BREACH - Crime Thriller WIP (UPDATED! 29-November-2018!) (800k+ Word)



They are wings.


It looks as if the wings have been attached to their chest :confused:


Ya know, let’s go with that instead! Also, the decision to split the books is great - especially if it takes the burden off of you and on the bright side the process of playing through all the changes that happen is part of what makes it so enjoyable!

gonna be that person and say I didn’t see it coming but I laughed for a good five minutes when it was revealed!

100% looking forward to this! I hope his grandmother makes another cameo, their relationship is my favourite! The pink/purple tracksuit mess was legendary :rofl:


Thank you! I’m actually looking forward to sooner or later publish this, but I first need to finish all the tasks posted above.

Everything I wrote for Rook involves some form of alcohol. If you don’t understand him, then you don’t understand him… you’re not really supposed to :laughing:

Either way I hope you have fun with him.


There’s still an entire year ahead, which I hope is a comforting fact! Also moral support will never be too much of an issue with the following you’ve amassed :grin:

To say I find him fun is an understatement! His quirkiness makes him lovable. I swear if Gabriel aka Mr Indestructible wasn’t as irresistible, Rook would be #1 - because crime and love triangles go hand in hand :joy:


Thank you! Much is needed and I’m very grateful to have such a supporting community! :smile:

I think Rook would be up for a threesome with My. Indestructible


Ooooh pretty excited for everything but to be honest the To be done 12958 made me bring out the happy dance of happiness+++.


cheats didn’t work


Oh boy, a lot of people are looking forward to that :laughing:

Here’s hoping I could write it without making it feel rushed…

Yeah, it broke when I cut the third and 4th chapter out… I’ll fix it in the next update


Huh, an interesting development. I do understand, however. Split it into two, reap profits from both, and allow players who don’t like the game a chance to not purchase the full (second?) game.

Huh. How’s that going to work in the new version? I guess now I can delete my old draft that I made of grammatical mistakes. Never got too far on that playthrough.