She’s the most wondrous, beautiful, and most adorable Quarian ever! :heart_eyes: Aside from that, quick note, that Tali is an example… that you can fall in love with someone, without even knowing what they physically look like… :innocent:

It’s alright, you win some, you loose some. Sometimes being a dick, will get you treated like a dick… sometimes being kind, will get you treated the same :wink:

Go investigate! Your curiosity is your best weapon! And the most dangerous one…

Curiosity kills the cat, but cats have 9 lives :smirk:


I found out that the saying actually goes like this: “curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ok, so I noticed this appeared during the breakfast scene when we first meet Gabriel. It doesn’t actually state who’s speaking, but with how the conversation was going before I’m pretty sure it’s safe to assume that it’s Gabriel who’s speaking. If that’s the case, how is he drinking his milk with his mask on? Did I miss something?


Really? Wow, I never knew that :joy: Well, the more you know…

That was a typing error on my part. :sweat_smile: Found and fixed!


Now I’m​ worried, are mc can do something about it?


If anyone was talking about a relationship with Gabriel. I’m at 76% with him…
And don’t want him as an RO…
Now don’t kill me…


How can we stop it?! Mouse shouldnt suffer… poor mouse :sweat::sob:


Another typo:
"… so you’re saying… that even if I wore a bulletproof vest, I would still die from rifle round?" Smiley’s persuasive actor-like voice starts to fill the car
"Yup, what he says. So buy something light, concealable, and doesn’t restrict your movements…" at this part we haven’t picked MC’s gender, so is this the default?
But suddenly, the people who keeps pouring in suddenly (delete one) stop and look around back up the stairs as they start getting riddled with bullets coming down the stairs.


You can… um… try… to help them. You can choose to hang out with themmore which will reveal a few more about themselves, and your relationship with them.

Well, that’s a good start :rofl:

Found and FIXED!


Where did that 3% came from? XD Need to locate that.

One of the pre-requisite to make Gabriel as a RO is to not entered into any other relationship. Do you plan to have no relationship for your character?

You might have an option not to entered into a relationship so no worry perhaps?


Yes, actually, you’re the one who’s supposed to instigate this relationship at the end of the game. So if you don’t want to, just don’t pick it.


I actually studied culinary too but mainly i did it because what i really love the most is EATING, cooking is just another set of skills that i developed over the years :smile:


Wow. Just wow. I had been slacking a bit since the contest in my forum activity, and the game is coming out to be even better than before!!

I feel so bad about Mouse and her anxiety though… Avelyne is definitely James’ bae, and he hangs out with her whenever he gets the chance.

Besides Mouse, the most likable character would have to be Kaz- he’s such a gentle giant and he and James go out for drinks a lot.

The randomness definitely gives the game a DND vibe, and it seems a little like I’m playing the same character- which I have grown to love.

Is there an “estimate” on when the full 6 chapters of the game will be released? Writing a game here is hard work, and it seems to so far have as much replayability value as my favorite “Choice of Robots”.

Keep up the hard work!!


It seems a lot of people are quite fond of Mouse, be it their male of female version :smile:

Thank you! That was exactly what I was going for! The game mechanics is basically there to tell you “Hey, you’re not some invincible action hero, you can get shot, and you can die! You’re a human being…” Which was to build up the sense of loosing your character even more of a fear.

Wow, I never thought my game would compare to such an amazing CoG game :joy: Thank you very much.

As to when I think the game will come out. To be honest, I myself have not a single clue. However! Next year, this game will more than likely be finished! Though, when exactly it is, I don’t rightly know… :sweat_smile:

Thank you all so much for keeping the game alive! This game is my child and beauty… I’ve worked on it a lot harder than I should be. And I WILL see it done!


To be honest, I really like both female and male mouse, it’s really hard to hate him/her :blush:. In fact I kinda worried that mouse not going to make it at this “business”, I even consider to help fbi but ultimately choose not to

I must say you certainly successful at that :pensive:


Absolutely amazing! I am definitely recommending this game.
Extraordinary work!


Well, Mouse will stay with you no matter what… that is… unless he/she dies :thinking:

[quote=“Sabrinadiza_Balya, post:1266, topic:19446”]
I must say you certainly successful at that :pensive:
[/quote]Thank you, I try my best :grin:

[quote=“EagleOne1, post:1267, topic:19446, full:true”]
Absolutely amazing! I am definitely recommending this game.
Extraordinary work!
[/quote]Thank you so much! :blush: Glad you liked the game


Wait, mouse can get killed??!!!