BREACH - Crime Thriller WIP (Update #40 30-March-2019) (800k~ Word)


If I recall there are Lucifers though, right? I distinctly remember the FBI agent being one

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Post #2387, If I recall

A strange thing I noticed, sorta related. In the bible, Angels are described as terrifying things, despite their nature (so… Gabriel’s face? Haven’t played his route, don’t really know a lot about that). Idk. There’s a reason they say “Don’t be afraid” often. A smiley could say this…



Author said that Romancing Gabriel doesn’t reveal his face if I remember correctly. However romancing Raquel does reveal her face if I also remember correctly so ye.



But @MichaelMaxwell is there any Fanart of the characters and the masks aside from Gabriel and Michael?

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A lot of the very early fans requested masks and I manage to make a few of them before I got a little bit lazy and stopped doing them entirely, started around may 2017, I think. Not really sure.

Wow, this game is old…

However, thankfully I have recruited some help. Hopefully, I can have a full body art for most of the main characters in the game once the game is done.

EDIT: update coming today



Oh hey! an update!

(Ignore the premature update post before this one :sweat_smile:)

Breach: The Archangel Job (Updated)

DEVELOPMENT LOG# 38 (16-March-2019) (Public Testing)


  • Fix-a-this, fix-a-that
  • Fixed the luck & difficulty system not showing proper stats
  • Added “The Coin Of Lady Luck” in Gregory’s Glorious Miscellaneous
  • Halved penalties for the easiest difficulty
  • Finished! Carly’s 3rd Hangout
  • Finished! Charlie’s 3rd Hangout
  • Finished! Charlie’s romance
  • Deleted dial number & contact list feature on phone
  • Deleted “Show Stats re-roll” feature (Can still be activated in cheats)
    W.I.P: Rook’s 3rd Hangout
    W.I.P: Rook’s romance
    W.I.P: “Enhancements” to Anna’s Chapter 3 romance
    W.I.P: “Enhancements” to Carly’s Chapter 3 romance
    W.I.P: “Enhancements” to Hayne’s Chapter 3 romance
    W.I.P: “Enhancements” to Raquel’s Chapter 3 romance
    W.I.P: Unique masks finish
    W.I.P: Mouse’s 3rd Hangout
    Final private testing phase

The plan is set… 3 more updates until the game is ready for release. I absolutely can’t wait. The part-time work I have now has hindered the progress slightly, but with the end so close, I have no doubt the updates will be no problem.

In other news. I’m not sure whether this will be the last public update yet, but since there’s only 3 updates left to go through, and the next update will include the start of the final private testing thread, I wonder what I should do.

We’re so close to the end… It’s been a long 4 years of writing, I can only thank the wonderful people here who have helped me go through everything, both regarding the game, and life itself. :heart:






Coincidentally, today happens to be my birthday. What a world.



I found this :thinking:

Weird character and stray code

a pair of bunny ears on their heads doing some, rather erotic, risqué yet flexible manoeuvres.


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I feel like I should be getting this for free… :wink:



I thought so myself…

Happy birthday!

Found and fixed!

As much as I would like to say the name was coincidental, you did remind me of this coin’s existence. So thank you for that :wink:

The coin was actually from a D&D campaign I used to do long ago in a place called “Trebantaboo”




Second: After a few months I just realized… Is Gregory’s Glorious Goods a Critical Role reference? Because if so I love you so much for it.



Gregory Murdock is basically Shaun Gilmore, but that’s not where CritRole references stop :smirk:



Yes they’re so much alike I love him! Now I have to reread just to find all the references. :heart:

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Hey Happy Birthday and have the best day of whatever age you are ever!



Was Charlie’s romance added or did you just write it? I can’t get to it, it just says WIP next to it and won’t let me click it.

(Sorry if the came out sounding rude. I kind of feel like it did. The first part at least. I’m just going to go now.)

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Oops, sorry, didn’t realise the hangout was still locked. hotfix update has been uploaded, it should be fixed now! :sweat_smile:



Glad I could help :smile:
Also, I got this when I asked if he would want to go back to the UK.

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Fixed! Wow, I really should’ve gone through the game personally before uploading it. Very sorry :sweat_smile:

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Dunno if this has been mentioned yet but during Carlie’s hangout when looking for her butler, an error happens and you can either reload the last checkpoint or end the game.

