BREACH - Crime Thriller WIP (Update #40 30-March-2019) (800k~ Word)


@MichaelMaxwell, will it be possible to get enough money for the most expensive stuff available, without using cheats?


In part 1? Only 2 things can’t be bought without cheating. The golden baseball bat, and the minigun.

But in part 2, you will be able have enough money to buy them.




Ayy gears of war was the game. His siblings are probably going to be killed too, I assume?


That’s a bit strange for the MC considering that she watched you for a longgg time and she watched you the most out of the 3 archangels. Maybe add some more scenes with her so it’s easier to have a romance with her. Also, about the features of the game, the contact list and the dial a number feature is not only a wip but isn’t it complicated to code? From what I see, the gun damage doesn’t really matter in the game since I guess with any gun, it will always kill in one shot making the other guns like the sniper rifle less viable. Rate of fire is completely unaccounted in here. I believe the bulletproof two piece suit can also have extra ammo capacity. I know Greg’s glorious goods is still a wip and idk if you will implement the clothes section but if you do, you can make each of the clothes in a corresponding set like the mafia set, which consists of a trenchcoat, hat, and so on and so forth. I believe it’s recommended to add a price for the bullets to make it more realistic, but it should not be too expensive though. You can set a price for one bullet like 5mm is 1$ then you can take account of the missing bullets from the MC and that would be the total price. Also, range modifiers should be added. That’s all I think is to be said

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I do agree that there needs to be more scenes with her. But all that will come more in Part 2 of the game.

Same reason why both her and Gabriel’s romance feels so rushed and out of character. They’re meant to be at the end of the game, but I moved them back due to popular demands. However, I do aim to keep the romance there, with a bit more tweaks to make it less forced and more natural.

Yes, which is why it won’t survive the end :laughing:

The contact list and dial a number feature was supposed to be how you hang out with your crew members but when I realised that you can’t go into a scene in the stats screen and make it permanent, I decided to scrap that idea and just made it so that the MC is able to hang out in the daily menu.

Damage actually does matter, but in rare instances. Like for the VAMcorp scene, where if you have a high enough damage for your weapon, your bullet will actually go through their body armour and possibly even kill them.

Some weapons like The Cerberus shotgun alongside VAMcorp’s RMP-9 hand cannon has a damage high enough to go through a ballistic shield (which will be seen and will be particularly useful later in the game in part 2)

That is true, because it honestly doesn’t matter much in a text scenario.

Considering the ammount of weight it puts, I do think that I can imitate the vest from the movie Heat with the strap-on magazines.

The clothes will actually be a thing, because the MC’s clothing are actually modular. You’ll start out with a regular leather jacket and jeans, but you can change that into anything, anytime you visit the store.

However, I’m still working on how to do that without messing up the armour codings… :sweat_smile:

I do think that ammunition needs a price, but per bullet seems a bit too much. This game already has so much and doesn’t need more micromanagement than it already has, so the game will treat ammunition in bulk.

This also includes bulk armour piercing rounds, hollowpoint/softpoint, tracers, etc.

Range is actually already part of the DC in all shooting rolls.


Wew I see thanks mate! Cerberus shotgun? Is that gonna be in part 2?


Yes. It’s a three-barrelled shotgun that uses rocket slugs… It’ll break your shoulder with each shot, but anything on the other end may as well be pining for the fjords… Even if they were behind a rifle rated ballistic shield


Hhahahahahhhaha my dreammmmmmm. how about adding a literal hand cannon? Just like the hand cannon in bloodborne


I’m saving the utter ridiculous items for a later game… a different one than this. A place where everything nothing is normal


Ahahaha looks like the second game is gonna look like Saints Row


Not really, it’s more of a fantasy world. If I was going to go full Saints Row, I’d just have to make a game about Rook and Bishop’s backstory :laughing:


Hahahahahahah even better😂




I really really want that full helmet mask it would look so good with the juggernaut suit.


I just thought of a idea… wot if I made a big and fat character named Bob that had the Juggernaut suit & Buelletproof helmet with a Minigun.

And wot if he was a informant… the archangels SHALL FALL


Woah you mean Bob? As in Bob from tekken? Cause if so, his weapon is not a machine gun but it’s his belly powersss



And then they become demons… Ooh. Scary. But I do think that there’s already a minigun in-game. An EOD Suit, though… That’s a fine idea. Assuming it isn’t in-game already, if it is I missed it.

@MichaelMaxwell remember long ago, the proposed villains, the “fallen”? I mean, I can infer that nobody gets to cross the Archangels, but regardless, I have added this idea to my headcanon.


Wait what post it that located? I really wanna know

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EOD suits don’t protect you from bullets as much as it does from shockwaves and shrapnel.

But fear not, a juggernaut suit is already in the game.

So far, I cannot reveal much of anything, but there is not yet any “fallen” Archangels. As mentioned before in a topic long ago.
(Before of a bit of spoilers)

But I do have other plans inspired by such a concept.