BREACH - Crime Thriller WIP (Update #40 30-March-2019) (800k~ Word)


It was your bday 5 days ago?! Well very late happy birthday! Haven’t played the new update yet but I think it’ll be gr8. Imma try Raquel’s route so I can see her faceeee.


If it’s rook, he is maybe gonna love our MC with a costume, eat tacos and make them while showing his “skills”, and way much more I can think of.

But since you have ideas I have some for Rook’s hangout:
He may have his hangout with the MC at his strip club and of course chit chat for a while and later on, he may do a special dance (I hope you know what I mean) for the MC and proceed to you know. He could also just invite the MC to save the daughter from Sarah (can’t recall if the name is correct :sweat_smile:) and then go to the strip club for you know.

I could suggest more ideas but I think they are either too unrealistic or they just aren’t right


Raquel’s romance may feel a little rushed, but like Gabriel, she will also get a bit of a re-write on her scenes in Chapter 3.

I did promise that the MC would see more of Rook’s Abuela and a bit more of a background on his history with Bishop, so that’s what you’ll be seeing. But don’t worry, they’ll be doing more than a few things in the hangout… Maybe even a bit of lap dance. :wink:


Things are gonna get spicy…


This is a pretty solid piece of work, definitely one of my favourite WIPs! I’ve been playing this over a good number of times, but I still can’t figure out how to get with Raquel

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Get shot. Many times. It actually increases your relationship stat with her.

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According to Max, even with getting shot a lot, you will still barely hit the 70 cap which if remember correctly, is when you get to romance Raquel

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Thank you! This game is meant to be replayable with much variations, so I’m glad people are still playing this game eventhough it’s been 4 years since the first words were uploaded to the forum. :sweat_smile:

At the end of chapter 3, when Gabriel visits you, you will have to not let him in, and Raquel will show up, and you may let her in instead.

This is true. Getting Raquel’s romance will be a bit hard. But that’s sort of the point. I will be adding a bit more scene for her in Chapter 3, giving the MC more chance to further gain her trust.

Or, if you haven’t the patience, you may use the cheats to bump up your relationships to the maximum.


Quick question will the cheat option be available in the finalized version of this game after it being released?


Yes… but in a different form.

The cheat “Sayplease” that unlocks the cheat menu will be deleted

But each of the individual cheat codes will still be in the game for you to activate. However, activating the cheats will deactivate achievements in the final game.


Will there be a way to activate them by entering a phrase or will just be going to the cheat menu and choosing what you want to do?

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Yo I got another idea… wot If I made a dude called Abaddon (Look up wot Abaddon is in christianity) and I made him a informant that instead of cats… liked dogs and has a rivalry/hate for Raphael.


Y is this demo so replayable?


Raquel is gonna attack you with her kitty nails and growl at you like a lion. It’s gonna end very bad for you my dear.


So there’s more hmm? Pray tell :thinking:

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Nah, let 'em. I’m curious to see what happens…


Maniacal laughter rings in the background


So I’m back from the Cat V Dog situation and let’s just say… Pain


MC proceeds to cry due to trauma caused by the kitty-pocalypse


Raquel might hurt me for saying this but She is like Mouse’s Evil Twin but way better. Mouse probably fainted as well


Someone please make this happen.