“S-Shit” She curses. ERRORR ERRORR Script Error, ended early. Please report.

please put this in your report (error: 13131) = Dropped out of line

Last run script = “agilitycheck”


Please post the codes below for review (copy and paste all)


AKslot11new 9508848
AKslot12new 9508848
AKslot13new 9508848
AKslot14new 9508848
AKslot15new 9508848
AKslot16new 9508848
AKslot17new 9508848
AKslot18new 9508848
AKslot19new 9508848
AKslot21new 9508848
AKslot22new 9508848
AKslot23new 9508848
AKslot24new 9508848
AKslot25new 9508848
LuckDifficulty 6
luckplusmin 0
AKslot28new 0
AKslot29new 0
AKslot31new 0
AKslot32new 0
AKslot33new 0
AKslot34new 0
AKslot35new 0
AKslot36new 0
AKslot37new 0
AKslot38new 0
AKslot39new 0
AKslot41new 0
AKslot42new 0
AKslot43new 0
AKslot43new 0
AKslot45new 0
AKslot46new 0
AKslot47new 0
AKslot48new 0
AKslot49new 0
AKslot51new 0
AKslot52new 0
AKslot53new 0
AKslot54new 0
AKslot55new 0
timestone false
AKslot57new false
AKslot58new false
AKslot59new false
AKslot61new false
AKslot62new false
AKslot63new false
AKslot64new false
AKslot65new false
AKslot66new false
AKslot67new false
AKslot68new false
AKslot69new false
secwepcall your HK MP7
meleewepcall your karambit
meleecol 9508848
primwepcalltype your assault rifle
secwepcalltype your submachine gun
meleewepcalltype your karambit
meleewepfull your karambit
secwepcall2 9508848
GymTraining 0
HasKitty false
catname 9508848
KaidanWound 0
zip_ties Zip-tie
BBH_DateName 9508848
AgilPenprimwep 5
IncogPenprimwep 7
AgilPensecwep 0
IncogPensecwep 6
AgilPenarmour 0
IncogPenarmour 0
AgilPenmelwep 0
IncogPenmelwep 0
origprimmuzzle 0
tempwepassigntoken 6
statscreencount 0
difficulty_token 1
BBH_Info1 0
masktoken 0
cufftoken 0
Heist2 0
HeistNum 1
startstate 2
OGplan 0
C3EndingState 0
GGGCountdownDelay 0
C3MeganState 0
KeptWepMelee 5
KeptCountMelee 3
RelRook 200
H2BackRoom 0
GGG_buygoods 0
MaskOn false
C1SawEveryonesFace false
C3HealedGabe false
RookDead false
C1gonethroughsewers false
MCwearsskirt 1
MC_Unused true
AimProtocol 0
C1UniquePrologue false
meleecustomname false
FirstTimeofferedname true
MCbadcop false
RollCounter 0
errormessage sayplease
secbang 9508848
primwepcall your VD CXR-677
C3AndrewState 0
C2callbeforehangup 0
damage 0
primwepfull your VD CXR-677 assault rifle
secwepfull your two HK MP7 submachine guns
hitarea 9508848
primwepstorage 0
INV_JustinMasterKey 0
MCsexcount 0
bang THUMP
HeistLoot 9508848
HeistVehicleSpecial 2
HeistLootCount 6
HeistPCtake 0
HeistRTake 0
HeistUTake 0
HeistSTake 0
RelMegan 200
hairtype low fade
C4warehousewentwithwho 0
KeptWepPrim 75
KeptWepSec 63
KeptCountPrim 3
KeptCountSec 3
ACC1primtype 3
ACC2primtype 3
ACC3primtype 3
ACC3primtype 3
ACC5primtype 3
ACC6primtype 3
ACC2sectype 5
ACC3sectype 0
ACC5sectype 4
ACC6sectype 6
FBIcallratcount 1
FBIcalltold 1
C3MouseState 0
C3AndyCondition 0
HeistVehicleArmour true
hasvest false
C2hangup true
HeistVehicleOffroad true
HeistNoCasualties true
HeistNoCivilCasualties true
unlockedMegan false
UnlockedGreg false
UnlockedRook false
MCinformant false
MCdirtycop false
Ratoption4 false
DualWield true
primwepmagtype magazine
secwepmagtype magazine
HeistVehicleSpeed 4
BagCount 0
meleeattack slash
meleeweptype karambit
armourname Suit
wepreloadbypass false
HeistCountdownStart false
primwepreloadact 1
secwepreloadact 1
primwepchargemax 6
primwepmag 2
