BREACH - Crime Thriller WIP (UPDATED! 2-October-2018!) (700k+ Word)



Is that Bad ending the default ending for the informant route? :disappointed:
just wanna wack em all esp Mike and Gabe (tho I’m In love with him lol)


I’m finally back after taking a few days to really work on the game. I now have enough content that I can be somewhat proud enough to say that I can now update the game!

Thank you for the support everyone. It means a lot knowing that at least someone’s still anticipating this game’s full release.

Stares at the other massive threads in the WIP section of the forum

… Yeah, comparatively.

Thank you! I’m doing my best to put aside enough time to work on the game!

Oof, you’re going to have to make a choice then :wink:

Also that ending is just a placeholder for the real continuation of the chapter… this game is far from over, but hey, I’m working on it! :blush:

Speaking of which, get ready for the new update! Involving actual content for the undercover route! Which is coming today!


Holy cow i’ve been waiting for this glorious moment… total bliss rn


@Zeus_Ark Wait no longer, because…


DEVELOPMENT LOG# 31.2 (17-August-2018) (Public Testing)


  • Finally some content!
    — Added new scenes for the undercover and informant route
    — Added new scenes for the criminal route
  • Disabled mid-chapter checkpoint (You can now only restore to the start of a chapter)
  • Added the ability to change difficulty at the start of every chapter
  • DEV NOTE: Looking at implementing difficulty change mid-chapter before the start of part 2 of every chapter.
  • Refined the outline for each possible for cop and criminal origin.
    — Cop origin players can become:
    ------ True cop
    ------ Bad cops (Turning criminal)
    ------ Dirty cops (Letting criminals get away)
    — Criminal origin players can become:
    ------ True crime lord
    ------ True vigilante
    ------ Informant (Turning informations to the FBI)
  • Revamped the ammo system (.2 version)
  • Revamped the damage system (To be compatible with .2 the version)
  • Fixed a few scenes in Chapter 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • Added 14 new weapons
    — Added 6 new primary weapons
    ------ FN FS2000
    ------ CZ-805 BREN
    ------ M60
    ------ UTS-15
    ------ CXR-677 (From VAMcorp)
    ------ L16a2 (From VAMcorp)
    — Added 4 new secondary weapons
    ------ FN FNX-45
    ------ Maxim 9
    ------ MP-412 REX
    ------ RMP-9 (From VAMcorp)
    — Added 4 new melee weapons
    ------ The Kitty Claw
    ------ Tactical Shovel
    ------ Ultra Knife
    ------ Pipe Wrench
  • Added some pictures to the body armour and tactical vests
  • Made Rook’s hangout a little bit more… mature.
  • Changed weapon incognito stats
  • A whole lot of tweaks and fixes
  • Added 2 new hair styles!
  • Added a page break telling when the game is saving at a checkpoint
  • Added a last run script label indicator
  • Fixed a few reported bugs (hopefully)
  • Added more actual content
    COMPLETED: Justin Hangout - Second Hangout (100%)
    COMPLETED: Rook Hangout - First Hangout (100%)
    OPERATION: Rook Hangout - Second Hangout (22%)
    OPERATION: The Purge - Ellipsis (…) Massacre! (41%)
    OPERATION: Kaz Hangout - First Romance (34%)
    OPERATION: Chapter 4: The Big Bank (47%)
    OPERATION: Gregory’s Glorious Goods - Part 2 (89%)
    COMPLETED: Velvet Cuts Heist (100%)

Breach: The Archangel Job link

I would like to point out the fact, that the word count (including codes) progress that’s been made within the last few months has been pretty slow… I’m very sorry for the incredibly slow progress.

2017 - November - 24

480,928 Total

2018 - May - 5

645,042 Total

2018 - August - 17

719,295 Total

Have fun playing! Because in a couple of months, the next update will be for the private threads!


Omg!!! :raised_hands: Hachuuu!!! Bless you!!!


Enjoy the game everyone!

Falls asleep from exhaustion :sleeping: :zzz:


Ah @MichaelMaxwell you just made a good day even better with this news. I want to thank you for giving me something fun to do before classes start up again and cant wait to get my hands on this. As i wish you the best of luck and cant wait to see your further work.


Finally Mouse is back​:kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart: damn i just want but it from play store. i guess @MichaelMaxwell u just made a new fan today keep it up :+1::+1::+1:


For the “Bad Cop” route what do you mean by turning criminal? Like a renegade police officer who will do anything they can to bring the archangel crew and their associates to justice even if it even going against orders, causing property damage, or even accidently causing innocent lives to be lost?


Yessss!! Super excited to play! Can I sign up for the mentioned private threads.


I miss you man go get that sleep! You deserve it.


Ben here.

Max and Myself thank you for your support.

Thank you, we bounced our work around but Max did the most work on this update since I’m busy helping my family with some issues.

The term Bad Cop is only a variable status, so most of the route’s names are not to be taken literally.

The Bad Cop route means that you started out as either a cop or before the attack at the mill you turned informant, and once the incident happened, you turn on the FBI to help the Archangels escape, becoming a fugitive yourself, cutting ties with the FBI, thus becoming a bad cop.

Sorry, I don’t have a good vocabulary.

I am glad people are anticipating this game, but as for the private thread, that is for Max to decide.

It’s basically what he does all day long…


I’ve noticed that this game has a TON of possible ROs, and not a single sexual tension or interests in the opposite sex from our MC, so i was wondering if this new update of yours has that installed?

Also, the MCs bestfriend, which is a guy since my MC is female, is too effeminate as a guy and too much of a scaredy cat. I get that he’s called mouse but he doesn’t really have to live up to his name to a T.


I’ve been constantly thinking about implementing this, but I personally don’t like it when the game forces the MC to have thoughts about sexual tension or interest towards a certain character or gender before they’ve decided on a relatinoship. But when a relationship is in the context, I’m all for sexual tension. :laughing:

You’ll notice that my game has a lot of customizations, but not once did I write the game asking about the MC’s sexuality, or race.

I personally like open options and flexibility before going all out. Who or what the MC is before the premise is set, is all on you as the reader. You pick who you want, and be with whoever you want, the game won’t ask questions, the game won’t judge… unless you start a relationship with more than one person at the same time…

That’s… kind of the point. Mouse is supposed to play the role of the helpless young sidekick, regardless of the gender. In the game, there’s all kinds of people with all kinds of personalities. Their gender doesn’t determine whether they’re scared cat or a badass soldier, their personality and history does.

But then again these are all my opinion. What do you all think? Should I implement some sort of option to choose the MC’s sexuality? Should I make Edwyn (Male version of Mouse) less of a helpless little sidekick?


No! It’s cute that way. :smirk:


I think it might not be right to have the female version of a character come across as weak/the helpless little sidekick and the male version not. Personally, I like Mouse just fine as is, regardless of gender.

Although… I kind of… never looked at Mouse as an RO. I love him as a baby brother type :sweat_smile: (which I’ve never experienced before, as the baby of my own family, so I still think that’s good on you as the writer to somehow invoke an older sibling instinct in me lol)

Also if you want to add a sexuality option, that’s cool. I kind of enjoy establishing my MC as the world’s biggest gay lol. But if it won’t really have an effect in anything, then it’s probably not too important to concern yourself with.


If I’m going to put this into the game… I’m going to be doing it my style… :smirk:


It’s most likely an error in the informant route when MC was escorted by Reville in the hospital Gabriel showed up and even opened the elevators for MC.
This was when I already defected from the Archangels.



some typo error too


Yaaaaassss real excited about the update!!! :grin: Keep up the good work :star_struck: