BREACH - Crime Thriller WIP (Update #40 30-March-2019) (800k~ Word)



Rook: I'd say "Awweeee" but I didn't have anyone for Valentine's so...

Maybe if you’d stop being a creep, you’d find someone…

Rook: I shall never deny who I am at heart! *Throws tacos at me*



Get someone to accept you for you!






So, I got some questions about the undercover route,

Firstly, there’s an option to reveal that you’re working w/ the FBI to Gabriel, but I can’t choose that and romance him bc he’ll go home after you said that. Is there any way that we can start his romance and admit that we’re an undercover police at the same time? Also how is he so nonchalant abt this and saying “I know” while my MC is there and like “wtf”???

Secondly, you can betray the police right? I don’t wanna be loyal to them and get skinned alive by Michael

Also, if everyone in the archangels know I’m an undercover police (who is on their side now, i swear) will they still love me??? Please this is the most important question



You should probably blur some of that. :blush:

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Really sorry about that! I don’t know how it works, could you help me with it?

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When you write your reply, there’s a options cogwheel in the toolbar, and one of the options available is blur spoilers.
Choose that, and change This text will be blurred to whatever you want to be blurred.
(Unless you’re on a phone, and it’s different.)

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Ooh, so that’s why it doesn’t work, i’m on my phone, what should I do then?

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You need to tab the three horizontal bars in the upper right side, to make the toolbar available.

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Got it! Thank you so much for the help!!! :relaxed:



Unfortunately, you cannot pointlessly confess your true identity and romance him at the same time.

If you’ve played through the brief time that Chapter 4 was available, this question is immediately answered.

MAJOR SPOILERS! :arrow_down:

Gabriel knows exactly who you are the moment you arrived in Chicago. But he kept that information to himself, and only himself, the entire time, hoping to possibly convert you to his side to betray the FBI. Not even Michael knows about it.

Oh and thanks @The_Lady_Luck for helping.

Yes, in Chapter 4 everything will hang on the balance as to which side you chose. If you’re an undercover cop, you may choose to betray the FBI and join the Archangels. If you’re a criminal, you can’t really do much if you haven’t turned into an informant previous to Chapter 4. From there you can join the FBI, or stop being an informant and continue being an Archangel

It really depends on whether or not you’ve spend enough time with them. Each crew member has their own hangout (up to 3 hangouts per crew members) and the higher of a relationship you have with the, the better your chances are at retaining their trust in you…



How will that work if we choose to pursue someone outside of our crew, like Gabriel, or Raquel? Sorry if this was answered already

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Eh, it doesn’t matter. He’s a social worker. In the military. Strange, right?

I was at the church. Then I got shot in the stomach


Forgot to mention this (i think) but begin should be begins

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I’d love to see how this pans out. Gabriel seems to have almost too much on his plate - I feel sorry for him. Of course I didn’t mean for him to risk pretty much everything he’s ever worked for in one night, but I was considering that his identity, the real one, would become a point of contention eventually - but I’m looking forward to the ‘big reveal’!

Uhm…yeah? To be fair, Gabriel did take off his mask…that one time…in complete darkness…it’s not like he’s a criminal or anything :rofl:

Poor guy, he’s just a victim of his character creation! Have a hug Rook!:hugs: I wish I could give him a taco…but I suppose that’s his department :sweat_smile:



Absolutely shook.:flushed: I cannot wait for the next chapter, it’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed the stress of the undercover route.



Welcome to the club.

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Hopefully fixed.

You’ll have to get in with him really deep for him to reveal who he is to you. Though you don’t necessarily need to romance him to find out who he is. Outside of the romance, some really big and revealing hints will be dropped.

I love how meta I can be with Rook, his original backstory is just horribly scarring, and the fact that he knows that I made him go through it makes it even worse for him… It’s no wonder why he’s insane :laughing:

Stress will come, don’t worry… Chapter 4 is full of them…



Hey quick question, what do you mean by enhancements for the romance options?

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So far Gabriel’s romance has been worked on more than the other romances, and has set the bar higher. His romance is meant to be special, but not that special…

In order to keep the rest of the romances up to standard, I’m going to have to work on adding more to the other romance scenes in chapter 3.



So i pose a quick question, one that is rather trivial. How does Raquel fall in love with the player if the only interaction the player has with her is getting shot all the time? This has probably been solved before, though. I do remember a few dialogue choices with her that add points to the relationship stat, and that one part where we can enter a standoff with Gabriel and Michael.

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