HeistVehicle armoured SWAT van
ConversCount 5
Story_Milestone 2
HeistDeadline 2
INV_C4blocks 4
HeistGetaway 4
HeistCountdown 5
primwepcharge 6
HeistTemp1 0
INV_Zipties 15
HeistTemp2 6
secwepcharge 8
primwepmagmax 2
secwepchargemax 8
secwepmag 192
secwepmagmax 192
wepreloadact 0
INV_Medkitcharge 4
INV_Medkitmax 4
HeistCondition 3
meleestrength 1
HeistGuardStat2 0
HeistGuardStat3 0
BBH_ManagerialStatus 0
vehiclemod 0
HumanShieldGender 0
HeistGuardStat1 0
HeistGuardStat4 0
INV_PlasmaCutter false
HeistGuardStat5 0
HeistTake 0
pointtoken 0
terwepreloadact 0
wepreload false
noammo false
HeistNumber 1
HasHumanShield false
HeistVehicleType van
seclastround false
primlastround true
HeistVehicleName Lenko BEAR LE-4 2010
Rhe he
Rhim him
Rhis his
Uhe he
Uhim him
Uhis his
She she
Shim her
Shis her
Mhers hers
legprot false
Nighttime false
timetoken 5
seccol 9508848
seccustomname false
primcol 9508848
primcustomname false
CurrentHeist 2
HeistEntry1 0
HeistCrowdControl1 2
HeistChoice1 2
HeistChoice4 1
HeistChoice5 1
HeistChoice6 4
HeistChoice7 1
HeistCrowdComplience 0
HeistTime 3
Visits_Greg 1
R_relstat 0
U_relstat 0
S_relstat 3
M_relstat 0
Daytime true
gymcount 0
NonRandDC 0
GGG_ShopTier 5
PHONE_info1 true
FirstTimePub false
FirstTimeGGG true
Chapter_Bypass false
R_Unused true
U_Unused true
S_Unused false
M_Unused false
RatOption1 false
RatOption2 false
RatOption3 false
DeactivateRand true
GGG_Side1QuestUnlock false
GGG_Side2QuestUnlock false
meleetoken 5
meleeact 3
armourtoken 100
hasarmour false
deathcount 0
activatedice false
activaterand2 true
GodMode true
activaterand4 true
activaterand6 true
activaterand8 true
activaterand10 true
activaterand20 true
nocritfail true
locker true
MCcop false
MCvigilante true
MCbad false
HeistCrowdControl2 1
MCmale true
MChe he
MChis his
MChim him
MCfemale false
mask black mask with the a gold X over the mouth
percentiledice 0
MCrole 9508848
MCcallsign 9508848
money 113049508
OHmoney 0
name Logan
midname 9508848
lastname Mercer
sir Sir
genderopp women
genderplur men
mr Mr.
nolastname false
yeslastname true
parodyname 99
bleeding false
share $8,500
M_share $850
skipmodule 999992
gender man
gendernoun male
genderyoung boy
eyecolour hazel
hair honey blonde low fade hair
haircolour honey blonde
impression graceful
bodytype 3
facetype 3
build athletic
body fit
incognito 200
weight 73
showrand false
d2 1
d3 0
d4 0
d6 0
d8 0
d10 0
d20 0
counta false
counta2 false
counta3 false
counta4 false
UNItempSkip_module false
counta6 false
H2AriaOwner 0
HeistNoTake 0
BBH_Plan 0
difficulty_lev Very Easy
countc 3
countc2 0
countc3 sayplease
BBH_HeistDate 0
countz2 0
countslot1 0
countslot2 0
relMouse 200
crimerep 18
citizrep 18
RelFBI 3
mhe she
mhim her
mhis her
mname Avelyne
Mwound 0
M_knows false
M_Work the Golden Rose Garden
INV_ATMscrambler false
hasmelee true
hasprimary false
hassecondary false
nosecondary true
primwep VD CXR-677
primweptype assault rifle
secweptype submachine guns
secwep two HK MP7
terwep X26 taser
terweptype taser
meleewep karambit
meleetype karambit
aldead false
blood 1000
wounds 0
armour 0
strength 200
perception 200
intelligence 200
intimidation 200
persuade 200
accuracy 200
agility 200
incognito 200
agilitypenalty 0
strengthpenalty 0
perceptionpenalty 0
accuracypenalty 0
strengthmod 200
perceptionmod 200
intelligencemod 200
