BREACH - Crime Thriller WIP (Update #40 30-March-2019) (800k~ Word)


Well, the link to the demo will stay here even after the private thread starts, but it’ll only be for chapter 1-2. There’s going to be some changes and because the game will be cut in half there will be less new contents besides the new hangouts and a couple of fixes, but only for the private testing.

Hopefully, I won’t have to wait long until I can get this thing published.

Sounds like something Rook would say… though to be honest he once said the world was made of family friendly cheese, so I don’t know what that’s about.

It’s not weird, and it brings me joy to know that some people are still playing this game even after numerous of plays.

This game is meant to be repayable, everytime you replay there’s always something fascinating you haven’t read or seen before. Hopefully I’ve achieved that goal.



You had me at ‘entangled narrative’. Sounds spicy! Also I don’t think you’ll find yourself short on cheerleaders here!:hugs:

Quick question though: Does Kaz have a crush on MC? In his 2nd hangout he mentioned not knowing her/his crush very long so I was a bit :flushed: at this tbh



It’s amazing how much work has been put into this.
If it was me, it would feel absolutely surreal getting closer and closer to that goal.



Oh, well, good to know!

Spoiler alert At the end of Chapter 3, if you haven’t dated anyone, and if your relationship is high enough, you can either date Gabriel, or Raquel, or if neither you can play matchmaker for them

Not necessarily. Kaz will mention that the crush is a female, regardless of what gender you are playing as. This could mean two things, if the MC were to romance Kaz (Which is only available for female MCs) your MC would be Kaz’s crush. If the MC doesn’t romance Kaz, he will mention that he has a crush on Carly

And thus, the love triangle emerges. Kaz is in love with Carly, but Carly is in love with Justin, but Justin is in love with Kaz… If you have all three as your crew members, you can resolve this problem at the third hangout of either Kaz’s or Justin’s hangout.



Truly, this game have been waiting for far too long in the WIP thread. I need to be published. I want to have this game be my first ever interactive novel game, and this game, it is anything but simple.

I couldn’t have done this without anyone here, especially the testers.



Regarding Gabriel’s or Raquel’s romance route, I hope the relationship requirement is not too stringent. So far in the old demo, I don’t have much problem getting a good relationship with Gabriel. My MC have avoid-killing-innocent people as much as possible.

Also, wow! We could play matchmaker but I’m really sorry Raquel. I still ship. MCxGab. Raquel Gabriel shippers will be happen though.

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Could you tell me how high your relationship with Gabriel was at the end of chapter 3?



Shouldn’t the question be: how low was the relationship? :thinking:



:laughing: Gabriel may be a bit thick when it comes to romance but I’m sure he’ll get used to it.

… But this also got me thinking, the game now has a total of 10 different romance options, (not includingAnthony or Megan which will be explorable in the next part of the game) 6 of them now complete.

With the game, nearing completion, I’m now wondering how long it will take for this game to be reviewed before it can be published with the queue.



unfortunately, it depends on how many are in queue before you.

Your submission will go out for external review, then internal. Then you have to sign all the legal stuff and make any necessary changes. It might be best to talk to actual Hosted Game authors that have published one-on-one for a clearer picture :slight_smile:



… Ookay then, I better work on the game then.

This I am very familiar with.

Considering I rarely talk outside of my own thread and I’m not that brave of a person, I’d like to wait until I actually have a finished and ready product…



Wow, that was quite a ride. I literally spent the whole night playing this because I just couldn’t let go. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to write all the different paths and options, much less edit them and make sure they work properly.
I’m just gonna say: Thank you for all your hard work! You’ve made an immensely entertaining and immersive game, and I look forward to more.



I chose to stay behind cover since my character is Ass at fighting

I ended up killing the robber at the store…in the future could I be a smartass and tell them about that as the reason why I had prints on the gun?

Also when they bring up the camera footage how come they don’t mention seeing my face? I chose to take the mask off and force the cashier to talk to the police.

-After we escape from jail and the Archangels take our weapons the meele weapon (nightstick) still show up in the inventory and I still get the incognito penalty for having a nightstick.

During the escape from the mafia at Greg glorious goods… I got shot three time and I’m literally bleeding out, but Haynes only mentions on the way to the base, but even when I get the base no one asks about my health or offers to treat my wounds.



Thank you! Good to know that my game has at least made someone’s day :sweat_smile:

You have no idea, the game is now about 3 and a half years into development and I’ve only just recently split the game into two I can finish this year, hopefully before April.

It’s been quite the ride but I regret little of what I’ve done for the game.

Wow, and thank you for playing the game and enjoying it! I look forward to finishing it! :laughing:

I’ve fixed the problems and hopefully they should stay fixed. I’m planning to rewrite the prologue and first chapter anyway so I’ll keep the suggestions in mind.

… Wow, I feel horrible for you. Mouse was supposed to be treating your wounds as soon as you got back at The Mill.



I’ve been playing this WIP for months. Can’t express how much I love this WIP. The humors, the characters, the actions are top notch! I stayed up until 2 am to play it again after the new update. Honestly can’t wait for it to be released!!!



Umm the crimson bank is shown even though the bank option is removed Mike and shouldn’t the option be gone too? Or am I just being stupid here.

Raquel’s name is spelled wrong ayt

Should be “a” instead mate



The bank option is a WIP. Technically, you cannot do the bank heist since it’s not available yet so it’s still considered to be part of your MC’s to do list.

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That should’ve been removed. You are correct.

The others have also been fixed

Unfortunately due to time limitations, I can’t write the small bank heist in time and it will have to be cut from the first game. I don’t know if they’d allow this but I’d love to write it for a DLC type of thing, but I really don’t want to sound greedy with such a thing.



Thanks for the heads up. I must have missed that announcement. It’s fine though, with all the work you do I would expect some things to be cut off.



Alright, I finally got to play the new update, and here’s what I found so far




it’s dangerous to go out alone, take this.
Is repeated twice



Also. Is Anna an RO yet? I finished her third hangout, and it’s kinda ambiguous. Thanks in advance!