BREACH - Crime Thriller WIP (Update #40 30-March-2019) (800k~ Word)


Bishop: Quietly opens the door and puts a "Do not disturb" sign on the door before pulling back in

Sorry, we’re a bit busy finishing up with Charlie’s Blues Brothers style hangout and romance. It’s taking a bit longer than I expected with the fact that I also have work now :sweat_smile:


your making me choose between Raquel and Hayne… I hate you


The game is meant to be replayable for a reason, so why not both?

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Its still very hard to choose, but you made Raquel a RO is I love

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Before Raquel’s route was added, I always played Hayne’s. She had a bomb hangout storyline.



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So will that scene where the undercovers and informants get shot by Michael still be in the final release? Will there be an option to prevent our ro from getting shot, when this happens? I’ve seen too many die… Too many being two, but still.

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Even in spoilers, I ain’t spoilin’ anything. :smirk:


Well, going with Bishop and Rook and having fun ( fun for criminals, ya know)
And when my MC invited Gabriel over cuz I am a big sucker for romance, oh and when they costumized my MC’s mask!

And the roll the dice luck thing, which I must say is very interesting and it’s my first time playing a game with that feature!


I always feel so sad for carmine. lol


Rip Carmine

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Hold on, may I ask how do we get Gabriel and Raquel to reveal their faces to the MC? I saw someone did it before in the thread and how do we get a romance with Raquel?

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Have 70+ relationship with her, and don’t invite Gabriel inside, when he shows up.
They both take off their mask in the romance scenes, but you don’t get to see Gabriel’s face.


Wait how do I even get a 70+ relationship with Raquel?

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Cheat, or (according to the author) get hurt and let her patch you up.
There’s other small increases scattered around the game, so you can do some trial and error.


Wew okay then thanks

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I’ve counted them all… and it’s just barely possible.

Raquel is one of those people who are very distruting of others beyond her circle. But most of her relationship advances come from getting shot and getting her to patch you up, and or supporting Gabriel in some instances. But most of the times, she will most likely completely ignore you.

In other words, don’t take it personal if she doesn’t like. She doesn’t really like anyone…

In other news, the update is coming soon! Maybe not now or tomorrow, but soon! It’ll include two new hangouts for Charlie and Carly, and also Charlie’s first romance!


This game has taken quite a while to make due to some troubles and honestly, my reluctance to actually work at times. But with the cut made, the game will soon have it’s day!

RIP Carmine
Before Emergence - 14 A.E.

… I feel so bad for him I feel like some of his siblings should make a comeback against the MC :laughing:


Love the game, but is there any way to get my hands on the list of cheat codes? I replayed the game so many times that i just want to mess around with the possibilities.


All the cheat codes you’ll need for testing are compiled into one cheat menu. Type in the word “sayplease” and it’ll unlock the cheat menu in the difficulty settings at the start of every chapter.