intimidationmod 200
persuademod 200
accuracymod 200
agilitymod 200
incognitomod 100
engineering 200
weaponry 200
driving 200
MeganWound 0
tactics 200
LtDanWound 0
C4EvidenceInfo 0
engineeringmod 200
weaponrymod 200
drivingmod 200
deathscene 0
tacticsmod 200
BBHtemp_VAMdebt 0
activatepictures true
primtoken 75
moral 70
lawful 50
proleader Picard
proshotguncut true
proshotgunner Shotty
prochainsaw Chains
procrowder Smiley
MCrolepro Chains
CrewMask on
prologueteam good
prologuekill false
prologuekillcivil false
C1triedtostealgun false
C1stolecar false
C1didntstolecar true
C1triedtostolecar 0
C1theman Reville
C1thewoman the woman
C1counta false
C1counta2 false
C1counta3 false
C1tempbullet 9508848
C1countc 0
C1quietcount 5
luckmod 6
cheaterMC false
C1FBIwin false
C1FBIloose true
C1showncctv true
C1activation false
withKaz true
ultrafail false
shotsuccess true
woundsuccess false
killsucess false
killcount 0
C3SavedAaron false
Rweapon Benelli M4
Rook_relstat 0
wepdam 5
RaquelWound 0
armourpiercing false
nameinitial 9508848
wepacc 4
RookWound 0
primwepdam 8
secwepdam 5
terwepdam 0
primwepAP false
secwepAP false
terwepAP false
primwepacc 10
secwepacc 1
terwepacc 4
primwepatt false
secwepatt false
HasTertiary false
hitarmour false
sideprot false
sideprothit 0
shouldprot false
shouldprothit 0
FBprot false
FBprothit 0
neckprot false
neckprothit 0
thighprot false
thighprothit 0
groinprot false
groinprothit 0
headprot false
headprothit 0
BBH_Info3 0
C4MapState 41
C4WhoBeDrivin 0
LastRunScriptLabel agilitycheck
C4DonLavadechiStat 3
weppicktype submachine gun
weppickcall your HK MP5a2
armourmod 0
RookRelStages 0
DCrange 64
critfail false
nat20 false
rollresult 230
primwepsight scope
incognitopenalty 0
timecount 0
C1freedomcount 12
relKaz 200
INV_lockpick 5
statscreenskip true
primwepact 2
secwepact 2
terwepact 1
sectoken 63
tertoken 2
BBH_Info2 0
C4SorezStat 3
terwepcharge 2
KazWound 0
relAnna 200
relCharlie 200
relRaquel 200
relGabe 198
relpoint 3
relstat 13
MCtop leather jacket
acc1primtoken 0
acc2primtoken 0
acc3primtoken 0
acc4primtoken 0
faceprothit 0
legprothit 0
armprothit 0
MChes he’s
MChers his
acc5primtoken 2
armprot false
hassecondary false
MCbottom jeans
M_cut 850
C1escaperesult 3
secwepsight iron sights
acc2sectoken 0
acc3sectoken 0
acc5sectoken 2
fakelastname Jones
MCnonbin false
weppickcalltype your submachine gun
BlueSapphireOwner 0
faceprot false
armoursave false
shotmiss false
rollfail false
rollsuccess true
mascol black
maspat X over the mouth
maspatcol a gold
relHayne 200
acc1prim 9508848
acc2prim 9508848
acc3prim 9508848
acc4prim 9508848
acc5prim low-profile suppressor
acc2sec 9508848
acc3sec 9508848
acc5sec low-profile suppressor
acc6sectoken 3
acc6sec extended magazine
withMouse false
customprim true
customsec true
acc6primtoken 7
acc6prim quad-stacked magazine
primwepsuppressed true
secwepsuppressed true
relJustin 200
relCarly 204
JustinWound 0
CarlyWound 0
weppick 1
HayneWound 0
AnnaWound 0
CharlieWound 0
MCheis he is
HeistChoice2 0
R_Token 2
S_Token 2
U_Token 2
Rname Kaz
Sname Carline
Uname Justin
GabeWound 0
MikeWound 0
C4GregStat 1
Heist1 2
relMichael 197
undershirt true
BoomDeYada sayplease
HeistChoice3 0
PHONE_InfLocker 4
tempweptoken 3
AllGirlPair false
AllMenPair false
RaquelnGabrielPair 0

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