BREACH - Crime Thriller WIP (Update #40 30-March-2019) (800k~ Word)



Edit hey @MichaelMaxwell when you send me your answer can you keep it in the last language you translated it to?


First time playing this and holy shit, I actually went to Stuyvesant High School irl. He really does know everything…


Okay, here we go. All answers below have been through numerous translation using google translate.

There are thirty horses less, yes please.

Everyone hates Michael, they does not look very well in any team.

Show master likes to take slow clocks, throw them bullets, FEED always.

There will be John candle beneath blanket, five cows do not care

There is the end the end. Wash after finish XD

(Until I post this post. After that I’m done XD)

There is no Michael, forged cow comes out clean. Three likes to keep their hidden face hidden

No angels do not have women. Their sound translates everyone inside them because of where he comes from. I do not give good story behind, take them with you. Archangels have no god.

ધીમા ઘડિયાળો લેવા, માસ્ટરને બુલેટ્સ ફેંકવાની, હંમેશાં ફીડ કરવા માટે માસ્ટર પસંદો બતાવો.

Okay! I’m finally done… Wow. That took way too long :laughing:

i had to think twice about whether or not I’d use real locations… and I decided that I probably should try it. And so almost every location and address that you see in the game is real, though there are some that are fictitious.


Sorry, I want to post here one last time in case I accidentally summon fucking Cthulhu or some ancient great one

edit Do I get bonus points if I correctly decipher what the hell it is this gets translated to?


I love this so much


Now, what’s with all the horses and cows? :joy:

The main trio’s secret identities must be farmers! :stuck_out_tongue:




Thank you google translate, for fucking up syntax on a day-to-day basis. It’s not like you’re funded by a multi-BILLION dollar corporation or anything.

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Good luck with deciphering through all the translations :wink:

This is your doing, honey :laughing:

Apparently they love thirty horses and forged cows :laughing:


I have no idea what you mean. :zipper_mouth_face:

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What the actual fuck, how does this happen.


Maybe if it’s a golden calf?
Or a huge mechanical iron bull that breathes fire! :smiley:

And they could use the thirty horses to rob a train, old-school style!


Don’t mind me I will just go cry on Raquel’s shoulder

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Take Slow Watches- Observe the player periodically, over an unspecified period of time. Probably a long one. Wait how old does this make the main 3? So, what does clocks mean? It must refer to time. So, slowly, over time, observe the mc. Does it relate to our parents? Now, that’s a question I’m interested in…

Throw Tablets to Master- Has 2 translations. One says bullets, the other says Tablets. Provide the master with observations? But what could bullets mean, then? Perhaps something in the myriad of languages used makes “soldier” or “criminal” roughly translate to bullet? How many languages were used? Michael and Raquel provide Gabriel with information pertaining to the mc over time?

Always Show Master Favorites to Feed- Provide Gabriel with potential crew candidates

So Raquel and Michael are advance scouts of sorts, providing Gabriel with potential candidates in order for them to be screened? So I get “A long time” if I were to ask how long? I’m speculating more than the banks were before a crash…


Wouldn’t it be Michael being the master, as he is the leader?

And I think it’s safe to assume that the archangels watch their potentiel recruits for a good while, before contacting them.

And we are the MC, so of course we are special!


Wait, wasn’t the leadership split between both of them?


No, Gabriel keeps pointing out that Micheal is the leader.



And that’s what you call over-analyzing :joy:

You could not be so far from what it actually meant…

I don’t know why I can’t not think about Dragon Age Inquisition whenever I hear the name “Iron Bull”

Also, I would pay anything to watch The Archangels chase after a train in Las Vegas with thirty horses guns-a-blazin :laughing:

Though the first part is true, None of the trios are actual scouts, Kaidan is the scout, as said in the game by Anthony.

Neither of you are wrong :laughing:


That just made me think about the Roman Brazen Bull…

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