BREACH - Crime Thriller WIP (UPDATED! 29-November-2018!) (800k+ Word)



So that’s what de randomization does! I thought it would make it skill based, thanks again!


:laughing:Your exposing yourself by saying “I thought it was skill based” and playing on cheat difficulty and what not :laughing: Sir maybe you should make sure to watch what you say.


You’re welcome! And yes, that’s what it does. It makes the checks skill based instead of dice rolls. However, your luck continues to be counted. So the easiest to have cheat difficulty luck, while the dice randomization is off.

There’s already a few people who’ve been caught using the cheat difficulty… but with how difficult this game can be, I don’t blame them :relaxed:


Ha. You think I’m scared of 'em?

That’s my monthly income.

Also, I just wanted to say:


That is all.

I actually love this idea.


Eyy! People love my ideas! I feel good inside now


I think he is better in that too

wow hey calm down jhonny gat…we don’t want a bunch of pencil-necks idiots wanting our ass…you feel me?


Lmao, I ain’t scared either. I’ll just buy some juggernaut armor from Greg And a tank too


that’s nothing compared to a bloody and full equiped mens


Well…You’d know after all you’re Jesus Lmao


and less when the plan involved to grab a chainsaw or something like that and start killing people…look at @ArchangelVoldemort


now is Jesus “little Vercetti”


It’s what I do. (Plus 20).


Thank you so much for allowing me to pass to the 3rd phase, I wish I had participated more :frowning: I promise I will try harder this phase to help this game reach the awesomeness levels I know it can reach <3 .


If Gabriel is cautious about them, you should too.

I wouldn’t call VAMcorp’s Charlie Company “Pencil-necks” if I were you… unless you’re talking about John Wick…

VAMcorp’s Charlie Company has tanks too, lots of em… and that Juggernaut armour is made by VAMcorp R&D…

You’re welcome! Hope to see more of you in this phase!


And now I want to watch John Wick again… Welp, guess it’s a good thing today’s Saturday then.


I actually have a list of things to watch before I went and work on the game after a long hiatus.

In includes The Raid (A badass Indonesian action movie) Both John Wick films, Ocean’s Eleven and Ocean’s Thirteen, Heat, and many more


Only veterans remember the oceans eleven reference in the game desc. Sure is nice to see how far the game has come since then.


Calm down there, Lucifer.


That joke is like a gouda cheese… Old and cheesy :rofl: Even I had to think for a second as to what you’re referring to…


The first was worth watching more then once - the second, I was annoyed I had to sit through it all. lol.