BREACH - Crime Thriller WIP (Update #40 30-March-2019) (800k~ Word)


He’s lying he was destroying are minds run while you still can








Before this thread gets anymore off track, I’d just like to say that the next update will most likely be the last update for the public testing. I will be recruiting testers both from previous testers, and those here that have been contributing so much to the game.

Since I’ve now got a small paying job, I’ll have less time to work on my game, but don’t worry, I won’t be leaving my game unchecked. I will continue to write until it is finished.

If there’s any questions, feel free to ask. And don’t worry, it won’t be translated through google translate numerous times…



I will just ask this again would are mc have ever seen Michael without his mask before joining the group ( obviously with without knowing it).










Still no cop puns i see. This is upsetting. Also bonus easter egg, if you ever wish to redo the police station scene, dont hesitate to put donuts. There is always donuts in the break room. Idk where we get them from or if they are on the cities budget but we get em.

Now back into the shadows i go. :policeman:‍♂



Well, it’s good to know that I wouldn’t be wrong with stereotyping cops with doughnuts :sweat_smile:

I will be putting in some more cop scenes (That doesn’t include shootouts… at least in the beginning) for both Charlie and Carly’s hangouts.



No, the MC has never met Michael before joining the Archangel



Wow. Quite a lot had happened. I’m a bit surprised that Gabriel is that young I thought he’s middle thirties atleast. Im glad. Ive little to no time playing cuz RL sucks but I can’t pass this up. I have to say I’m impressed by the sex scene between MC and Gab/Raquel. Curiously I feel like it wasn’t you who wrote it I dunno why. Also, it feels a bit rushed, even though it was perfectly written. I think it’s because there’s little to no sexual chemistry between MC and Raquel/Gabriel before the scene. It’s really surprising that they’ll immediately jump to bed with MC. Im a bit bothered by that. Other than the pre FBI raid scene, i think they should have a tender or sexual tension scene before woohoo. Also, i love the idea of playing matchmaker! You’re a genius for that! This will be a monster game by the time it’s finished. Can’t believe we’re nearing endgame haha. I hope you also post the characters height. Im curious if Gabriel is taller than Rook.



Back to my other question, when is Rook's birthday?

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Я печатаю этот из mon portable cette fois. Sie darf erwarten sprachlicher nastranost u ապագան.

Dang that was an interesting experience.

Anyways, hurray I guess? One step closer to release!

I’ve a(few) questions again. This unit that Gabriel, Rook, Raquel, and Bishop served in, what country did it serve? Or was it a NATO endeavor? I’m sorry if this was answered somewhere in-game, I haven’t been able to play that part yet.

And what else…

Will we get an increased relationship stat with Raquel after she finds out that we saved the last kitten from the House of Fluff?



well se did steal the cat from her so maybe



I need to ask this question because I’m too curious about it. In the scene with the “french” waiter, there is an option where the MC asks him if he speaks french (in french), but he uses the pronoun “tu”(very informal) instead of “vous”(showing respect). Did they do it on purpose? :sweat_smile:



It’s been addressed here before, by me and others, even…

You’re a smiley, correct? A con artist. If I remember correctly, the waiter himself is from Brooklyn, and is also a con artist. Mistakes happen, it doesn’t have to be perfect… Correct me if I’m wrong, I haven’t played smiley’s route in quite some time.

Dated august, 2018



Sugar helps with dopamine which helps with the high stress job. It makes sense despite the stereotypes.



whenever I read the Vamcorp mission I always laugh during it. I was thinking if you take mouse with and you when you fall if she would say something about her nightmare almost coming true



When they first debuted, doughnut shops were some of the first to stay open late enough for cops on night shifts to eat there. That’s what I’ve heard, anyway.

I think, that if you fail a certain skill check, you get her shot somehow.

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and don’t you have a nightmare you about falling to death



I will respond to all of you in a bit, my cat just gave birth and I’m panicking