BREACH - Crime Thriller WIP (UPDATED! 29-November-2018!) (800k+ Word)



Um… Y-You’re, not supposed to see that…

Also it’s most likely because I was updating the game while you were playing. I’m sorry but it does that sometimes.


Are you still updating it though? Cause I just went back in and the bug is still there lol :sweat_smile:


How are you encountering this bug? :sweat_smile: Scratches head


I just load my save file from when I’m about to do the heist then it appears :cry: please don’t tell me I need to replay all over again when I haven’t even finished playing yet :sob:


Oh, I’m very sorry to say, but the save files are broken as soon as new update is released.

I’m oh so very sorry :sweat::pray:

However you can use the skip version at the start of the game to skip through the whole prologue and first chapter. I’m very sorry.


Nooo I ish sad :weary::weary::weary: oh well…goes back and skips everything


Yay the kiss with Mouse is back!! :heart_eyes:


Yes, Ben says it’s temporary though


Why can’t we start their romance earlier at that point?


I don’t know, and Ben wouldn’t tell me


I don’t know who is the evil mastermind that planned what happened in the house of Fluff, but because of that you’re forcing me to make a hardened criminal that will kill every member of the Outfit, that will romance Raquel and that will make another Cat Sanctuary



You may wish to blur that with poilers

[spoiler]This text will be blurred[/spoiler]

But yes, you may actually do that


Those were the exact scene I was missing an nooooooooo!!! :bomb: :boom: Why must this be temporary??? :cry: Damn you Ben an your mysterious decisions!!! :face_with_monocle:
I played the hangout scene an wasn’t able to confess my love to mouse.



If it was called the “Brass Rocket”, someone shoul have taken the B and the R in order to make it the “Ass Rocket”. There is also the same mistake before entering the bar.


Making a masterpiece?


Ben is mysterious… but he gets the job done, and he gets the job done well.

Is it becuase you’re already with someone else? Or possibly already with Mouse?
If not, could you take a screenshot?

Also @Christian02 It’s a file error, you just need to refresh the game


A very frustratingly long and tedious masterpiece…


So I’ve just finished the demo and if anything happens to my senpai I’m going to kill all of the outfit and the cartel, then I’m going to kill myself


Gabriel knows how to handle himself. He’s survived multiple gunshot wounds, has actually died multiple times, and has literally gone through hell and back… and by literal I do mean it


A masterpiece nontheless. Road to 1million words?