BREACH - Crime Thriller WIP (UPDATED! 29-November-2018!) (800k+ Word)



I’m gonna wait a bit for more content, then i’m gonna go on a testing marathon for things that need to be fixed. Sounds like a good pastime for weekends right? :wink:


IMGeez, I just noticed all of the amazing memes! :star_struck:


How about a APC or a IFV or just go all out insane and get a tank.


Those will be available to buy at the start of the big bank heist


Detective Path gonna be rough


“Gabriel…” Michael continues to hold his hand out

“Michael!” Gabriel protests.

“Andrew!” Your VIP shouts
This has got to be one of my favorite lines in the game


Writing some of these scenes are probably the best.

Yes… yes it is.


So MC’s parents will be referred to but not actually customized etc by us?

Will we be reunited with the kitten on Detective Path? Perhaps saving it in the middle of the gunfire causes Raquel to surrender.

I can only imagine a detective MC who romanced Raquel in a tense standoff and the kitten comes nuzzling both of their legs.


I put off playing this game for a year and now that I’ve finally finished it I can’t believe I hadn’t played it sooner! It’s amazing!

I’m a huge fan of the dice system and the amount of work put into creating success and failure scenarios. My biggest complaint playing these games is how railroaded successes can be, and often I will find myself purposefully failing just to see if it has any impact. FINALLY, a game that let’s me fail! I’m going to replay a few times on harder difficulties soon just to see more.

The gameplay is great and writing is very good as well. At times I think the missions can be a little more fleshed out. More descriptions of places and people would be nice during the jewelry and ATM heists. But I think there’s enough variety in outcomes to make up for that.

The characters are some of my favorites I’ve read on the forums. I like you that need to replay to get to know certain characters batter. The main characters especially are so great. The main trio have a fantastic dynamic, and I love how
your character is an outsider in their dynamic and it makes me a little jealous at times from my character’s POV. Also Mouse was such a sweet character, I wanted to protect them with all my being immediately. I didn’t expect to feel much of an emotional impact from this wacky story but I’m glad I did!

In short, this is a great game and I’m glad it exists. Keep up the great work!


I am not gun guy :unamused: I am sword guy :heart_eyes: in this game Breach pick sword all the time I am like snake


I actually have an idea for a scene for Detective Path.

I recently had a dream where a Detective , lets call him Reville was trying to bust a criminal I want to say Gabriel but the criminal was a bit of a smartass so Michael might fit better. The criminal knew that the locations he went didn’t have Cameras but Reville had “hidden camera photos” of Michael in each location. However there was a discrepancy that Michael didn’t notice but the MC did. The MC pulled Reville aside leaving A female agent will call her Megan to watch Michael. The MC pointed out that in each of the photos a kid Reville was watching over tied to the case loosely, was in the background. And that was too much of a coincidence not to be faked.

Now if you remove the kid you have Reville makes up evidence against The Archangels which is believable but there’s a key detail the MC notices that proves it’s fake of course we know the Archangels are guilty but it’s not about what you know it’s about what you can prove. So you have to choose whether to go with it or find another way.


Well, their gender can be customized, but that’s all I can say.

Maybe, maybe not.

Depends on how cruel The Outfit will retaliate…

Oh so cute~

Why thank you! I can’t believe new people are still playing this game :sweat_smile:

Yeah, it was hell to work with, but we got through just fine!

Yeah, the first few checks in the game are just there basically to tell you “Hey, this is how the game will work, here’s a free success”

That’s basically how Ben goes through the game checking for mistakes :laughing: But yes, failure is an option.

They may seem small when you go through, but the ammount of writing put into it was huge and was an absolute pain to get working with all the codes jumbled through the scripts and the many factors and outcomes.

Wohoo! Great characters! I feel so proud!

Rook: They grow up so fast! *Wipes tears off of eyes*

That’s exactly how I wanted you to feel. :smile:

… as I speak and write from experience… :sweat_smile:

Wohoo! And now I shall write some more! And hopefully actually finish the game! We’re 4 chapters in out of 6! We’re so close yet so far away!

Thank you! I’m so glad you liked it!

Eyepatch, coming soon! … I think… don’t know what good it’ll do, but hey, it makes you looks more intimidating and you’ll loose some depth perception, but at least you’ll look like a whole lot of iconic characters from super heroes to super spies to not so super special operations guy using a crossbow…

… Right… Crosses off “Have readers dream about my game” off my bucket list

… You had me a Reville, you lost at “A kid Reville was watching over”

I really wish readers would stop thinking of my ideas before I’ve heard of them.


But in all seriousness, I’ve been writing up on the ending for the Detective path, and there will be prosecutions against all members apart from the main trio, as you can’t exactly prosecute someone you don’t even know the identity off.

But I think I have a few ideas up my sleeve as to how to do so, and yes, your suggestion has been noted.


from gi joe that snake not one eye snake


There could be a complaint (not sure it’s the good word) or prosecution against X, no ?


That’s Snake Eyes.

Yes, and no. Technically, you can go through the entire game without killing a single soul as a detective directly, but even if you did so, Anthony will be taking full responsibility for your actions.


What is the exact word count at the moment? I’m wondering because it must be mindbogglingly huge by now.


The rough check right now including the WIP labels, it would bring the word count nearly up to nearly 800,000 words, including codes


Oh boy… it’s been a while since I’ve done a computer post. Don’t worry, this isn’t one. I’ve just been rather busy with academics at the moment. Writing research papers can be a nightmare sometimes.

Anyways, just dropping by to say how much of a nightmare the detective path will be if the player romances a crew member (yall know who). I read that the main trio don’t get prosecuted, and I’ve been confused on who they actually are. Is it Gabriel, Michael, and Raquel? Or Gabriel, Michael, and Kaidan?

So uh, yeah. How’ve you been, @MichaelMaxwell? Working hard on the most “important” portions of the story, right?

That’s it. Ciao.


How are the remaining RO scenes coming along?


Am I really the only one or is anyone else stuck where you jump out of the VAM tower to rappel down but the rope keeps snapping and i just fall to my death? I’ve loaded the checkpoint twice to change my choices but nothing seems to keep me alive…