BREACH - Crime Thriller WIP (Update #40 30-March-2019) (800k~ Word)


Why my strength and agility are in negative scale? This doesn’t let me do anything without failing if I want to use strength or agility. I chose to be a gunman by the way

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Possible coding issue or Greg is feeling very generous. He gave me the nano-tube suit for free!

Also, great work. Highly enjoyable. All the characters are interesting and unique. Feels like I’m playing a modern day Shadowrun campaign when I read it.



Definitely going for that MC/Gabe ending. I have a feeling either way it’s going to make for some interesting reading.

damn son. :o I didn’t see that or that love triangle coming. How does anyone get anything done with those love lines?!

Could’ve fooled me cough jeweled necklace from Velvet Cuts coughUnless you’re talking about entire ‘feelings’ business? Is it gonna be one of those cases where he doesn’t realize how he feels about MC until she confesses? As you can see I’m hopelessly invested in this game :rofl:



Yeah, I do fear that I’d sometimes disappoint someone, but if I am to finish this game in time I have to cut some really huge chunks out of the game for this to happen.

Sacrifices must be made.


Yes, she is. Her romance scene will mostly be shown at the end of chapter 3.

When did it go down to negative, as in what chapter? Your stats can go to negative if you’ve taken enough damage to your body. If you do not like this, use the easiest difficulty.

That’s… not supposed to happen :sweat_smile:

As someone who’s played Shadowrun, and GMed a shadowrun campaign, I feel absolutely honoured. Thank you for playing!

It definitely won’t be normal :laughing:

They’re professionals, they’ll work it out… I think… hopefully…

You’ll really have to slap him in the face to get him to realize it, he’s very extremely shy and pessimistic about romance so you’re going to have to encourage him… very blatantly…

And I’m incredibly happy to know! :smile:



Hey I’m new to this thread, but I’ve been playing your game and it is awesome. I just need how to start Anna’s romance because I was at chapter 3 and it didn’t work for me. Is there some way to know when it happens?



I’m looking forward for that. I hope she’ll still be an adorable little biscuit.
And I’m not complaining her adorable-ness if that’s what you’re assuming. Like I’ve said before, I’m really enjoying every interaction with her.
So… yeah, damn you whoever that wrote her character for making me fall for a fictional character!

Here I am still can’t get over myself of Avelyne while everyone else swoon for Gabriel.

Have you play it till the end of chapter 3? Because the romance will happen at the near end of chapter.

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Yes I have and it ends up to where I’m talking to Mouse about what happen while not romancing her.

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I think you need to choose the option

“If he comes, I’ll be right by your side” (Romance)

The third time you hangout with her in chapter 2, and make sure you haven’t romance anyone else yet.

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@MichaelMaxwell hi! The thing is that I put it on the easiest difficulty, chose gunman. Yes I did have 2 wounds from gunshots, but I don’t know, negative stats in strength and agility keep getting in the way of my smooth narrative adventure.

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Here’s the problem though, the dialogue doesn’t show only, has the I’ll always have your back or the don’t mention it choices when speaking with her.

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Also i’m not romancing anyone but only her.

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I do try to write more for Mouse but Ben is responsible for most of Mouse’s romance so you have him to thank.

To each their own!~

Hmm, that’s weird. Playing in the easy difficulty shouldn’t give you negative stats. Minimum you can go for them is 0. That is really odd, I’ll check the engine’s scripts to see what’s up.

It shows up only if you choose to romance her before. At the previous conversation inside the car where you can choose “If he does come, I’ll back you up” and “Do you ever want to go back to the UK?”. You’ll need to choose “If he comes, I’ll be right by your side” (Romance) If you still don’t see it, then maybe you’ve accidentally triggered a romance with someone without knowing.

If you can send me your variables. You can access them in the “Show stats” page. Copy all of them and post them here, or PM me.

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Return to the Game Restart Achievements + -Slot 0: Autosave on the 27/0/2019 at 19:43Slot 1: Autosave on the 27/0/2019 at 19:23Slot 2: Autosave on the 27/0/2019 at 20:8SaveLoadDelete

Welcome to the stats screen! Here’s what we know about you so far! Please don’t mind the untidiness of the whole page, it’s still currently UNDER CONSTRUCTION.

| | Dev Monitor | |
Luck status = 6
Difficulty status = Very Easy
Roll Result Indicator = on

NAME : Natasha Romanova
GENDER : female
BODY DESC: Average-sized and normal
EYE colour: blue
STATUS : Well-known Vigilante
WEIGHT : 83 Kg
KNOWN ALIAS : -Raphael
MONEY : $ 5,304

PRIMARY: your AR-15 rifle
Ammo: (30/30)

SECONDARY: your Beretta M9 pistol
Ammo: (16/16)


Health: 100%

Wounds: 0

Status: You still have all your blood. You’re Perfectly fine… You’re not bleeding.


Strength: 1%

Perception: 12.5%

Intelligence: 12.5%

Intimidation: 25%

Persuade: 51%

Accuracy: 3.5%

Agility: 1%

Mr. Incognito: 15%Captain Obvious: 85%


Engineering: 11%

Driving: 1%

Weaponry: 3.5%

Tactics: 15%

SKILL MODIFIERS (Including Equipment Penalties)
Attribute Modifiers
-strength: 0
-perception: 3
-intelligence: 3
-intimidation: 5
-persuade: 10
-accuracy: 1

-incognito: -7
-agility: 0

Knowledge Modifiers
-engineering: 2
-driving: 0
-weaponry: 1
-tactics: 3


Avelyne: 76.5%

Criminal Reputation: 10%

Hero Reputation: 10%

FBI Reputation: 5%

Michael: 41.5%

Gabriel: 55.5%

Raquel: 41.5%

Antonie Kazton: 35.5%

Annabelle Whelpley: 78%

Charles Whelpley: 40%

Congrats! you have died a total of 0 times…




Modifiers And Penalties

Open Phone Menu


Dice Test Room

Turn off Roll Result Indicator


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Sorry that its a lot I’m playing on my phone.



Um… I meant post everything in the Variables (TESTING FOR BUGS) option. :sweat_smile: Probably should’ve specified that. sorry.



I don’t know how to do that sorry.

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Er… I think it’s a bug.
I’ve tried it and the option doesn’t showup either.

Nitpicking thing

I think it should’ve been *goto 3rfdif38sj92sReturn instead of *goto 3rfdif38sj92sContinue at the option “Do you ever want to go back to the UK?”

Correct me if I’m wrong though

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No that’s it. Thank you for helping me.

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Oh damn, you’re right! Didn’t even see that! I’ve fixed it! XD I’ll upload a hotfix soon.

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I mean your correct.

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